(Closed) BF moms, I need your help!

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I would just have her spend extra time nursing. If she cluster feeds, it may bring your supply back up. You can also see if you could use Fenugreek. It’s not a medication, but a supplement.

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As pp said I would try to pump or feed as often as possible. I’m not a bf expert and it’s been a while but when my supply was gone it was bloody painful! 

I think you can also massage the milk producing glands to increase supply.

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Dear Daughter couldn’t breastfeed for the first 3 months so I exclusively pumped. Prior to going back to work I was able to finally directly nurse her but my supply dropped which at the time was fine because I had an oversupply but then once back at work it seemed to really tank, here’s some things I did which has really increased things for me…

1. Nurse and Pump constantly – I continued to pump after nursing her, so she eats every three hours and then I pump when I’m home. At work I upped my pumping to every 2 hours for a week – it sucked but it helped.

2. Water, water, water – you need to drink it all the time, literally attach a cup to your hand and don’t stop.

3. Oats in the AM

For two weeks I felt like my life revolved around my boobs (nurse, pump, clean bottles, rest for 20 second then time to nurse again!) but it was worth it to me. I’m now able to just nurse her in the am before going to work and then I pump twice at work and nurse her when I’m back home. If I notice that I’m not getting as much output I add a pump in at work and or pump after her morning feeding and after her last night feeding before bed. It’s all supply and demand the more milk your body thinks you need the more it will make but it’s not getting that message unless baby or pump is at the breast.

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Mrslovebug:  How much you pump is not an indicator of supply. If you want to boost supply, get her on the boob as much as possible!!!  I’d say nurse her and pump in between even if nothing is coming out.

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Along with what everybody else mentioned, try flax. I think it comes in liquid and pill form. And drink water like it’s your job!

if your LO will comfort nurse, try that. when my Dear Daughter is on a comfort nursing kick, my supply goes up. It’s a supply and demand thing. 

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Start nursing her as much as you can.  I never get as much out pumping as I do with baby nursing, you want to nurse her as often as possible.  If she will nurse for comfort I would try and get her to do that, too.

Also, my baby has been extra fussy lately (just over 3 months) and pulls off constantly.  It takes some real work sometimes to keep re-latching her over and over again until she finally gives in and starts eating.  So maybe keep at it even if she’s pulling off or acting fussy.  You could try a dark quiet room so there’s not as much to look around at.  I’d only pump as a last resort if I had a hungry baby nearby.  After that I’d add in pumping, maybe after she goes to bed, after her first morning feeding, etc.

Have you tried some of the standard supplements?  Oats, flax, brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, more milk plus are all supplements people try out. 

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The advice everyone has given is very good so far.  I just wanted to add that maybe she is not breastfeeding much because she is getting so much formula?  35 oz a day is a lot for a baby of 8 weeks to eat (most are between 24 and 30oz) and would leave little room for breastmilk.  Nurse as often as possible, pump after nursing if you can (even if nothing comes out, just for stimulation).  Try to always offer breast before the bottle, that should help boost supply. 

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Make sure you’re eating lots of good calories and drinking enough water

Get plenty of rest

Encourage LO to feed between the hours of 1200 and 0500, Prolactin levels are highest so night feeds are an excellent way of boosting and maintaining supply

Try a “nursing vacation” – take to your bed for a day or two and do as much skin to skin (both of you topless) and nursing as possible.

Try switch-nursing – switching sides every fifteen seconds or so until baby settles to nurse

Are you taking any hormonal contraception? Even the mini-pill can kill your supply.



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I would say let your LO comfort feed as often as possible. Give her formula first so that she isn’t hungry and just let her hang out on the boob. That and lots of pumping, even if you aren’t getting anything. The more stimulation the better. 

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