Bf snores so loud!

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My partner snores as well, worse when he has had a few drinks but found the best way to reduce it is to get him to sleep on his side but also we got a firm contour pillow so it reduces how hard he can push his face into the pillow which has cut down the volume.

Also I’m a deep sleeper so has to be pretty loud to bug me


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Thank the lord my husband doesn’t snore. If he did I don’t even know what I would do. We literally would have to have separate bedrooms. Nothing raises irrational rage in me like being kept awake by snoring. 

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Consistent snoring is not normal (contrary to popular belief). It’s an indication that breathing is blocked or of other health issues. 

Your S.O. should look into a doctor – specifically, there are often sleep studies/specialist that are often free/low cost depending on your area. There are also dentist who specialize in snoring as well (I have a family member who is one).

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My fiancé snores terribly loud.  It’s worse when he’s at my place because my mattress is less firm.  But, when it’s unbearable I go sleep on the couch with my dog.  Sometimes I can still hear him through the wall in the living room 😕

ive also asked him to go get it checked out by his doctor.

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cupcake09 :  My ex used to snore really bad. I got used to it after awhile and for a long time couldn’t sleep if he wasn’t there. Usually I just made him turn on his side and that helped a lot. Sleeping on his back or after a long night of drinking it would be sooooo bad. Sometimes I’d end up on the couch because there may have been times I wanted to smother him with a pillow hahaha.

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I told my husband if this relationship was going to work he’s going to have to move into another room to sleep. Otherwise If not I’d be doing 25 to life because I need my sleep.

So I had a spare room painted and installed a tv {which he rarely uses}, he and the boys love sports so they all hang out in the tv room}

So far everything is working out nicely Hasn’t affected our intimacy at all all.

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My ex used to snore really loud. Like I could hear him in the other room loud. He went to see a doctor because I noticed he would stop breathing at night. Turns out his tonsils were so large they were blocking his airway when he slept. He had them removed and the snoring stopped. I wouldn’t hesitate to see a doctor on this. 

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cupcake09 :  I never got used to it and now I either gentle roll my husband (it’s worse on his back) or I thwap him awake and make him shift himself depending on how grumpy/tired I am while he’s snoring lol

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Both my husband and I snore, and I have sleep disorders. Maybe it all came to head to due wedding dress, but I tried sharing a bed with my husband until 3 months after the wedding. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I went and slept in another room and slept like a baby. We’ve had separate bedrooms ever since- about 19 years now.

It doesn’t  hurt the romance department, It’s fun when he comes to visit me, or I invite him to my bedroom… can be a fun place too!

you have to get your sleep, sometimes separate bedrooms are just the ticket!

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therobinsparkles :  not to thread jack but, my SO suggested I wear ear plugs for his snoring but I don’t like the idea of not being able to hear other noises at night or my alarm in the morning, how do you combat that with earplugs in? 

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tobeornottobe7 :  I use my cell phone with the alarm on vibrate under my pillow. The vibration wakes me up but doesn’t bother my fiance. Any important noises (fire alarm) will not be blocked by the earplugs. In fact, you might still hear his snoring, but it will be dulled enough for you to sleep.

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tobeornottobe7 :  I actually LOVE not being able to hear other stuff. The early morning trash collectors, the loud people above me who are up all night, the snoring…I’m happy to drown it all out. I am also sure if a fire alarm went off, I could hear it. It essentially softens most noise, but doesn’t 100% drown it out.  

I was worried about my alarm, but 1) SO wakes up earlier than I do and this gets me somewhat awake regardless, and 2) I put my phone alarm on vibrate near my pillow and physically feel it and thus wake up. 

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