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Quick TTC background: We decided to start trying in June, although we weren’t really giving it 100%. Every time it was my FW, something came up…or he was exhausted…or I was exhausted. I was SO sad last cycle that we only BD’d once during my window. We had a big talk about what we would do differently next cycle, because we were positive we would not be successful! Boy did we get that wrong too!

How / When did you find out: Just today…I stopped and bought a test on my way home from work. I tried to hold my pee for 4hrs, but only made it to three….I didn’t even tell my husband I was testing!

How did you / will you tell SO: He’s in a very bad mood, and was sitting quietly in the basement (aka mancave) when I tested. I saw the positive test come up, and kind of freaked out a little bit!! I thought I should wait to tell him until tomorrow. Yes. That’s what I’ll do. I made up my mind. But before I knew it I was running down the stairs full speed, flipping on all the lights in the basement declaring, “I think we’ve got the motivation we need to eat healthier!!!!” waving the test in the air! It’s like I was possessed!

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD,  etc.): I’ve been charting, taking my prenatal vitamins. and this cycle I tried grapefruit juice. I’m not sure if I owe it to the grapefruit juice, but it sure is coincidental!

Cycles Trying: 3

Anything new this cycle:  This cycle I tried grapefruit juice. I’m not sure if I owe it to the grapefruit juice, but it sure is coincidental!

Symptoms: My boobs are HUGE, and very tender. Also, I’ve been constipated which is very rare for me. I’m regular like clockwork. My lower tummy feels so full, like I’ve gotta go, but nothing is happening. Yawning like crazy and going to bed early (I just thought I was fighting something), and last night during So You Think You Can Dance Finale, I was a blubbering fool.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): Not sure how to put a link in….but here’s a picture of my chart πŸ™‚


Picture of the two beautiful lines: I still can’t believe it!! My husband doesn’t 100% believe it yet, so I’m going to test again in the morning with a FMU to prove it to him! This is after a 3hr hold πŸ™‚


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Quick TTC background: We were married August 4th 2012 and decided to wait about a year to start NTNP. At the end of July we came off bc to prepare since I have a few friends that have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for awhile now. I figured it would take us some time. Started my last cycle August 18th and decided to try using OPKs just for fun…. 

How / When did you find out: I just had a feeling so after meet the teacher a week or so ago (I’m a grade 2 teacher) I decided to go into our local bookstore and buy a book for DH called “Why I love my daddy”. I had it wrapped and put it away for safe keeping just in case. the next night I took a test and there was a barely there line. I posted it on the bee and you wonderful ladies were very positive but encouraged me to test the next day. I had to go to a fundraising dinner for my husband’s work, and on the way home we picked up more tests. Woke up at 2:45 am having to pee… so figured might as well POAS. It came out as a blatant positive. This was at 12dpo. 

How did you / will you tell SO: two seconds after the line came up I ran into our bedroom , flicked on the lights, grabbed the wrapped book from my closet and threw it at him. He was pretty excited and needless to say… we didnt sleep much that night. Finally fell back to sleep around 6am. 

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): OPK’s and prenatals. 

Cycles Trying: It ws our first trying and our second cycle off birth control.

Anything new this cycle: nope! 

Symptoms: Have felt a small amount of mild nausea…but not enough for me to call it a real symptom. Have been a little more tired and have had mild cramping. I’m a little worried …. want to feel more symptoms soon because right now I don’t even feel pregnant. 

Picture of the two beautiful lines: 

the first test…. bigtime squinter

the second test.. this one was a definite.

and finally… tried a digital to get that 100% satisfaction haha πŸ™‚

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Quick TTC background: We have been married since Feb 23, 2013. We started trying in April but weren’t very good at it as I travelled a few times for work during the FW. 

How / When did you find out: About an hour ago. I tested because I didn’t get to test this morning as I ran out of tests. I tested and then DH had to use the washroom so I left the test on the counter. He saw it before I did! 

How did you / will you tell SO: He told me! He saw the test first! Said “Holy crap there is a line!” I said “there needs to be 2!” and he said “there is!” I didn’t believe him at first because he can be a joker like that! 

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): OPKs and then lots of BD

Cycles Trying: This was 6 or 7 but like I said we weren’t great at it because I travelled a few times. 

Anything new this cycle: I would like to think we BD’d more but who knows. 

Symptoms: I have to pee a lot and I feel really bloated… thats about it… 

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): I didn’t chart… I am a bad sleeper and figured it wasn’t really worth trying unless we had been TTC for a while. 

Picture of the two beautiful lines: I’m going to test again tomorrow morning and I’ll try to remember to take a picture and post it!


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Here are my pictures! The top one is the one from last night (the one my husband saw) and the digital is from this morning! Still is totally scary and doesn’t seem real! (Ok honestly no idea why it is upside down! I even uploaded it the correct way!)

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@AbBeeRoad:  Congrats!!!  Nice lines.  πŸ™‚  (its not upside down for me!)

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TTC background: I have an 8 1/2 years DD and twin 6 1/2 DDs years from a ex husband. DH and I got married in Feb and I got my copper IUD taken out the in March the day before my next cycle was supposed to start. I had been charting for the two months before then. After 6 months I got a BFP that ended in miscarriage at 5.4 weeks. That same cycle we started trying again, so rest period. 

how/when did you find out: 33 days after the m/c or 13 days after the second ovulation date FF gave me. I had the same symptoms as before, my temp was still above the cover line and the test was only a dollar, so why not? 

how did you tell DH? I just showed him the test. He was still asleep so I had the use the flashlight app on my phone. The next time I went the the store I picked up a pack a sleepers for us the put in our room and keep the positive test on it. 

TTC strategy: I was taking B 100, vitamin D3 1000, prenatal, (not TTC related by was also taking probiotics and Zyrtec) I had done EPO but with it being a mc cycle and a fake out of ovulation I only took it for a couple days. I stayed lying down in bed for 10 minutes after a few cycles. Charted using FF and tried to hit for a day with EWCM. 

cycles trying: this was cycle 7. Cycle 6 was a mc. 

anything new this cycle? it was a mc cycle. 

symptoms: slightly enlarged tender breasts, mild nausea, constipation, and emotional


BFP pics: 13 DPO on Dollar Tree test

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Love this thread, lovely reading everyone’s stories.

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Quick TTC background: We’ve been trying since March 2012.

How / When did you find out: Last night. I was going to shower, and decided to POAS while the water got hot.  I hadn’t even laid the stick flat before I saw that beautiful 2nd line.

How did you / will you tell SO: I set out the stick, a frame about hope, and a tiny little “I <3 PR” and called my husband into the bedroom.  He thought I got him a tiny shirt before he realized the stick sitting next to it.  We were cracking up.  I couldn’t stop saying “Oh My God.”

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): Was our 3rd IUI…our 2nd to last before moving onto IVF.  Was also on Femara CD3-7.  After the IUI I went and laid on the couch to work from home instead of going into the office like the 2 other times.  I was also on pre-natals.

Cycles Trying: 19/20?

Anything new this cycle: Really just went and laid down after the IUI instead of going into work.  I personally don’t think that’s what did it.

Symptoms: NONE AT ALL.  My breasts are now tender, but that’s it.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): N/A

Picture of the two beautiful lines:

Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/bfp-announcement-thread#ixzz2jtOUT8jl


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First cycle and feeling sooo blessed!!



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Quick TTC background: I hope it is OK that I’m posting as we were NTNP, but it is too early to tell anyone else and even though it was not 100% planned, we are super excited!! It is kinda ironic as we actually considered trying last month, but decided to delay the 2nd one a year. I guess God liked our first plan. πŸ™‚

How / When did you find out:  Last Thursday night, my DH and I were discussing my cycle and I told him I expected it the next day (usually starts on Friday). That’s our form of BC, planning around. It is funny to note that around 8 days past my LMP, I gave my DH the all clear to not use a condom…I remember thinking, this is later than we normally do it. OOPS. Anyway, Friday morning, I get to work and look at my calendar and realize that my period is a WEEK late! On Saturday morning at 4 am I took a FRER…it was positive. I had tears of joy, then I got very nervous as we hadn’t planned this one!!

How did you / will you tell SO:  My DH came into the bathroom as I was sitting on the toilet in shock about 2 mins later. He said, “and now?” I said, “I’m pregnant.” He said, “You’re joking.” LOL I then showed him the test and we talked until 5:30 until we could get back to sleep as our LO gets up at 7!

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): My cycle just got back to normal after my delivery last Oct. I began my period again in April, went from 6 week to my normal 4 week cycle. Apparently, I’m like clockwork.

Cycles Trying: N/A

Anything new this cycle: N/A

Symptoms: I have been nauseas and my sense of smell is keener (was the first time around too). Makes changing poopy diapers NO fun.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): N/A

Picture of the two beautiful lines: I thought it was weird that the “not pregnant” line is very light on both tests. Random.

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@crystlrox:  The control line is lighter because your hormone levels are so high! You might be further along than you thought πŸ™‚ This is what mine looked like at around 20 dpo. Congratualations! 

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@Mrs.H2B:  Oh NO! lol I’m going to the OBGYN to confirm and then we’ll see. Thanks!

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