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I didn’t have time to post this when I posted my test and was too excited to wait but I came back to give details.

Quick TTC background: We have been married since August 31st 2013 and I stopped taking BC September 15th. 

How / When did you find out: On Saturday. I had tested the previous week and it was negative. Since so much time had passed I figured this month was out so I was impatiently waiting for my period to start. Here I was thinking I was on CD55! I took another test just to make sure since I had just ordered some ovulation tests from Amazon. I quickly cancelled the order. πŸ˜‰

How did you / will you tell SO: I ran out to him after taking 2 tests and was like “what the heck, this has two lines. That means I’m pregnant!” and then we confirmed with a digital after our dinner plans. 

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):  We really BD’d right in what I believed to be my fertile window but I was unsure since I just came off BC. I had started prenatals a few months prior. 

Cycles Trying: This was our first! 

Anything new this cycle: N/A 

Symptoms: I feel a little bloated, think all meat smells off, I’m tired, and I am a little crampy. 

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): N/A

Picture of the two beautiful lines: Already posted before. πŸ™‚

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Quick TTC background:

I went off birth control in March, we are casually trying until April then ramped our efforts up since then.

How / When did you find out:

Last night at 6:30pm! My husband was about to pour me a glass of wine after a really stressful day but said “maybe you should pee on a stick just in case” so I did and voila, pregnant!!!

How did you / will you tell SO:

I set the timer for 3 mins, walked away and when I came back at 2mins I could see the lines! I yelled “oh my gosh there’s 2 lines!” And my husband came running. We must’ve stared at that stick for ages! Then he bundled me into the car to get more sticks for confirmation. Once we had 3 positive tests he melted and was thrilled and overwhelmed- like me!

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):

Observing ewcm, using FF but not temping (we were saving that for later) Folic acid every day

Cycles Trying:


Anything new this cycle:

Not really, probably timed BD better tbh


Just the usual period symptoms. I’m quite crampy. I don’t feel pregnant yet!

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):

Picture of the two beautiful lines:

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Quick TTC background:


We had an oops baby that ended in a miscarriage about a year ago. We were more careful until we got married in August and then became part of the ntnp crowd. Had a chemical pregnancy last month and now I’m pregnant again (looking much more positive this time!)


How / When did you find out:


November 12th. Had an urge to look at about 11 o clock at night and wallah! There was a positive πŸ™‚


How did you / will you tell SO:


I shoved the test in his face lol we were pretty sure it wouldn’t happen again for us this month so very excited!


TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):


Using the clearblue advanced ovulation kit! Worked like a charm πŸ™‚


Cycles Trying:


This was really the first cycle we actively tried. 


Anything new this cycle:






Dizzy, tired, and feeling crampy. 


Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): n/a


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Quick TTC background: Married in Oct. 2012, went off depo in June 2013 expected it to take a while because I have been on depo for almost 5 years. Started ntnp after that.

How / When did you find out: Thanksgiving day (best thing to be thankful for!)

How did you / will you tell SO: Wanted to do something cute but was just testing because it was near my period and we would be drinking at thanksgiving dinner. Was so surprised that I went out into the kitchen when he was making stuff in and said ” looks like I won’t be drinking tonight”

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): Have been taking prenatals & just trying to have fun with it.

Cycles Trying: 4

Anything new this cycle: nope

Symptoms: sore breasts, headaches and some nausea 

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):

Picture of the two beautiful lines:


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Quick TTC background:

How / When did you find out: Thanksgiving morning (11/28). I took a FRER test and actually forgot about it while preparing for the Thanksgiving meal. I came back and as I was tossing the test into my bag I saw the faint pink second line.

How did you / will you tell SO: I was in a state of shock and called DH into the room. I showed him the test and said “do you know what that means?” He was in a state of disbelief, especially as the second line was light. After a few days of POAS with the  lines darkening he finally caved and let himself be excited. We are both cautiously optimistic.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):
One NTNP and two using charting and OPKS as well as lying down for about 15 minutes after BD. I have been taking prenatals for about nine months or so.

Cycles Trying: Took three cycles total.

Anything new this cycle: BD on O day itself and BD AM on O+1. Really the first month was just a try and see. The second month we tried but did not BD on O day (DH was sick). This cycle we BD every day during FW including O day and O+1 AM to make absolutely sure.

Symptoms: The day before my BFP I was incredibly dizzy. I was hit by waves of nausea and dizziness making it difficult to drive etc. The morning I POAS my breasts were fuller than normal. Slight cramping and nausea still. And my boobs, dear lord my boobs are full! Suffering from a constant migraine going on day four.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Treejewel

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Quick TTC background: We weren’t TTC it just happened

How / When did you find out: This is maybe Too Much Information but we had just BD’d and all of a sudden I just blurted out “I think you just got me pregnant!”  I don’t know how I knew but I did.  A few days later I got my period and it was EXTREMELY HEAVY, I had horrible severe cramping and I thought I miscarried.  My period was only 2 days long which was odd too.  The following month I didn’t get a period, I took a pregnancy test which was BFN.  I think I took about 5 before I got a BFP

How did you / will you tell SO: When it was finally confirmed after finally getting a BFP I showed him the pee stick.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): No strategy, we weren’t TTC so I guess just not using protection was our strategy, and me forgetting to take my BCP.

Cycles Trying: 0 

Anything new this cycle: Heavy bleeding 2 days after feeling I had gotten pregnant with severe cramping and it lasted only 2 days.

Symptoms: Slight nausea and daily headaches

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): don’t have one

Picture of the two beautiful lines:

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How / When did you find out: Wednesday morning at 13DPO at 5am when I woke up. I wasn’t feeling good about it this month, so was very surprised. 

How did you / will you tell SO: Ran into the bedroom at 5am crying and waving the FRER…he knew I was testing but I hadn’t been optimistic becuase I had AF-like cramps, so he wasn’t expecting a positive and had rolled over and gone back to bed when I got up. 

 TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): Charting, prenatals, I did stay laying down after BD this time around. 

Cycles Trying: This was our third. 

Anything new this cycle: Second cycle on B6 to lengthen LP, second cycle with pre-seed. This cycle we actually missed BD as much as we wanted because I O’d earlier than we thought, we only hit O-4, O-1, and O. 

Symptoms: Boobs are so sore and big, cramps that seem AF-like but move from one side to the other, mild headaches, and total fatigue. 

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): fertilityfriend.com/home/kate02121

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Quick TTC background: We have been married since 9/1/12 and TTC since 2/14/13.

How / When did you find out: I take a PG test every Friday just to be sure I can safely have a glass of wine over the weekend!  I usually POAS and then walk away since I’m so used to it being negative.  This time, I took the test then got in the shower.  When I got out, I could see the two dark clear lines all the way from the shower!

How did you / will you tell SO: I ran out of the bathroom, soaking wet, and jumped on DH still sleeping in bed.  It was a great moment!

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):  OPKs, Clomid, HCG shots

Cycles Trying: 9 months/7 cycles – my cycles are very long.

Anything new this cycle: Actually, this cycle I couldn’t get the HCG shot because I didn’t have follicles big enough.  So we were told this was a “down cycle” and we would have to wait until the next cycle.  We expected to have to wait until January!

Symptoms: just low back pain so far

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): no chart, but I had my first ultrasound yesterday and our little one measured at 5W3D!

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@serendipitouslove:  What a great surprise on your “down cycle” – Congratulations!!!

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Quick TTC background: NTNP, we were going to go hardcore TTC in April. Since we’re older we wanted to get started right away. We thought it would take a while due to my IUD & fibroids. 

How / When did you find out: I swore off OPK & PT test for a week (because I was obsessing daily), then I snuck and took an HPT after my cycle. the wondofro looked faint so i just grabbed a few others today and tested.

How did you / will you tell SO: Not sure yet…mulling it over.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):  OPKs

Cycles Trying:0- NTNP for a month.

Anything new this cycle: 

Symptoms: Nothing yet..

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): 

Picture of the two beautiful lines:


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commenting to follow so I don’t lose this thread again πŸ™‚

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Oh fun thread revival! Thank you to 

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MapleCreekBride and MrsBaldEagle for this! I’ll go πŸ™‚

Quick TTC background: I went off BC in April because my husband and I wanted to start TTC for a baby next Spring, sometime after Feb. Well, first we didn’t think we’d get pregnant so fast with it being my first time trying to understand what my body was doing. I was 100% sure I was not pregnant during the whole time we were “TTC” aka practicing lol. I took a test sometime in the two weeks after my last pill and it was negative. So I figured we’d have to wait until my period came, which never happened. 

How / When did you find out: I was feeling light headed and dizzy  and felt crampy the day before I tested the second time. A week or two previous I had a huge cramp that woke me up at 4am, and I could not figure out what happened. So I tested before vacation, 100% sure I wasn’t pregnant. Well to my surprise my digital showed I was 1-2 weeks pregnant, which in reality was suppose to be 2-3 weeks. This was May 15th! I took a different test later and it was also positive. Tested the next morning just to make sure and yup! Positive πŸ™‚ 

How did you / will you tell SO: I waited until the day after, 16th, to tell my husband after my test with the first morning urine. I put a picture of my positive tests on the background of our computer that we use to stream Netlix in the living room. When my husband got home I told him that I couldn’t get the computer to connect to the internet. So he turned it on and I just kinda stood there and watched. When the screen came on he looked at it, confused, then his eyes got huge and looked at me. I nodded. He said, “Are you serious?! You’re pregnant?” He almost cried and hugged me. He was so excited! 

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): I didn’t chart, use OPKs, or supplements. I did use an app called MyDays and I loved it. I was able to see when I was hypothetically fertile, even though going off the pill messed that up completely. But I was able to mark my periods, times we had sex, etc. It really helped me chart my symptoms too. I did lay down for several minutes after each time though. Other than that it was just luck because the pill really messed it up. 

Cycles Trying: Barely 1 cycle.

Anything new this cycle: N/A

Symptoms: Well, I had some uncomfortable digestive issues from the get go. I still have somewhat of a constipation issue, gross I know. I was very thirsty in the first few weeks. Other than that, I don’t have a lot. I sometimes get fatigue but that’s usually in the evenings. I started getting headaches a few days ago when I stand up, and that never happened. I don’t have morning sickness and never did. No sore boobs. I get cravings, but not for unusual things. Overall I don’t have a lot of symptoms and don’t feel pregnant most of the time. Kinda worrisome sometimes.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): Don’t have one.

Picture of the two beautiful lines: My first tests!

<br /><br />

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MrsNebraska:  thanks for doing this!  So great to read everything about your TTC journey in 1 post!  Congratulations!  (oh and i love they way you told your DH – i remember you asking advice about it!)

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I’m so excited to be posting on this thread!

How / When did you find out:  Found out Tuesday, June 3rd at 19dpo.  After some out of norm longer cycles and many BFN’s I vowed not to POAS until AF was really late

How did you / will you tell SO:  I walked into the bedroom with tears in my eyes, DH asked “what’s wrong?” and I said “absolutley nothing, we’re pregnant!”  I always thought about some cute, funny way to tell him but my emotions took over.  I never thought I’d be the one to wake him up with a pee-stick in the face, but I was.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):  Oh God, just about everything.  OPK’s, Charting/Temping, pre-natals, lying down for at least 20 mins with legs in the air each time.  Since DH’s MFI diagnosis I had him on Fertilaid, CountBoost, MotilityBoost, Maca Root & CoQ10.  He cut down drinking, wore loose boxers, ate better and worked out more.  He started Clomid after our last appointment but little did we know we were probably already implanting at that exact time. I honestly believe that the 14 pills a day he was on contributed to our BFP.  I got him 2 special pill cases, one for home (mornings & night) and one for his lunch bag at work.  He was amazing at taking them all the time and we did see his numbers going up.  They never got out of the “low” percentile but it’s true, all you need is one!

Cycles Trying: Lucky #13

Anything new this cycle: Not really.  Actually this was one cycle that I was almost ready to give up.  Why bother BDing when you know you’re fighting an uphill battle?  That was seriously my thought process.  Being labeled an infertile couple can really shake you and it’s normal to want to give up.  But I’m so glad we didn’t because honestly, miracles do happen. 

Symptoms: I had extremely sore nipples at 17dpo and that made me second think testing but other than that, nothing at all.  Since then I have to pee alot and have had a wicked headache for the last 2 days.  I constantly feel nauseous but haven’t puked yet.  I just bought saltine crackers for my desk at work and they seem to help. 

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/mrsbananas

Picture of the two beautiful lines:

<br /><br />ETA: Argh the bee ate my “TTC Background” blurb which explained our TTC & MFI struggles.  Oh well, I’m too tired to go back and re-write it all.  Long story short, we struggled with MFI and were told that a natural conception was pretty much out of the question.  DH’s spermies were so bad we weren’t even candidates for an IUI.  We had started looking into IFV for August.  Low and behold, we KU’d!  Woohoo!

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