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I have no plans on getting pregnant, but I love this thread!  Congratulations to all the new parents!

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Congrats to all! I LOVE this idea and think that everyone should do it, even those that graduated several months ago! It’s super helpful for me now that I’m not TTC anymore!

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Quick TTC background: Went off OBC in December, thinking it would take us a while. I always had a sneaking suspicion I would have problems TTC due to highly infrequent periods (maybe 5/yr when not on OBC)

How / When did you find out: Feb. 3 I POAS because I had felt mild nausea in the car the day before, and had weird tummy gurglings. (Mid-January I felt really strong symptoms of bloating, cramps and headache, and I took a test – even knowing there was no way timing-wise I could be PG. Looking back, I was ovulating.)

How did you / will you tell SO: As I went in the bathroom to take the test, husband asks me what are the odds that I’m actually PG. I tell him, eh, 20%, tops. I came back downstairs shaking and gave him the test, and he’s all smilling like, “is this for real?!”

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): I hate to be that girl, but NTNT. I had tracked my last period on an app which projected my ovulation. I thought we skipped my FW because husband had the flu (gross) so no BD that week. No biggie, as we had just went off OBC.

Cycles Trying: 1

Anything new this cycle: no birth control

Symptoms: Light period-like cramps, my boobs are already bigger and sore, bloating, gas (sorry to say)

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):

Picture of the two beautiful lines: My husband says I’m unsentimental… guess its no surprise I threw out my sticks. 🙂

Congrats everyone! Happy and healthy 9 months to all!

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I love hearing these stories! Congrats to everyone!

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@MrsDPal811:  I don’t think I congratulated you yet…sooooo….CONGRATS!!!  Cool

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@doxielove:  Thank you! I consider myself very lucky and know it could have easily taken longer…

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Quick TTC background: Came off the pill in October, tried EVERY MONTH during my fertile window. It was miserable! I used OPKs and my husband thought it was SO weird! 🙂

How / When did you find out: I had this crazy urge to POAS one morning. When I did, it didn’t turn within 30 seconds, so I threw it out and went to feed my horses. When I came back in, I had a strange feeling to pull it out of the trash. When I did, I saw my BFP. I was super skeptical, though, and after work I did another, just to make sure it wasn’t an evap line–my second test turned RIGHT away! I took three more…just to be on the safe side, ya know?

How did you / will you tell SO: When he got from work, I just told him. No big plan or anything. Totally our style.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): OPKs, I also used a calendar tracker, I took Vita Fusion PreNatal vitamins for every month after I got off the pill. I also laid down after we DTD.

Cycles Trying: 4

Anything new this cycle: We live on a farm, and we actually conceived during a snow storm! I think that bad weather was good luck! The joke is : When there’s nothing to do on a farm in the winter, you make a baby!

Symptoms: I actually didn’t have any sypmtoms before I tested, except for being SUPER SUPER tired the week of implantation. I also had implantation bleeding–red blood on CD11. Now that I’m 5W, I pee a LOT. That’s about it.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): NA

Picture of the two beautiful lines:

The top stick is my positive!

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Quick TTC background: Went off of BCP on Jan 1.  Started to use OPKs on CD8 but then went out of town and forgot and just figured I would wing it.  I did not get a positive OPK the few days I did them (5 days I think?). I had really bad “flank pain” on the 19th, and some spotting the 17th and 18th. I went to urgent care and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, still not sure if it was related but maybe it was related to ovulation? Still not sure about that, it was weird. I tested on Sunday and got a stark BFN.  Still hadn’t gotten my period so I tested this morning, bam! BFP!

How / When did you find out: This morning/afternoon! So I peed in a cup this morning and tested with a Wondfo and after two minutes (I was brushing my teeth that has a 2 min timer) it was still white, after another minute, there was a faint line.  I examined it for a few minutes, posted it on the Bee and low and behold I wasn’t the only one who could see it! I went home at lunch and did a digital stick and it said PREGNANT! I am still in shock!

How did you / will you tell SO:
He doesn’t know yet! I bought him some stuff and I am going to give it to him when I get home today. I am usually the worst secret keeper ever, I can’t believe I lasted 8 hours! Well more like 4, I was still kinda in denial this morning.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.) Well I failed at OPKS, but we did have lots of BD!

Cycles Trying: 1

Anything new this cycle: No BCP, have been taking prenatals since July, I just switched to gummies and they are delish!

Symptoms:  What me and my husband have been referring to as “Horny Nipple Syndrome”! My nipples have been abnormally hard for the last week or so.  It has given us quite the laugh though.  Otherwise not much besides late period. I was expecting it last Friday if it was going to be a normal 28 day cycle. 

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):

Picture of the two beautiful lines:


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Quick TTC background:  We were 1-2 years out from TTC when – surprise – I got pregnant on the pill.  I’m due at the end of March!

How / When did you find out:  My period was 4 days late and after spending those 4 days mostly in denial that I might actually be pregnant, I knew I needed to test.  Tested the day before I was supposed to start my next pack of BC pills and BFP!  It was a shock, and there were some mixed feelings initially, but I came around to being happy & excited pretty quickly and now I feel nothing but blessed and grateful to be having my little boy.

How did you / will you tell SO:  He was with me when I tested (well, not actually with me in the bathroom while I POAS, but he was there and aware that I was testing).  I was at a loss for words, so just handed him the pee stick.  I always thought I’d find some cute and clever way to surprise him when I got pregnant, but under the circumstances it wasn’t meant to be!

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): N/A

Cycles Trying: 0

Anything new this cycle: Nothing I know of.

Symptoms: Early on I was tired all the time and had mild nausea, but nothing too bad.  Now I’m 32 weeks along, starving all the time, and having awful mid back pain.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): N/A

Picture of the two beautiful lines: I still have my pee stick, but no photos.

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I want to play!

Quick TTC background: DH and I got married last June and planned to start TTC this January. Well, in October we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer so I stopped taking the pill. We got our BFP in January! EDD is September 28th.

How / When did you find out: 11 DPO (Jan 23rd) – I tested probably at 8 and 9 DPO and got BFNs, so I skipped day 10 and the morning of day 11 I decided to POAS again. I thought it was negative so I got in the shower rather pissed off! When I got out of the shower, I saw that second line! I wanted to be sure so I POAS again mid-morning and then went out and got a FRER and Clearblue digi on my lunch break and all of those were positive as well!

How did you / will you tell SO: I bought a card that was blank inside and just wrote DH a cute little note about becoming a daddy and how I can’t wait to go on this awesome journey of parenthood with him. I put the card and 4 tests on the kitchen counter so he would see them as soon as he walked in the door from work.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): I had been charting since November, but not temping. I actually just bought a basal thermometer to start using next cycle. I also used OPKs. We BD every other day until I got a positive OPK, then we did it every day for 3 days. Oh and I am one of those crazies that laid down and put my butt up in the air after BD 🙂

Cycles Trying: 3

Anything new this cycle: We did a lot more BD!!!

Symptoms: My boobs are so freaking sore and I am ridiculously constipated. No morning sickness yet.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): You don’t want to see it, I was a bad charter LOL

Picture of the two beautiful lines: (sorry I went a little overboard with the pics Laughing)

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