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@ScottishMrs:  Here’s to a nice high temp tomorrow morning!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!  Have a good weekend and hope you get a chance to relax from your school work!

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Quick TTC background: Seven months trying, 34, possible PCOS, post-BCP cycles that were really long and sometimes annovulatory.. Was waiting for consult to fertility clinic.

How / When did you find out: This morning! Peed on a stick randomly because I thought yesterday’s huge chart drop was really weird. CD35, 13 DPO

How did you / will you tell SO: I’m waiting till he’s more awake and then I’ve got a cute little Dr. Seuss jumper to drop on him. Literally. I think I’ll drop it on his head I’m so excited.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD,  etc.): Softcups, timing BD to O. Though we were really off and I thought there was no way this month. Supplements: Vitex, Omega Oil, vitamin D, prenatals.

Cycles Trying: 7

Anything new this cycle: Accupuncture! Started seeing a naturopath two weeks ago.

Symptoms: Some sore breasts but nothing at all other than that. Was extremely surprised.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):


Picture of the two beautiful lines:

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@canadablue:  congrats again! those are some dark lines! so happy for you!!

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@canadablue:  aww so sweet, congrats!

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I love this thread. It’s so positive and exciting! Congrats to all BFP ladies!!! πŸ™‚

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Quick TTC background: Finished up my BCPs in December – would have gone off sooner but was nervous about my body flipping out after being on them for 15-ish years so I waited until we got back from our honeymoon.  I’ve always had really long, irregular cycles so I wanted to start figuring out my body as soon as possible.  Plus, I have some other stuff that made me nervous about trying to conceive (overweight, history of thyroid and fertility issue in my family, and just plain luck, lol).  We figured it would take a long time – even if my cycles were normal, with an average of 40+ days, we’d get less cycles in per year.  And I’m 32 so we wanted to start asap.

How / When did you find out: Yesterday, took a internet cheapy…interestingly, I was absolutely positive it would be negative and I really think I did it just to put it completely out of my mind.  My sister’s in town this week and I wanted to know I was completely in the clear for the fun we have planned.  A line showed up but it was a little wonky and not super dark – almost threw it out too early.  Came here, asked for opinions, didn’t pee for 5 hours, and then took a FRER.  No question with that one (well, two…you know, just in case).  Lied my ass off last night as to why I suddenly wasn’t interested in drinking.

How did you / will you tell SO: Couldn’t say anything yesterday bc my sister was around all day.  Had a shirt from ThinkGeek that says Dad in binary and two onesies that I was finally able to give him last night after he came to bed.  I gave him the shirt first but, because it was so late, he couldn’t figure it out.  He said ‘ok, I give up’ and I tossed one of the onesies at him and said ‘maybe this’ll help you figure it out’.  Then he got it.  πŸ™‚

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): Charting as soon as I was off BCPs. I knew that was going to be really important for me bc of my wonky cycles – I’ve gone entire summers with no period and no clue what was going on so I didn’t want a repeat of that while TTC.  Tracked temps, CM and was starting to get CP down and also recorded every symptom that came down the line so I could hopefully start seeing patterns – turns out I get nauseous before I O, who knew?  That’s about it, though.  I can easily get over-anxious about stuff if I spend too much time on it so I was trying to be laid back (as much as my personality allows).  Oh and read TCOYF which I absolutely recommend for every single woman regardless of whether you’re TTC or not.

Cycles Trying: 2

Anything new this cycle: Nope, was still getting into the groove of charting etc.  I think I had finally figured my cervix out by last week!  Wink

Symptoms: Not much yet.  I slept like crap the two nights before I got my BFP but I’m not a great sleeper usually.  I was also really gassy but again, that’s a normal AF symptom for me (wahoo) so I didn’t think much about it.  My boobs are sore – like really sore.  They were last month, too (1st cycle off BCP) but this month even more so.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/GearBride

BD Timing: O-2 and O

Picture of the two beautiful lines: 14DPO

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Quick TTC background:
First cycle trying but charted for a couple of months before that to see if everything was working ok down there!  Read the whole of TCOYF.  Was planning to TTC after the wedding but after we had to push the date back we decided that we couldn’t wait πŸ™‚

How / When did you find out:

Today!  10 DPO.  I have been testing (over-optimistcally) since 4 DPO.

How did you / will you tell SO:

He is away in another country at the moment and I was planning to wait and Skype him but got too excited and wanted to tell all of you at WB but thought I should tell him first!!  I called him and just straight out told him.  It was good πŸ™‚

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):

Lots of sex!!!  Can I say sex here?  I used OPKs but we BD’d every day since AF finished and twice a day (morning and evening) when the OPKs started going pink and also on 1 DPO.  We stuck to the best baby-making positions and I led down for as long as possible afterwards.  Totally Too Much Information but we tried with and without orgasms!!!  I’m sorry, I wouldn’t like to read that about someone else.  I apologise!

On more polite topics – pre-natal vitamins for maybe 6 months pre-TTC but that is more for the folic acid than TTC. 

Cycles Trying:


Anything new this cycle:

3DPO – 5DPO – bloated and hot

9DPO – 10DPO – nausea and in the evening of 9DPO headache and hot/nauseous

I had above coverline temp dips on 5 DPO and 8 DPO and a tiny tiny bit of spotting on 8 DPO and 9 DPO.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):
I chart in Excel.  πŸ™

Picture of the two beautiful lines:
Ignore the mysterious FRER that came out negative!

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cool!!!!!! congratulations!!

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@GearBride:  just checking up on this thread – CONGRATS!!!!  your history reads like mine, you have given me hope for this month.  I came off the pill in Dec, am 34, overweight, history of thyroid in the fam, etc.  FX for you!  for us πŸ™‚

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@ANewMrs:  Thanks so much!  Yeah, I definitely thought it was going to take us a really long time to conceive. I’m thrilled it didn’t, of course, and I’m cautiously optimistic – honestly, I think I’m still in a little shock that this is real. Smile  I am really glad that I started charting immediately and read TCOYF (well, I haven’t quite gotten to the end…oops).  Even with charting, I had some issues reading my cycle (was starting to get a handle on it) but oh my goodness, it would have been so much worse otherwise.  I would have been so stressed ALL the time which of course would have sucked for the TTC.  And I would have wasted so much more money on tests.

Huge FX for you!

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Quick TTC background: We were NTNT in January, and then Feb and March we were TTC. I’m still astonished that it happend so quickly for us, astonished and overjoyed.

How / When did you find out: I tested a few days early on Saturday, the 16th. I got my 1st BFP with a dollar store test, so I didn’t trust it. To be “sure” I did another one from walmart. Then I needed to put my contacts in so I couldn’t blame my horrible eyesight either. Nope all BFP. That afternoon I took another. I was surprised at how dark the lines were.

How did you / will you tell SO: Telling DH was so tough! When we first started talking babies I started imagining all sorts of cute, unique ways to tell him, but the morning when I got the BFP it was all I could do to stop myself from going to wake him up and shove the sticks into his face lol. His birthday is at the very end of the month. So after making breakfast I tried to play it cool to tell him about this “great idea I had for a gift” for his birthday, so I went online that morning to check to see if it would be here in time. He interrupted me and questioned that I had over spent on the birthday budget, to which I had to let him know that I still had money left to spend, and then I changed the subject back to the fact that unfortunately the gift wouldn’t be here for his birthday. Then I told him it wouldn’t get here until November. He was super confused and said “what is it, like a trip or a concert?” “Nooo..” and just kept smiling at him. Then the light bulb finally turned on and he jumped up to hug me as I started crying. He loved it. πŸ™‚

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): I was already using an app to help track my periods after going off BCP, so that suggested when O was going to be. Then I kept track of CM and we BD EOD during my fertile window. I also tried to lay for as long as I could after we BD.

Cycles Trying: 2

Anything new this cycle: We BDed more.

Symptoms: cramping and a hybrid runny/stuffed up nose

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): I wasn’t charting. I was going to start next cycle if this one wasn’t successful. 

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@julia924: Congratulations! The story of how you told your hubby is super cute!! I wish I could have been more patient to tell mine in a cute way, but I ran out of the bathroom, jumped on him in bed (and of course, startled him awake) and showed him the tests! =P

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Quick TTC background: Quick?! haha, I wish it was quick! We have been TTC since last May. Before that in November 2011 I was diagnosed with Graves disease, I chose to have radioactive iodine therapy and we were not allowed to try until May 2012 until the radiation cleared out of my body. Our plan had been to start in January 2012.

How / When did you find out: I took a wondfo HPT on Saturday, 11 DPO. I thought it was negative and went to throw it out. I came back and thought I saw something on it. I looked and looked. I’ve NEVER had a postive one so I wasnt even sure what I was seeing. I went and bought FRERs and took one four hours later…..the second line appeared.

How did you / will you tell SO: He was building a fire and I took the FRER to him (I didn’t tell him about the wondfo because he gets upset when they are negative) the line was faint and he said “oh, no! why did you take one?!” I told him to look and he didn’t get it….at all….he thought it was negative….the line started getting darker and darker and he was like…”REALLY?? is this it?!? are you pregnant?!” I said “yes i think so” and we started laughing and doing a jig around the living room.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): A few months ago DH had a semen analysis that wasn’t good. He was low-normal for everything and abnormal motility. The dr told us that with those number we would probably benefit from IUI because it would take us a long time to conceive on our own…possibly years. We werent quite ready for that. He quit smoking and cut down on drinking ( but still drank). I put him on 2000mg vitamin c/ day in divided doses, 400 units vitamins e, approx 2000mg/ day macaroot in divided doses and a men’s multivitamin. He has type 1 diabetes and hashimotos so he’s also on synthroid and insulin. We used pressed, which we had been since last may when we started this whole process. I used softcups for the last two months due to the low motility to try to keep those suckers in there. I charted my temp, used OPKS and according to the fertility dr we BDed every other day during my fertile window. She said that was best for the low count issues. Because I was charting I knew I was ovulating, but I do have low temps. I wasn’t sure if that was causing issues, but DH wanted to keep trying on our own. I’m hoping this is a sticky baby, but at this point I’m happy that we got sperm and egg to finally meet!!!!

Cycles Trying: 10th cycle, 11th month

Anything new this cycle: see above….I only did about 47 things every cycle. So for everyone who told you to relax….I call BS….I definitely did not RELAX ever during this proces.

Symptoms: sore as hell boobs

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): 

Picture of the two beautiful lines:

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