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Aw, I love this thread πŸ™‚


Congratulations to all the pregnant bees!!

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Can’t believe I get to post here..




Quick TTC background: 7 cycles TTC, got PG on cycle 4 but it was a BO.  BO wouldn’t pass so I had to have a D&C on Mar 4th.  I have a short LP so I’ve been working on that.


How / When did you find out: This morning, I’m 11DPO and I swear I saw a faint shadow on a Wondfo. I saw one this morning, used my FRER and it came up right away. The picture I have of it doesn’t do it justice.


How did you / will you tell SO: It was just after 5:30am and I turned the light on and woke him up LOL


TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): Charting until I had the BO.. OPKs, Prenatals, B6, B-Complex and this month Red Raspberry leaf tea until O


Cycles Trying: 7


Anything new this cycle: Just the red leaf raspberry tea


Symptoms: Sore boobs since 4DPO, I have had the “feeling” since that day. Also gassy.. lucky DH!


Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/lyndzo


Picture of the two beautiful lines:



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@Lyndzo:  Congratulations! I used to be a part of the POAS threads, but haven’t been in a couple months. I’m part of the charters threads and I know you used to be on there. So happy for you!

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Congratulations ladies!  Happy and healthy 9 months!  I can’t believe I can say “I’m pregnant!”.

Quick TTC background: Stopped BC at the beginning of September after 15+ years on the pill and it took almost 60 days for my first AF to arrive.  I started charting toward the end of that first long cycle and kept it up since (sometimes skipping days).  My cycles have been irregular ranging from 33 to 52 days.  My LP has been on the short side with spotting before AF.  Last cycle I tried to take B-vits and I had a really strange cycle with a temp rise and mid cycle spotting but no O until CD36, so I stopped taking them just in case.

How / When did you find out:  Last night!  I was sitting at home alone and gave in to the urge to POAS, not expecting much because it was the evening and 9 DPO.  I did a whole 2.5 hour hold.  I am actually questioning my O date because it seems dark for only 9 DPO!

How did you / will you tell SO:  He’s out of town and I wasn’t able to get him on the phone until this morning.  I said “are you alone?.. I’M PREGNANT!”.  There was no way I could wait until he comes back from his trip.

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): Charting, prenatal vitamins, preseed, trying to BD EOD in the fertile window

Cycles Trying:  6 cycles and 8 months

Anything new this cycle:  This is the first cycle we used preseed and the first cycle we hit more than one day in the fertile window (it’s hard to time things with an irregular cycle).

Symptoms:  I felt nauseas yesterday all afternoon, but it seems a little early for that.  I had spotting and cramping at 7-8 DPO but that is not totally abnormal for me due to the short LP.

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one):


Picture of the two beautiful lines:

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@terisa2012:  wow thats dark for 9DPO!!!!   πŸ™‚ congrats again!!!!!!!

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@terisa2012:  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@AstoriaK:  @prettyjen82:  Thank you!!

@FreckledFox:  Thanks!  I was thinking the same thing!  I skipped a lot of days temping, so if I go back and add a fake temp on CD20 my O day jumps back to CD22. which would put the + test at 12DPO.  That seems more reasonable.  Our timing for CD22 would be O-3 and O+1, vs O-2 and O for CD25. 

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Congrats to all the pregnant bees! I am so excited that i am able to post here πŸ˜€


Quick TTC background: Fiance and i had our first baby 09/10/11, in april during my last AF Fiance and i had a chat and decided that we would try for a sibling for our dd :). I didn’t have high hopes for this cycle but here we are! and i bought a cbfm monitor for the next cycle too lol, murphys law!

How / When did you find out: 11/05/13 I woke up this morning (14dpo) and i didn’t feel pregnant at all πŸ™ but i still took the test (i didn’t want to take it tomorrow because if it was negative i didn’t want to be a downer on mother’s day). So peed in my cup, set my timer and held the test in my fmu.

I didn’t even want to look at the test because i was afraid to see the not pregnant, so i sat there removed the test and watched the timer tick down from 3 mins. i saw something come up on the test so i had a quick look, Pregnant! i was shaking like a leaf lol and not long after that 1-2 weeks popped up. I screamed when i saw the pregnant lol and ran out of the toilet test in hand bounding with joy πŸ˜›

I went back in with another test to make sure it wasn’t a false positive lol, faint line but still there πŸ™‚

How did you / will you tell SO: Fiance was home on the bed with our dd πŸ™‚ so i ran over and showed him the test. I also showed our dd and told her that she’s going to be a big sister and that mummy has a baby in her belly, dd is running around the house yelling out baby <3

TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.): OPK, Charting cm/cp/signs no temping, lying down after bd and bd’ing on cd 7, 9, 11, 13, 14.

Cycles Trying: Our first! we are feeling so very blessed right now πŸ™‚

Anything new this cycle: O’ing made me very ill this time around and i o’d on cd13.

Symptoms: Implantation bleeding on cd 22, lightly tender breasts 7dpo, very sore breasts after 9 dpo, ovarian/uterine twinges from the left and right sides from 3dpo, thirsty, creamy/wet cm (very wet 14dpo, i thought af arrived early), slightly nauseous, upset stomach 3-4 days before af, swollen cervix for the past 3-4 days,short fuse (i’m a mellow person O_o) and extremely tired! i’ve been having afternoon naps all week!

Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): none

Picture of the two beautiful lines: CB digital with conception indicator 
Confirm Pregnancy test, less sensitive but still has a line and it came up within the reccomended time! πŸ˜€ 

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Quick TTC background: We started Trying in January.  On our 3rd cycle I began charting, 4th cycle I began temping, and we were successful on our 5th cycle!


How / When did you find out:  I had my suspicions at 8 and 9 DPO (May 1st and 2nd) But was confirmed on May 3rd, 10 DPO.  Saw a deifnite, but still faint, line on my wondfo, ran out to get FRER and Digi after Darling Husband left for work, and they were positive ( the Digi actually was negative that day but was positive 2 days later). I told Darling Husband that night!


How did you / will you tell SO:  I ordered his favorite pizza and asked for an extra box.  I put baby stuff in the extra box and wrote “Congrats Daddy! We’re having a baby!” ont he inside.  He loved it and was so excited!  here’s a pic:


TTC strategy (charting, OPKs, supplements, lying down after BD, etc.):  charting/temping like I said before.  I used OPKS, took Mucinex around O time, and layed down after BDing.


Cycles Trying: 5th


Anything new this cycle: Nope, other than no Af after 26 days! Ha!


Link to your pregnant chart (if you have one): 


Picture of the two beautiful lines: Here’s the FRER that started it all, then my wondfos:



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@PrincessMerida:  OMG, I love the pizza box idea!  So cute Smile Congratulations!

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@ScottishMrs:  Congrates Girl! you deserve this so much! so exciting

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@ScottishMrs:  I’m so excited that you finally get to post on this tbread after starting it months ago! Gives me the warm fuzzies!! Congrats again!

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