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I got my BFP this cycle (it was our 10th cycle of perfectly-timed intercourse). I took so many tests (and so many different brands of tests) it’s ridiculous. We had lost hope and met with an RE last cycle to discuss treatment. That cycle was a bust. If this one proved to be the same, we were going to get help at the beginning of cycle 11.

What tipped me off was when I had a BIG dip at 6 dpo (you can see that on one of my other threads). The next day, my temperatures went right back up to their previous levels. But I was still reluctant to believe it — positive tests are one of those things, you know. “It hasn’t worked until now, even though I’ve done everything right…why would it possibly work now?”

People are terrible for assuming that things are always going to stay the same.

At 8 DPO, I took a Walmart cheapie…but I wasn’t convinced. I’d heard *so* many stories along the lines of, “It leaves a test line when it’s wet all of the time, and I wasn’t really pregnant.” I took *several* FRERs…which were, in hindsight, positive, but I didn’t trust myself. I confirmed at 8 DPO with FRERs and a Clearblue Digital.

I had a customized “Daddy-to-Be” glass made for my husband months ago. I was going to give it to him and it would be all romantic, blahblah…what actually happened is that he came upstairs and I shoved the Clearblue Digital in his face. THEN I gave him the glass.

Family doesn’t know yet — I’m 4 weeks today — but will be finding out at about 15 weeks, around Mother’s Day.

I started a thread posing the very same question you’re asking about a month ago — “Did you ever feel like you’d never get pregnant?” — and it’s a surprisingly common feeling. I felt it until yesterday, when I had beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt confirmation.


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I have two BFP stories. They are however almost identical, just 4 years apart.


We started trying in August (2008 and 2012). I used OPKs and got all the symptoms for the first 4 cycles. On the 5th cycle I had no symptoms and the first time was sure I hadn’t concieved, but the second time around I sort of knew it had worked. So I then got a BFP in February (2009 and 2013). I have 2 girls born in October 2009 and 2013 ๐Ÿ™‚

Darling Husband was practically outside the bathroom door when I peed on the stick both times so he knew when I knew. First time we told our families to save x date. They got really confused until I told them that that was the date they were going to be grandparents.
Second time we had our LO wear a t-shirt with “I’m going to be a big sister” on it.


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Darling Husband and I got married last July and knew we wanted kids right away. We were both very antsy to start trying and I was worried it would take a while. I had a lot of issues with my periods growing up and the doctors thought I might have endometriosis. We decided to start trying a month before the wedding, since we thought it would never happen on the first try especially with me being stressed out and focused on the wedding. I had been using OPK tests since I had been charting to avoid since the december before the wedding. I was pretty good at figuring out when I was ovulating. A few days before I ovulated I told Darling Husband it was baby making time and we just had fun with it.

A few days after I ovulated I just had this feeling that it worked and I was pregnant. I could not shake the feeling that something was different. At about 5 DPO my boobs started hurting and my nipples were itchy. I kept saying I thought I was pregnant, but everyone told me it was too early to tell and it never happens on the first try. I also started testing around 5 DPO with FMU. I would get a BFN, but I wouldn’t get upset because I just knew I was pregnant. At 9DPO I decided not to test because it was DH’s birthday. I just didn’t feel like seeing another BFP. However, I woke up and had a few drops of spotting when I went to the bathroom. I tried to ignore it and go about our day and enjoy the birthday festivities. Later on that afternoon I was sitting on the couch while Darling Husband was outside putting together his birthday present (a new grill!). I decided to sneak upstairs and test without him knowing. I got a BFP! It was a squinter, but definitely there. I yelled to Darling Husband to come quick and asked him if he could see it. He confirmed that there was definitely a line there and said it was the best birthday present ever!


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Darling Husband and I had been trying for just a few months when I was supposed to get AF in August.  I felt really off (bloated, fussy, craving carby foods I don’t normally eat), but assumed it was PMS and my body still regulating after being on the pill for such a long time.  I was a few days late and decided to take a test on a whim.  My husband was on a business trip that week, so I was up early to let the dogs out, and then went back to bed right after POAS.  An hour or so later I was getting ready for work, glanced over and saw two super dark lines on the strip-style test.  I actually didn’t believe the test was right at first, so I took two more.  Positive, positive.  I bought a digital on the way home just to see the word “pregnant” and waited anxiously for 4 more days for Darling Husband to get home to tell him.

30-something weeks later, it’s still surreal!

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@PinkTeapot:  We started trying in July. It was fun at first- we had sex A LOT. My husband loved it and it felt like the summer we met. It was so exciting. After a couple cycles I got a little down- like, what if there is something wrong with either of us? Logically I knew it was normal to take up to a year, but I couldn’t help feeling a little stressed and bummed out. I went on a girl’s trip to Spain with my friend in October, and when I got home we got to it again ๐Ÿ™‚ At the beginning of November I went to Colorado for four days to ski and work. Then I visited my grandpa in Nebraska. I started to feel really bloated and gassy and PMSy in Colorado, and had tampons on hand. In Nebraska I woke up with bad cramping during the night and each time grabbed a tampon to take to the bathroom- but no period! I started to think I was pregnant but didn’t want to get too excited! I got home on a Friday night and was so, so tired and hungry and cranky. The next morning I woke up about 8 am and tested and the line was SO dark! (My period was a couple days late at that point) I couldn’t believe it, it was so awesome. I ran back to the bedroom and shoved it in my sleeping husband’s face. He was like, wow. We went for a cross-country ski together and I kept thinking, I’m pregnant??? I’m pregnant!!! It was so weird but we were both really happy. I felt cautiously excited and optimistic but didn’t want to get too excited or plan things because several of my friends had miscarriages and I knew that was a possibility. We waited until almost 10 weeks (Christmas time!) to tell our parents.

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My husband and I got a BFP after our first cycle of TTC and my first cycle off of the birth control pill. My body told me I was pregnant much earlier than the pregnancy tests did. I was symptom spotting like crazy during my two week wait, and I just took everything as a sign. I had it all! A weird “pinching” near my cervix, cravings for carbs (specifically heaping servings of white rice), sore boobs, drop-dead-fatigue, super sense of smell, dizziness, food aversions (my breakfast sandwich tasted like metal!), etc.

I took my first test February 3rd before we went out for sushi with a friend (a cheap dollar store one). I didn’t see a line right away, so I went out and enjoyed my dinner. When I came home, I studied the test a little closer and noticed the faintest line…too faint to even photograph. My husband didn’t believe it, so I took and FRER and got yet another very faint line. It was too faint and took too long to develop to take it seriously.

Fast forward 3 days: I took another dollar store test after a 3 hour hold in the evening, and got another faint, but a little less faint, line. Once again, I tested with an FRER, and once again, got another faint line. Husband still wasn’t convinced. These lines were some serious squinters.

All the while, I was having every symptom in the book: the fatigue, the leg cramps, the dizziness, the cravings…etc.

Finally, that thursday, I held for 4 hours in the evening (I seemed to get stronger results with evening urine rather than first morning urine) and I got a distinct line on an FRER. Just to convince my husband, I took a digital test too. I made him check it after the 3 minute mark and he just exclaimed “H O L Y   S  H I  T” from the bathroom.

I knew it was positive.

Then he came out, stunned, all color from his face, gave me a hug and said “We’re pregnant.”

I had to see it for myself, so I ran into the bathroom and saw that beautiful digital screen with the word PREGNANT on it.

We hugged it out, freaked out, paced around, analyzed our walk-in closet as a nursery space, talked about saving money, talked about names, revisitied the test to make sure it still said pregnant, texted our close friends who were sworn to secrecy until we told my family, had a talk with our cat, laid in bed- stunned….

I am 6 weeks along now, and it’s still not real to me. I feel too lucky to have gotten a BFP on our first try. I am very sensitive to anyone who has been TTC for multiple cycles and I realize how lucky we are. I can’t wait to get everything confirmed at my first appointment on March 4th ๐Ÿ™‚

Best of luck and congrats to all the mommas out there!


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I love hearing these stories! SO & I are currently waiting … hoping for a missed period next month.


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@PinkTeapot:  It feels exactly the same to me too. I can’t imagine it ever happening.. this is our 5th proper cycle, although we’ve been NTNP for a year now, and I have suspected endometriosis. And my Darling Husband isn’t around ALL THE TIME to be TTCing… Meh! But it’s lovely hearing all of the BFP stories! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I love reading these stories as well thanks for starting such a fun thread OP!

My TTC journey was actually kind of short. We moved into our new home in Sept and it was game on. I have been off BC since the day after the wedding so 4/1. We were being careful until September. I thought because I was on bc for so long, 12 years, That it would take us a few cycles to conceive. I used OPKs sept and oct. And stopped in Nov. Got my BFP on 12/18, 1 week before Christmas. I was already almost 6 weeks. No symptoms other than being extremely tired and moody.  I went and bought the book ” Love You Forever” and wrote a note to daddy from the baby asking him to read it in August. Then I showed him the tests. (5 of them lol). Then we did the same for each of our family members. And they opened the books all together on Christmas morning. It was a priceless moment. We went that Saturday and got an ultrasound and heard the hb which made sharing the news much more exciting. 15 weeks now and loving this pregnancy so far!! Good luck OP!!

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The first time I got pregnant I got a BFP on our third month trying.  There was SOOO much excitement associated with it.  I took the test alone while my Husband waited in the bedroom.  When I came out and showed him the test, I was shaking.  We hugged and I cried.  I gave him the onesie I had bought months ago to celebrate, we went out to dinner.

Unfortunately that pregnancy ended a couple weeks later when we found out it was an ectopic.

This changed the dynamic for the second time around.  We tried for 7 months after that.  On the seventh month, I woke up around the time I was supposed to get my period and went to the bathroom to see that I had started bleeding.  I started sobbing on the toilet!  I went downstairs and sat on the couch in my pajamas all morning crying to my husband.  He looked at me and said, “I really could have sworn this was going to be the month.  You’ve been especially…moody.”

And it was true.  I was so upset because I could have sworn I was pregnant as well.  I had lots of signs of it.  So I told my Husband that I was going to go upstairs and take a shower.  As I undressed, I just thought…”Oh, what the heck.”  And pulled out a pregnancy test, peed on it really quickly and hopped in the shower not to think about it again.

I got out of the shower and toweled off and didn’t even look at the test.  I brushed my hair and my teeth.  As I was rinsing out my mouth I looked over to see that the pregnancy test was positive.  I spit the water out and just stared at the test for like five minutes.  I immediately thought, “Why did I do this?  It’s destined to be a chemical.”  I called my Husband up and we looked at the test together, but neither of us got excited.  It was a Saturday so we weren’t able to talk to my Doctor for a whole two days.  We were not very optimistic.

However…everything eventually turned out well and I am 6.5 months pregnant.  It took us a while to actually believe that everything was okay because I bled for the first 8 weeks of this pregnancy.  But we are most definitely excited now and can’t wait to meet our little girl!

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@PinkTeapot: Fun thread! Okay, here’s my story.

I went off birth control in the spring of 2012 for non-TTC reasons and started charting to learn more about my cycle. We then decided to TTC starting in October 2013. The first cycle, I charted only and did not use OPKs. Naturally, that cycle my body decided to go haywire, and I had a hard time pinpointing O, leading to poorly-timed BD. No BFP for us. So I bought some wondfo OPKs and started using them to help pinpoint ovulation. The OPKs worked well, and we were timing our BD pretty well, but we still didn’t have any luck in November or December. I started to think this might take us awhile; in fact, I had the exact “it’s going to take forever” thought that you described!

In late December/eary January, I started taking Vitamin D along with my prenatal. I’m usually a bit low on Vitamin D, especially in the winter, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a bit more of that. That cycle, I never did get a positive OPK, but we BD around the times I thought I would be ovulating anyway. The charting confirmed my ovulation a few days later.

Starting about 4 days after O, I was super gassy and kinda crampy. The gassiness faded a bit, but the crampiness was there off and on for a few more days. I also felt like there was something in my lower abdomen – my dogs usually love to sit on my lap, and it was just so uncomfortable to have them there. I started to think “maybe we did it this time!” around 7 DPO.

At 10 DPO, I couldn’t stand waiting any longer and decided to test. Since it was so early, I figured it would be negative or a squinter at best. Imagine my surprise when it came up as a nice, strong BFP!

I seriously couldn’t believe it at first. It was surreal. I thought I was hallucinating that second line! I ran downstairs and told my Darling Husband, who said, “Really?!?” and then promptly got a big ol’ grin on his face and gave me a huge hug.

I took many more tests over the next several days/weeks to confirm it:

Not pictured: 2 more digitals with weeks estimators that I took in weeks 5 and 6 in order to see the “2-3 weeks” and “3+ weeks” displays. Yup, it was a lot of tests!

Some days it still seems unreal. I had my first prenatal appointment a week ago, and we got to see our baby on the ultrasound:

Let me tell you, that hit us both like a ton of bricks. There’s really a baby growing in there! Whoa!

When you’re still in the TTC phase, it’s so difficult to picture that it can really happen for you – but I’m here to tell you that it can, and it will be so amazing when it does!

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@Mrs.Metalm:  Congratulations!!!  If you don’t mind me asking, did you chart?  I just finished my last BCP pack last week and we are about to start trying.

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I love these stories. I went off BCP last May and we charted to avoid and to make sure I was ovulating. We officially pulled the goalie last October, and it took three months to get our BFP. I thought I would have difficulty, but there was no reason to think that. 

I was super buimmed the days before my BFP because I had gotten cramps and was sure they were AF cramps. The night before I was flying home from across the country and enjoyed some delicious sushi and wine at the airport, but the wine made me feel really dizzy in hindsight. 

Anyway, I was still sure I wasn’t pregnant and it was one day before my period was due, but I had a work party that night where I was sure to drink…a lot. So I figured what the heck and POAS that morning without telling my husband I was going to. Bright pink second line came up on my FRER right away, and I sprinted into the bedroom at 5am and attacked my husband waving the stick in his face and shouting that I was pregnant and that our dog (mastiff who was in bed with him) was going to be a big sister. 

I was so excited and scared (still am)! I told my sisters right away, and we made the decision to tell his family at Christmas even though I was only 6 weeks at the time. It was just too good a Christmas present to keep secret. I’ll be 15 weeks this Friday and have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far. I feel lucky every day. 

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