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Personally, I’d schedule the c-section if they are recommending it. My SIL had a large baby ~10 lbs and had some pretty big complications. Dumbed down – baby didn’t want to come out, got a little stuck, when they finally got the baby out, they had to rush to a larger hospital because of oxygen level issues. She said that if she could do it again, she wouldn’t have waited for her due date.

They’re both doing great now though!

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For now I would just wait and see what happens, you still have a while before you reach 39 weeks. Personally, I wouldn’t want to do a c-section unless I absolutely had to.

Did your baby drop yet? I was measuring big so they also did an ultrasound and they said she was in the 62nd percentile, which isn’t too big but bigger then average. Then a few weeks later she dropped and I’m measuring normal again.

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I think this is a really personal decision.  How do you feel about vaginal birth versus c-section?  How do you feel about interventions?  Did you have birth plan in mind before this?  How does this new information fit into your preferences or ideal labor and delivery?

Personally, I really wanted a vaginal birth, so I would prefer to go into labor naturally or be induced before agreeing to a c-section.  Also, knowing that it’s not possible to have a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) in my hospital, I would give every effort possible to have a vagainal birth first, so I wouldn’t be forced into another c-section with subsequent pregnancies.  Knowing that inductions are most successful when a woman has already started dilating/effacing, I would ask to schedule an induction at 39 weeks, hoping I would start progressing before that.

However, everyone’s different, and my preferences might not be yours.  Have you talked to your partner about the decision?  What does he think?

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Just remember that measurements can be way off.  They said my baby was measuring nearly 7 lbs by 36 weeks and they estimated she’d be over 8 lbs at birth.  At 40 weeks she came out at 6 lbs 4 oz.  Please don’t schedule a C- section based on a test that has a large margin of error.

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Can you talk to your doctor more about what a trial of labor would be like?  Perhaps you could give it a try and if it didn’t seem to go well, switch to a c-section.  I don’t see any reason  that you should have to labor for hours on end before making that decision.

With my son, I did to into labor naturally, but when I didn’t make much progress, the doctor told me I could do a c-section.  All they did was turn up the epidural that was already in and switched me to a different room.  I didn’t labor in pain for hours first…once the doctor realized labor had stalled, she allowed me to make the choice to do a c-section.  I had had a large baby a few years earlier who had gotten stuck on her way out, so I was pretty anxious to make sure that didn’t happen again.  We made a rather leisurely switch to a c-section and the baby was born without incident.  I didn’t want to do it that way, but was glad to have the option at the time.  Maybe that would work for you?  Plan on a vaginal birth, but go into it knowing you have the option to switch to c-section if you and your doctor feel the need.

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I heard this piece on NPR yesterday evening.  It seems doctors are now discovering that scheduling labor isn’t always a healthy option for the baby.  I know your doctor said she’d wait until after 39 weeks, but it’s something to consder… especially if you’re not sure of the exact day you ovulated.

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Ultrasounds can be off by more than just a pound.  At 37 weeks they were telling my best friend she already had a ten pound baby.  She wanted to deliver naturally and asked them to quit telling her the size.  He was born 9 days past his due date and only weighed 8 lbs and yet by their estimates he should have been a 12-13 lb boy! 

She was really happy that she trusted herself and her instincts and had the natural childbirth she had been preparing for. 

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This is very interesting!  A tough decision for sure.  Have you discussed with your husband about his thoughts? What is your gut instinct? Pardon the pun :o)

I find this very unique because today on MSNBC.com they were reporting that C sections are at an all time high in the US.

My sister was also scared during her final month of pregnancy that he baby would be 10lbs.  However, was only 7lbs and change at birth.

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I was a L&D nurse and those growth ultrasounds were notoriously wrong.  Are you tall or is your spouse tall?  Even larger femurs and other measurements can throw the calculations off.

It this isn’t a repeat section, I would let nature take its course.  It’s rare that a baby would be really too big to be born. 

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I was measuring ahead as well at 37 weeks and had an ultrasound. I had a large baby, 10lbs 9 oz, by induction.

Not all inductions result in C-section. It is a possibility, but there are many women induced every day who are able to deliver vaginally without serious complications.

Remember that C-section is a major surgery. Just about veryone I know that’s had one (about 5-6 people) say that they were in a lot of pain, and were basically bed-ridden for the first week, unable to sit or stand on their own. I had a long labor, long delivery, and an significant episiotomy, but was walking around with only moderate soreness after delivery. I took no major pain meds. I was able to walk around and move okay, making it much easier to take care of my baby.

If it were me, I would not opt for major surgery based on a measurement that is known to be inaccurate. I would see what happens.

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8 pounds is large, but definitely do-able! I was 9 pounds at birth, and was the smallest of my siblings. My mom delivered att 4 kids vaginally – and the largest brother was 10 pounds 11 ounces – stick with your plan!

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I honestly don’t understand scheduling a c-section due to size.  That is for the doctor’s convenience, not what is best for you.  They can always do a c-section later if the baby is not descending.  Do you have GD or other health concerns besides size?  In Ina May’s book, she said she has heard of estimates being off by as much as 3 lbs!

I think it was also in that book, that they had to coin a new medical term due to elective c-sections for “big babies” that then are “preemies” or underweight…can’t seem to find it…just remember a c-section is cutting through the muscle of your abdominal wall & is major surgery.

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