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I also have a Rufus ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine is an English Setter, and he weighs about 60lbs. He’s also very energetic and gets quite excitable when company arrives. He constantly tramples my feet. It’s been the one thing I haven’t been able to train out of him! He’s also very energetic outside and flies around like a racehorse.

When Dirty Delete was a baby, we didn’t have much of an issue with Rufus hurting her or stepping on her. He always was a little weary around her and seemed to be extra careful. He’s never tried any of the antics that he does with me and Darling Husband. For instance, I have had him randomly smack me with his paw when he thought I wanted him to do that command. He also randomly jumps up and places his paws on my or DH’s chest (again, misinterpreting a command), but never does anything like that around Dirty Delete.

Once she started walking, there were a few accidents where he would run by her and knock her down. Those were very minimal.

Overall, the only time Rufus pays attention to Dirty Delete is when she has food. He seems a little confused by her and keeps his distance.

I don’t know how your dog is in terms of toys, but one of the best commands I taught my Rufus was the “Ouch!” release. Basically, if you play tug or anything like that with a toy, just suddenly yell, “OWW!” The goal is to get the doc to release the toy as soon as he hears a scream. Lots of praise is given when they release. That command ensure that if baby tries to take a toy or is playing tug with the dog, that bites don’t occur.

I think that once you have a baby, your dog will be older and calmer as well. That has been the case with our dog. He was a mess of puppy energy until well into his second year…now he is quite a bit more calm!


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No kids yet but I have a boxer mix and his puppy playfullness decreased from when he was around 15 months to his current age ( about 4 years old). By the time you have children and they are old enough to get on the floor to play with the dog, I think he will be out of some of that puppy phase. Still, it’s not a good idea to leave any dog unattended with a baby, so if you see him getting too rough then of course intervene. 

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aka_nessa :  Hi! Boxer owner here, my dog was just like yours is at that age. Boxer babies are hyper hyper hyper!! They do like to play with their paws too.

As far as the energy, by the time your rufus is 3 he will have settled down considerably. My dog is SOOO much calmer ( he actually just turned 3). We are actually going to TTC soon too and are not worried about him and the baby.

Just follow common sense- don’t let the baby and the puppy play together until baby is a few years old. If you are still concerned about puppy pawing the baby just don’t put the baby anywhere ground level unless puppy is somewhere else, or you are there to supervise

All of your issues can be handled by not allowing the dog and baby together unattended which is good common sense anyway- dogs and babies should never be alone together, no matter how good or small the dog is.

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aka_nessa :  I have a 4 yr old 65lb boxer and we are still waiting for him to outgrow his terrible 2s. He is the sweetest most cuddly baby ever and is so good when he wants to be. But when he wants to play, he is a little monster and will growl, jump on you, pounce on you, scratch you (on accident), and pretty much everything else that hurts (except bite, thank gosh).

The only way we can get him to calm down is by either a. playing with him (which my FI usually does because he plays too rough most of the time) or b. giving him a treat to shut him up if we absolutly can not take it anymore. If he is being really bad and does not deserve a treat, he goes straight to his crate, as his trainer said to do. He is an angel in there so we let him out after 10 minutes, but he starts it right back up.

We (mostly me) are freaking out about the day a little baby enters his world. He is used to being the only child and getting all the attention. I have tried my best to only give him attention when I want to give it, not when he demands it, or when he’s been really good. But he still tramples anything smaller than him and knocks me down if i’m not careful.

They’re seriously the cutest squishiest things so you want like, 10 of them. Then you spend an hour or two with 1 and say “geez..nevermind…1’s enough”

p.s. I just realized this did not answer your question at all, but I just had to let you know you’re not alone!

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My parents got adopted a boxer when I went off the college.  He was probably about 3 at the time.  The dog (Rocko) was extremely playful, and especially loved to play tug of war with his toys.  If anyone was holding one of his toys, he wouldn’t hesitate to grab it and start a slightly rough game of tug.  One day one of my younger cousins (around 3 or 4 years old) grabbed Rocko’s toy off the floor.  We watched carefully in case Rocko got too rough with her…but amazingly, he didn’t even try to take it from her.  He followed her everywhere with pleading eyes while she held the toy, but never once tried to make a grab for it.  I almost even felt bad for the dog because she was teasing him with it…waving it in his face.  It was the most self-control I’d ever seen a dog exert and so amazing to watch.  It was like he knew she was just a kid and playtime with her was different than playtime with the adults. 

I don’t know if that answers your question…but for me, I like to think dogs know the difference between a baby/kid and an adult and will adjust their behavior accordingly.  That isn’t to say adult supervision not required — kids and dogs should definitely always be supervised!

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aka_nessa :  

Boxer lover and aunty to one!

My brother has one- he’s 2.5 right now and has calmed down from when he first got introduced to the family ๐Ÿ™‚

While there are no kids in our near family (yet), there are some distant relatives that have met him with babies.

He’s 80 pounds of muscled love and when he first meets a baby it’s an excited “what’s that!?” and sniffs and wags his tail- he does it more when the baby starts laughing. He’s just very curious and loves the attention.

As you have stated and others- just don’t leave them alone. I’m always sitting on the floor next to the baby and dog in case something were to happen. When he gets to loud it’s a ‘shhh’ and he does or a ‘down’ when he gets too excited.

My experiencee- boxers just want to make people happy, especially babies when they start laughing! It’s an amazing thing to watch!

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