(Closed) Biggest Gym Pet Peeve?

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Blushing bee
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-Grunters/moaners. HATE.

-Those douchey guys who somehow think it’s necessary to drop their weights everywhere. Cuz I really go to the gym to listen to 120lbs-worth of plates crash against the ground. Take your ‘roid rage somewhere else, please.

– Those people who, for lord knows what reason, think that gym time is the new social hour. Seriously, those benches are for lifting, not for sitting around trading gossip. Some of us are here to work, yo.

-People that play on the equipment. The chin-up/dip assist is NOT a set of monkey bars or an amusement park ride. I’m just waiting for the day that one of the people playing “how fast can I run on the treadmill?!? YOLO!” trips and falls. I’m going to point and laugh.

-There is a special circle of hell reserved for those who don’t re-rack their weights.

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Busy bee
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A co-worker splashes on body wash BEFORE going to work out. Seriously? You want to smell nice before sweating? Oh wait… you only walk on the treadmill while reading your romance novel. I guess it makes sense then.

Since I go to the gym right after work, I usualy have decent hair and makeup on. Not tyring to impress, but I’m too lazy to take it off before my workout. I sweat it all in the first 10 minutes anyway! 

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Sugar bee
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I also don’t like it when in yoga class people get way too close. I sometimes have to move or risk putting my foot right in their face later on! Also was not a fan of a guy in my yoga class who wore short shorts…no no no no….with socks too…(face palm)

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Blushing bee

Am I the only person that doesn’t give a single crap about what people wear, grunting, or anything else?

If someone is wearing something you wouldn’t necessarily wear, who cares? If a girl looks like a ho, who cares? If someone is really into their lifting and grunts, who cares?

The “oddly” dressed people/people who wear makeup/people wearing clubwear had access to a mirror before they left their houses and still made the conscious decision to appear in public, that’s their problem. Consider it a favor, they’re making everyone else look better.

The people who grunt or “breathe loudly” while their working out are probably in beast mode. Isn’t that something we all go to the gym for? Since when is breathing not allowed? That’s going to make cardio day super awkward..

Creepers gonna creep. Take it as a compliment or give them a dirty look. The majority of posters on here are women and have perfected the eye roll.

As far as sanitizing the equipment, sure, people don’t do it sometimes, just bite the bullet and wipe everything before AND after. Once again, they’re just making you look better.

Everyone goes to the gym for different reasons, why don’t we start worrying about ourselves a little more and laugh the rest away.

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Worker bee

Smelly men! 

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Bumble bee
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@legenwaitforitdary:  People who go to a class (especially cardio) and talk loudly THE ENTIRE TIME so you can’t hear the trainer’s instructions! If you’re capable of having a 20 minute conversation without being out of breath you probably aren’t working hard enough.

I’m a swimmer, and my swimming pet peeve is people who swim in the wrong lane- like, getting in the fast lane and being stuck behind someone who is literally walking along the bottom. ARGH.

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Sugar bee
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I work as a receptionist at a physio clinic and gym. During the years that I’ve been there, what really irritates me are the gym members who do the following:

  • Excessive grunting to the point that the physios come of the treatment rooms and ask if someone is having sex at the gym
  • People who come in 10 minutes before clsoing and expect you to stay longer so they could do their workout

The absolute worst was this woman who apparently left her three young children in the car in the carpark while she worked out for two hours. When we found out, my boss hit the roof and had a good long talk with her.

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Busy bee
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I can’t say anything bothers me at my gym and I’ve read most of these posts. The grunters crack me up and since they sound like they’re having sex it motivates me to work harder so I’ll look better naked. Most people wipe the machines but the staff is excellent about doing it too. It’s usually a great temperature and they have lots of ceiling fans. I’m enduring hot flashes while working out so I imagine it’s a good temp for most people if I’m OK. The music is actually stuff I like and not too loud, so great for when I forget my iPod. As far as the other people working out around me, my gym is very diverse and I’m proud of all these people from different walks of life and a wide range of ages for just showing up and working out. It makes me feel good to be one of them 🙂

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A lot of girls I see at the gym are dressed up with a full face of makeup on. They sit and take pictures of themselves “working out” and then leave. It’s extremely irritating – you come to the gym to WORK OUT, not sit around and try to “look cute.”

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Helper bee

I know this is an older post, but it piqued my interest after my unintentional Weddingbee hiatus.

First, I’d like to apologize to the people who hate perfume at the gym. I am the perfume troll and wear a little EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 

Now, I HATE people who show up, take the equipment and don’t do anything!!! Super aggravating. There are many other gym pet peeves, but damn. That one blows!!

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Helper bee

@Sugar_and_Spice:  everything you said and the way you said it was hilarious. I would love to be your friend.Lol. I just left, Wa, too. Hahaha

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Helper bee
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@legenwaitforitdary:  In my defense, I head to the gym right from work and have my makeup on.  I’m sure there are women side eyeing me, but I didn’t put my makeup on FOR the gym, it’s been on all day, people!

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Busy Beekeeper

Sadly, my biggest issues take place in the in the locker room. Im not a prude, but I really dont want to hold a converstation with anyone with a uncovered vag a few inches from me. Nor should communal towels be used as vag floss. 


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Bumble bee
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Men who will stare at me openly or flirt with me. Some have SEEN me train with my Fiance and STILL try when he goes to work and I finish my session off. Piss off, seriously. 

Overly loud men when they are lifting. Yes, we all can’t help it if we are deadlifting 2x our body weight but still! No need to SCREAM.

Men who think I need a ‘spot’. Go away, I will ASK for a spot when I want one. 

People who won’t work in in the weights section. I always offer people asking me if they want to work in, means I get to have a slightly longer break so I’m not complaining! 

People who talk on their phone REALLY loudly. Seriously, go chat somewhere else, you’re distracting me. 

Not a pet peeve but I find it so hilarious when women wear makeup to the gym. Like a whole face full. Fiance saw a woman spend 30 minutes putting make up on before a spin class, we both giggled about that.  

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