(Closed) Biggest Gym Pet Peeve?

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Helper bee
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People who try and look at my cardio equipment to see what level and speed I am doing. DO YOUR OWN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bumble bee
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People who are clearly not at the gym to work out. There’s one girl who comes to the gym around the same time as me once a week. She puts on makeup BEFORE going to the gym and a ton of perfume (actually sprayed me once, caused me to have a severe allergic reaction so I had to cut my workout short). She wears short, tight shorts and a sports bra and doesn’t touch any equipment for the hour she’s there. She just hangs out by the weights and tries to pick up a guy. It rarely works. There’s also the people who sit on machines and don’t use them, they just sit there and talk on their phones. And then get all mad when you ask them if you can use the machine. 


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Busy bee
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In addition to people picking the machine beside you, I hate it when they keep glancing over to see the speed/time/calories whatever they keep looking! I used to just drape a towel over the settings lol.i hope I’m not the only paranoid one.

i also agree to not wiping sweat, showering in axe before a workout, skimpy workout gear. Org there was this one girl who wasn’t even attractive (so and several of my workout friend agreed) but was a gymnast so she would do handstands and splits in short shorts!! THATS ALL SHE EVER DID. Pretty sure she could just do that at home. Just saying.

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Helper bee

people who carry on with their own conversations while an instructor is trying to teach!  drives me nuts!!

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Busy bee
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OK, I have to admit I am guilty of looking at other people’s machines to see how fast they are going. But it’s out of admiration!

@Lana_Rose:  Agree. I dont know why people consider this a pet peeve anyways. So what if I’m I’m wearing makeup in the gym. I came straight from work! 

My peeve is people who bring all their crap with them on the gym floor–their coats, big bags. It blocks the floor and it’s dangerous. 



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Busy bee
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Well I’m glad that I know just about everybody at my gym because there are a lot of pet peeves!! I always have makeup on at the gym. I’m usually coming from work though, but sometimes I just don’t want to look like death warmed over. I also work out with my fiancé like 3-4 times a week. I never knew that could be a pet peeve lol… I think the only thing that has ever annoyed me is someone trying to talk with me while I worked out. Im usually very out of breath and focused on what I’m doing! 

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Blushing bee
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As a former personal trainer and a current Exercise Physiologist, I have a lot of weird pet peeves.


It bugs me… 

  • When people do ballistic movements and stretches. It’s been shown to be harmful and ineffective at stretching. 3 reps of holding for 30 seconds is proven to increase flexibility. It’s mostly older people I see do this. 


  • When people have small weights and do a bazillion reps. C’mon, increase the weight and do less reps! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! 


  • When people walk briskly on the treadmill with ankle or wrist weights attached. This is actually very harmful for your joints and does very little to intensify the workout. You might as well increase the incline on the treadmill if you want to make a difference. 


  • People who feel the need to grunt loudly or throw the weights.


  • When women only do cardio and workout their abs/core. To increase functional core strength, you’d be much better off doing full body movements such as squats, deadlifts, ot or modified pull-ups. Free weights for bi’s/tri’s/chest/shoulders on a bosu ball would also increase core strength and overall increase your basal metabolic rate (burn more calories when not exercising). PS. I HATEE HATTEE the excuse that women give for not lifting weights: “I don’t want to have man muscles.” Trust me, you’d have to lift a lot of heavy weights consistently for a long time to even remotely resemble a man. Working a muscle group once a week will not make you the Hulk. 


  • Guys who stare. Although, most of the time if they stare too much I usually ask “Can I help you with anything?” They generally stop staring after that. 

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Helper bee
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I CAN’T STAND people who come into the gym and blast their music on their ipod/iphone.  Why can’t you just use headphones? Why do you have to carry your phone around like a mini-boombox?? That is the WORST. 

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