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Yikes…My mom works at an elementary school teacher and rotates on pickup duty.  They have very very very strict instructions to NOT let the children leave with anyone other than the people listed on the approved pickup list (unless the kids ride a bus).

To put blame on a 5 year old seems extremely careless.  “Oh, sorry your 5 year old was taken by someone we did not know.  We completely trusted the 5 year old.”  Uhhh????  Seriously?  This could have easily been prevented, something I know from personal experience.  There was no excuse.

That particular school needs to own up to their flawed system and get it fixed before someone’s child really ends up in the wrong hands.

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You should talk to her teacher, too.  If the teacher is the one who walks her to the bus, this is primarily the teacher’s fault.  The secretary at the front desk has no idea what happens out at the bus lot– she’s not the one you should be complaining to. 

Go talk to the teacher who was in charge of her that day, lay it into her because this is ridiculous, and ask her what happened that afternoon.  If she only has 5 kids under her care, I would either switch teachers or switch schools because what elementary-school teacher can’t handle 5 kids. 

If it was a huge mistake, the teacher is incredibly sorry, etc etc, I could possibly justify keeping my kid there, because everyone has an off-day.  But if your daughter just disappeared into who-knows-where and no one thought to call you?  You could have had a much worse situation on your hands.

(I’ve worked with elementary schoolers and we get EXTENSIVE training on pick-up scenarios and situations.  I’ve had to sit with a student while a grandparent yelled at me because I wouldn’t release the student to their custody because they weren’t on the approved list.  That’s what you do as a teacher.  You don’t let a child go with a stranger or just assume that someone is a grandparent just because they say they are!)

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I’d call the local paper and see if they’ll write a story about what happened. If it happened to your daughter, it can happen to other kids, and next time it might not be a relative who waltzes away without anyone from the school even asking who he is.

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When we were younger, my mom feared that my dad’s unstable sister would try and pick us up from school.  This was back in the 80s so there was little security and such at elementary schools.  We had a special password (like peanutbutterandjelly or something) that only people allowed to pick us up knew (like my gram and godmother)  If the person did not know the password, we were to refuse to go with them, and tell another adult. 

What the school did was EXTREMELY wrong, but this is just an idea.  I don’t have children myself but I remember this clearly from my childhood. 

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something like this happened to someone a know..


they called the mother and told her, her son never showed up to school that day. are you serious ?! turns out he was sitting in class all day. he is in 1st grade. really ?! i understand school has not been in that long. but put yourself in the parents shoes, teacher ! as a student teacher, you know when a kid is missing.

** if i were you i would bitch a fit, just sayin’

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About fifteen years ago, when my SIL was in first grade, a fourth grader convinced her to get off the bus a stop earlier than her own.  The bus driver – the same one she’d had for months and who knew her and where she lived – didn’t stop her.

When my Mother-In-Law went to get her from the bus stop and my SIL wasn’t there, Mother-In-Law nearly had a heart attack.  She hightailed it to the school to figure out where her daughter was…  And fortunately, when she got there, she found my SIL in a car with one of her classmates.  The other girl’s mom saw my SIL at the wrong bus stop and just waiting, and she knew something wasn’t right, so she drove her back to the school.

When my Mother-In-Law demanded to know how SIL was allowed to get off at the wrong stop – after all, she was only six! – the school pulled the same crap and blamed my SIL.

To this day, Mother-In-Law gets worked up if the subject comes up.

I will never understand how schools can possibly pull that sort of BS.

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Oh my goodness.  My daughter would be out of that school so fast.

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@MsPanda:  Please come back to this thread after the investigations and let us know what happens,  I have NOT stopped thinking about this since you posted.  How very, very scary.

Have you switched schools for her yet?

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