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Blushing bee

I think RSVP issues will be the biggest peeves for me.  (I’m not there yet, but I’m preparing for issues because every bride seems to have them.)

As a guest, I hate, HATE when the DJ gives the bride the mic during the bouquet toss so she can call out all of the single ladies who aren’t on the dance floor.  I hate participating in bouquet tosses!  So, I don’tllike having my name announced and being "forced" to do it.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m worried about guests trying to get creative, and not buying stuff off our registry.  Mr. MagPie and I are major foodies, and we’re SO looking forward to starting our kitchen off right.  But, I know some of his family are the types who buy outlet stuff, with no tags or receipts — and to me, that’s a bit rude!

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Buzzing bee
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As a Bride:

People not RSVPing.

Also- people calling constantly with questions instead of just going to the webapage that has all the answers on it!  I worked on it for hours and hours and people just kept calling.

People being totally rude and calling up to ask if they can bring their kid or if I could invite their kid’s SO or whatever.  


As a guest:

The bouquet toss

A bad DJ so everyone sits around looking at each other instead of dancing

Getting seated with total strangers you have nothing in common with (I know how hard the seating arrangements are, but at a college friend’s wedding myself and several other college friends got seated with the bride’s older cousins- we had nothing in common to talk about and it was totally awkward)

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Helper bee

As a guest…my BIGGEST pet peeve would be not having assigned seating.  Even if you give me a table I’m ok…but to have nothing and just have a free for all is tacky, tacky, tacky and I will stand by that statement with my head held high.

Girls…take a moment and assign a seat!!!!!

(can you tell I’m passionate about this one?)

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Sugar bee
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as a guest, I have a few:

– Long time between the ceremony and reception, all dressed up, with nothing to do (especially when I am an Out of Town guest). 

-Bouquet toss, which I think makes the single girls feel awful (unless they are 22!) and the garter thing, which I think is just inappropriate

-Not having a way to get from reception back to the hotel (taxis, shuttle) – I don’t drink and drive, ever! Once we almost got stranded at a reception because the taxi service wouldn’t pick up their phone!

-Weddings that I can’t go to without paying a ton of $$$$ for transportation or hotel.

as a bride, I can’t really think of any!!!

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Helper bee

@ Deviled Egg – I agree on the microphone thing, but try being the bride in that situation and having not. one. of your friends make a move to come up on stage.  Yeah…it feels pretty crappy.

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Helper bee
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As a bride: So far RSVP were the only pain in my arse. Seriously out of 50 invites, I might have recieved 27 RSVPs back. And most of the culprits were Mr. Sushi’s family and my friends. Thanks guys (sarcastic tone).

As a guest: The bouquet toss. ’nuff said.

As a bridesmaid: Being told what you can and cannot do (like cutting your hair, etc.). I like being able to sit by my SO instead of a head table.

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Busy bee
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It isn’t a pet peeve, but I don’t care for the garter toss.

As a bride, I don’t have too many yet, except when people tell me my wedding will be too expensive so they aren’t getting me a gift. If they don’t want to get a gift, that’s fine, but it kind of stresses me out when people make comments like that. No matter where we chose the location, people would have to travel, so we chose a more central location and picked a destination town, so people would not just enjoy the wedding, but the place itself. We even chose the off season to get guests better deals at hotels.

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Blushing bee
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Definitely no RSVP’s and wedding crashers. We had this couple (my Father In-law knew them mind you but not well enough to invite) show up with another couple. I went to each table and thanked everyone for coming and said hi to everyone and I got to them and introduced myself and they said oh well we came with Mr. and Mrs ________ I promise we are not wedding crashers….Yum yes you are!!!! They brought a gift and that really confirmed they were not invited when we went to address their thank you and did not have their name or  address on our invitation spreadsheet.


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Helper bee
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I am 3 and a half months until the wedding, but I am already anticipating the frustration of rsvp’s — mainly caused by my family.  I don’t think they get the importance.  Before another family member’s wedding a couple of years ago, an aunt and my mom were talking about rsvps and my aunt said to her that no one pays attention to those.  Uh, yeah, they do!!  I just know people will rsvp and then decide the day of that they just don’t feel like coming. Or they will rsvp and not realize that the invitation is just for them and not all their kids and kids SOs. 

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Worker bee
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I’m in the beginning stages of planning, but one ting I find annoying is people who don’t give two hoots about us saying "i’m invited, right?".

The only thing that I have found slightly annoying at other weddings is too much time between ceremony and reception.

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Blushing bee

as a guest:

1. little kids screaming and interrupting the ceremony and their parents not doing anything to stop them

2. cash bars without notice that it’ll be a cash bar.  I’ve only been to one wedding that had a cash bar and no they didn’t tel us ahead of time.

3. a big gap between the ceremony and the reception.


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

RSVPing is a big issue- come if you say you are, and don’t come if you don’t reply !

I hate when weddings are unorganized. I went to a wedding last summer that was just one big unorganized mess- no one knew what was going on and we all just kind of followed the other persons lead. The wedding planner was WAY pregnant and not doing her job at all.

Also, it bothers me when you choose your entree, and they dont give an option for the children- then serve the kids something that they wont eat. Give me an option so I know if I need to buy him something else!- a wedding I went to had macaroni and chicken fingers for kids- which would have been fine if my child was remotely normal, but he doesn’t like fried foods or macoroni.

I find DJ’s to be, in general, annoying and is the reason I’ve chosen not to have one

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Busy bee
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I completely forgot about RSVP’s! I am very stressed about this already. My aunt’s family is known to RSVP yes and not show up. She was invited to a family wedding and RSVP’d for 10 and they didn’t show up! At $100 a plate, I felt so bad for the bride nd grom, that ws an extra $1,000.00 they could have saved, if they just said no thanks.

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