bikini wax?

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Yup, I have waxed a lot.  Depending on where you are in your cycle makes a difference to pain.  I personally would not want to to it myself, as I think they are more able to get everything, but I don’t think the pain is that extreme.  Waxing my shins hurt more, imo.

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I much prefer waxing, but I would never do the bikini/brazilian myself; it is just too hard to see. It really isn’t nearly as bad as you might think to have someone else do it. The pain is not too bad, although it is worse on the first time. Each time after that is better because the root of the hair is smaller and doesn’t hold on as strongly. Additionally, the hair comes back much finer and softer for me with none of the itch I get from shaving.

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I used to get bikini waxes. I think it’s definitely worth going to a beautician, I tried to do it myself and it was SO hard to make myself rip it off! Also I found wax strips didn’t work so well and liquid wax got everywhere and stuck to everything. Maybe I’m just unco lol. It does really hurt at first but I found getting my legs done was actually more painful. Remember the beautician has seen EVERYTHING before, and for a bikini wax if you wear skimpy undies you don’t even have to take them right off. 

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Busy bee

Imo, it’s absolutely worth waxing. The first time will hurt. It’s not a pain I could compare to anything else. The first time I ever waxed anything, it was girly bits. Despite the pain I kept going back! I now have done laser hair removal & would highly recommend it!!!

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I get Brazilians and I don’t find them painful. I never have, even the first time. 

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Brazilian waxer here. Get it done at a salon (look for a place that uses hard wax as it is far less painful). and once you go regularly, the hair will grow in finer and process will hurt less.

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I tried giving myself a brazilian not once, but twice! Sucker for punishment I guess. Now I go to the salon where it is much less painful and much easier! The first time I went to a salon (several years after the DIY experiment gone wrong) it hurt like a mother effer! Subsequent times back have been much easier and less painful. If you’re going to go to the salon, I would commit and go back and get maintenance waxes done at the timeline they recommend, at least at first. 

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You get used to it – get it professionally done, I feel like it would be super painful to do it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing and the professionals know the right angle to pull the hair at. Even professional waxers get other people to do it for them.

Sugaring is easier on the skin and doesn’t hurt as bad.

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Helper bee

I get Brazilian waxes. After getting one you will never want to shave again. Yeah, they hurt some, but it’s. It the worst thing ever. I personally would never attempt to wax myself. 

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aybeecee :  I used to get it done in my younger days but stopped because salon waxing got expensive. I then shaved for a years. I somehow got in my head to grow it back enough to wax it at home myself.

Absolute f*cking disaster! I got wax everywhere and I mean everywhere. I then unknowingly sat on my bathroom floor that had fallen globs of wax that decided to reform and adhere with the wax that had unknowingly dripped around my arse crack region during my attempt to give myself a Brazilian. Let’s just say that an Almighty roar occurred when I tried to stand up off the floor. My sister came running after all the screaming and cursing. She was in tears of laughter I was in tears of pain….

Ironically we’ve had a few disasters with wax in our family. My sister used to heat the tubs in a pot on water on the stove as per instructions if you didn’t have a microwave. She forgot about it and all the water evaporated in the pot. It resulted in an almighty bang and burnt plastic and wax on the kitchen roof! We have also accidentally waxed off half an eyebrow a few times in our family too!! Leave waxing to the professionals is my personal recommendation! ūüėČ

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Helper bee

I used to get Brazilian waxes but I’ve since moved countries so I’ve let it go for a bit.

My tip is to get recommendations for places Рthe place/girl that does it makes a huge difference. I once went to a place that is a chain place specifically advertising for Brazilian waxes and it was horrible РI told them it was bad and they gave me a different girl the following time and it was horrendous again. 

I then went to a place that had many positive reviews on Google¬†and it was great. The owner of the place told me that the interview process is basically to give her a wax and if she finds it painful then she doesn’t hire the girl.¬†

So ask around, google etc. find a good place for your first time Рthe feeling afterwards is great. 

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Definitely get it done at a beauty salon. They’ve seen it all before and know what they’re doing. I don’t find it terribly painful.

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If you have a European Wax Center near you I recommend them. It’s painful but their wax doesn’t stick to your skin so it’s as painless as it can be.¬†

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