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    My cousin did it and it made her physically ill. Her doctor told her to stop going. She’s only 35!

    I think i might want to take a nap if i laid on a mat in a hot room…and daydream about a margarita and the beach =]

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    I did it once and at first thought, ok this is cool.  Then ten or fifteen minutes into it I was looking at the clock on the wall every chance I could counting down to when it was over!  I never went back!

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    Apparently it takes 3 sessions to get over the “omg this is going to kill me,” but I never made it that far.

    I really think the heat is a gimmick. Tons of people disagree with me, but being hot does not make you burn fat. It just makes you sweat, but you rehydrate afterward so that’s pretty much a zero sum scenario.

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    I agree with the posters above. Hot yoga is a western invention. It gives u an illusion of losing weight when you’re simply dehydrated. It also gives you an illusion of over-flexibility when that could endanger bodily injury. That being said, if you happen to find it enjoyable, that’s great, too. Everybody’s body is different.

    I have heard that bikram is not as good as regular yoga in the following ways. First, it does not train your body to heat up on its own. High metabolism burns heat which warms up the body and that’s what you want to train your body to do. It is also very limited in the number of poses you can practice. So you will not be getting the full range of motion/exercise that your body needs to experience.

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    I personally love it. It does take a little bit to get used to, but just make sure you hydrate a lot before and during. It doesn’t hurt to take breaks every once in a while, either, if you have to leave the room or sit down. Once you get used to the heat, though, it is such a relaxing experience. I always leave without a care in the world, and feel great about myself.

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    First, I love Bikram or any kind of hot yoga. When I don’t go for awhile I crave the heat. 

    Second, as a yoga teacher let me give some tips about the class. I did my teacher training in a style similar to Bikram and have been practicing for 7 years.

    -Yes, hot yoga will dehydrate you if you do not take the right measures. You should drink appx. 1 liter of water before class, during class and after class to prevent dehydration. 

    -If you are just starting take it easy! Don’t be afraid to sit on your mat, and take slow deep breaths. Then jump right back in! 

    -Don’t push past your flexibility, go only as far as you feel comfortable.

    -As with any exercise program, it should not be used as the primary means of weight loss. Combined with nutrition, you will see results. 

    -Hot yoga does not just make you lose water weight, you are burning a lot of calories per class. There are many factors that determine how many calories you burn (age, weight, how long you have been practicing, etc) but you can burn between 400-800 calories/class.

    There are so many more benefits to hot yoga (and yoga) other than weight loss though! I hope you adn your mom enjoy the classes!

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    I LOVE hot yoga, but I don’t do Bikram (I do Vinyasa flow).  I’ve heard that at Bikram classes you always do the same exact set of poses for the same exact length of time.  That sounds boring to me.  I can do a yoga video at home and to the same poses each time.  I like going to my hot Vinyasa flow class b/c the teachers mix things up, and I don’t get bored. 

    Oh… and take it easy the first time you go.  Your body won’t be used to the heat.  I almost keeled over in my first class.

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    I’ve never tried Bikram, but one of my friends does it and she swears by it. Another friend said she couldn’t take the heat and she couldn’t breathe, she says it felt like a plastic bag was put over her head as soon as she entered the room.

    The kind of yoga I’m doing is Moksha which is also heated, but the temperature is not as high as with Bikram. I personally love heated yoga as opposed to non-heated (I used to take Ashtanga before.) I find the heat soothing and it makes you sweat faster which helps to flush out the toxins from your body. Heated yoga is also more gentle because the heat makes your muscles more flexible and therefore prone to injury if treated aggressively. So to prevent injury the poses are a little more gentle than the ones for non-heated yoga.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy Bikram, but if you find that the heat is too much you should give Moksha a try. I hear it’s an easier version of Bikram.

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    @skibobrown, a lot of people find the same series of postures boring, but that is one of the great things about yoga…there are so many different types of yoga, everyone can find one that they like! 

    RE: The same series of postures, I (like many others) find this to be meditative. It also allows you to fully explore the posture and advance a little bit faster. 

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    I LOVE Bikram, especially in the winter. 

    For beginners, I recommend bringing a HUGE bottle of water, avoiding caffeine prior to attending, and wear loose, comfy clothes.  Also, try and see if you can find a place that heats the room gradually.  My gym starts at about 95 degrees and it gets up to 105 at the middle of the class.  This is not as hot as a lot of bikram yoga studios, but it works well for a beginner like me.

    You will leave feeling refreshed and incredibly flexible. 🙂

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    @beachbrideamy, how did I forget to tell people to avoid caffeine? That really does help! Also, avoid eating for 3-4hours before class.

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    Ok, I’m slightly biased because I’m a certified Bikram teacher, but I just had to jump in and respond to the post!  Ms. Caniche, I hope you have a great time tonight — the advice has been good…as long as you are hydrated and have an empty stomach you should be fine!

    Bikram takes a little bit of time to get used to, but there are so many things that I have come to love about it.  Because the poses are always the same (same order, approximately the same length) the class turns into a meditation after a while.  You can go, let your mind relax, and enjoy your yoga.

    Make sure you breathe in class tonight — as long as you can breathe in and out through your nose you will be just fine…if you find yourself breathing through the mouth your lungs get deprived and you may feel panicky.  Take breaks as often as you need (and always focus on your breathing!). 

    I hope you have a wonderful time in class — keep us updated!! 🙂

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