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The primary goal of a Bikram practice is not weight loss, but that said, any time you are moving and working out in a 105 degree room, your heart rate is going to rise and your body is going to sweat and work. Bikram builds muscle and flexibility and balance, all of which help you to look slimmer and more poised. It’s great for your posture for all those wedding portraits.

If you’re looking for more of a workout that still incorporates hot yoga, look for a studio near you that offers hot vinyasa or Hot Core Power classes. Both involve more flow, and thus more cardiovascular work ends up happening. 

I’d say that if you want to see real results with Bikram, practicing 2-3 times a week is a must. If you have any other questions about it, feel free to PM me!

I hope that helps! Good luck!

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Keggerssk, I have been reading a lot on how to break a plateau because I seem to be having the same problem.

I liked this website http://www.nowloss.com/weight-loss-plan-to-lose-your-last-10-pounds.htm

This website has a lot of good tips on breaking a plateau by doing high intensity interval training. I started some of their workouts 3 days ago and I really like it so far. The cardio training is relatively short but it is really high intensity.

 Good luck !

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If you’re already relatively fit, Bikram isn’t really effective for weight loss, but it DOES affect tone and leanness a ridiculous amount. I had a friend who lost only three pounds over the summer before her wedding doing Bikram yoga at least once a day, but she had to have her dress taken in several times because she lost MAJOR INCHES (waist, hips, etc) in the two months before her wedding (don’t know the exact measurements). She LOOKED like she had lost ten pounds because her body had changed – leaner,  more toned, trim waist. If you think about it, this makes sense. You’re toning and strength/body conditioning (plus whatever cardio benefit you get from the heat) an hour and a half each time you go, so you’re bound to build muscle, only you’re not bulking outwards, you’re bulking inwards like you do when you practice pilates properly.

Also for what it’s worth, there was a time when I did bikram yoga religiously for about two months, and while i didn’t lose very much weight, i noticed a different fit in my clothes (in a good way). I would agree with driftslikesmoke in that you should be practicing at least 3 times a week to see such results, though.

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Bikram Yoga is intense. I do yoga 3 times a week & I’ve only tried Bikram once. I didn’t know what to expect & to me yoga is supposed to be my cool down/relaxing time! I sweat more in that class than I ever have on a treadmill. lol

I find yoga in general helps with core strength & mental health… not too effective in weightloss. My suggestion to get over that pesky plateau would be to shock your system. Have you ever tried a spinning class? Or hop on the elliptical and get up to 200 strides per minute pushing only with your legs (don’t bounce your upper body!). Your body essentially needs a kick in the pants to get moving & burning again.

Don’t get discouraged by a plateau. Look for other positive changes you’ve made & keep on pushing!!

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I was going to suggest hot vinyasa as well.  I <3 it.  But, my suggestion is to stay to the outer corners of the room, or where ever the heat lamps aren’t.  Being directly under one is not for the weak (it’s only for the super human).

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I gained 15 pounds this summer when I did a 30 day challenge with Bikram Yoga…but I was probably borderline underweight at the time. You CAN lose weight with Bikram, but I think that is more if you are overweight. I built up a lot of muscle mass and inevitably bulked up a bit. I totally recommend it as a long term part of your fitness program, though. I can do things physically now that I would have never thought I could do when I began. My body may be bigger, but I’m more comfortable with it, too.

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btw i like being under the heater in class. After ten minutes the hot air doesn’t feel any worse than any other part of the room…it’s just air circulation. Sometimes it actually feels cool…

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dont mean to threadjack here, but what do you wear to bikram yoga? my Fiance got my 10 sessions as an early v-day gift, and i have no idea what sort of thing to wear? just my baggy gym clothes? is it appropriate to wear a sports bra and yoga pants?

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nonono! not baggy clothes! yoga shorts and a sports bra is perfect. Baggy clothes will weigh you down (they’ll be soaked in sweat), make it difficult for you to do the poses, plus it’s important to be able to stare at your knee in the mirror (you’ll see when you get there).

I was a little embarassed about being in short shorts at first, but I quickly realized that nobody is paying any attention to what other people in class are doing…and there are all body types in a Bikram yoga class. good luck! no matter how the first class goes, plow through those ten classes!

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I signed up for bikram yoga last month, also to try to lose weight since I;m not great with sticking to a diet. I’m trying to lose 5-10 pounds or just tone up. I’v etried it befre but not on a regular basis.

So far I havent noticed a lot of weight loss. I;ve been going 2-4 times a week, so maybe I am not doing it often enough. But I did notice that my stomache is flatter,my skin is better, I sleep better and my back pain is much better now. So I defientely reccomend it for wellness.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on whether you really lose weight with it. One of the people who work at my yoga studio told me he lost 40 lbs doing bikram for 3 months. I havent noticed much change on my scale but he also seemed overweight, so maybe it makes a bigger difference if you are totally out of shape. I range from 125-130lbs at 5’6… I’d like to be 118-120 for my wedding but would really like to tone up my arms and back. (which are what shows most in your wedding dress) so maybe lifting some light weigths would be better?

The pros of bikram: better skin, better sleep, better posture and alleviates back pain if you have it. And I think moderate weight loss depending on how often you go

The cons: It’s expensive, very time consuming, and smelly rooms (all bikram yoga studios are carpeted) so if you dont like sweat, other peoples body odor its not for you….

Some tips:

Dont eat before class, it will make you nauseaus.

Drink a liter of water and hr before (not right before)

Go early to get a good spot, if you are not used to teh heat stay near the door.

Do not eat stinky food before, try to eat clean (the food smell can literally come trhough your pores and your neighbors will definetely notice)

Make sure to drink water afterwards and before. because you can get very dehydrated. I noticed I got constipated when I first started doing bikram and my skin got really dry because I wasnt drinking enough water.

I fell off the wagon this week, but will try to go at least 4X a week from now on… I’ll keep you posted on whether it makes a difference….



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