(Closed) Bills, bills, bills! How much did yours go up?

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Helper bee
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I dont have much advice on that because we’ve lived together since college, but I just wanted to say that Darling Husband came over to my vehicle insurance company and came on my plan because it was cheaper for him. They gave us all of the discounts before we were married, so you could possibly be saving money right now if you go on his plan before you’re married! (We have State Farm, other companies may vary though im sure!)


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Sugar Beekeeper
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They went down. We got to combine health insurance on our cheapest plan (mine) and our auto insurance went down (because we were married).


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Honey bee

I think ours went down because we lived together and I was added to his insurance instead of buying my own. Also, we were able to pay down some debt.

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Bee Keeper
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@Galang_Gyal:  “When you moved in with your FI or Darling Husband was there a big spike in your variable expenses, a medium increase, or was it barely noticeable?”


Warning – I’m going to geek out majorly here.  I’ve been tracking my expenses for ages – including when I was single and living in my own home.  My MISC category is what I think you’re calling variable expenses (does not include car, health, clothes).  It’s more like pet food, house stuff, toys, tickets, etc.  I’ll do food below.




The first table is of me living alone/single.  NOTE I was a student and I had 75% reduced income so I really held back on my spending depsite owning a home.


Timeframe          Yearly Misc      Misc/Month AVG
 April-Dec     2008     $4,222.59      $527.82
 Jan-Dec     2009     $5,126.70      $427.23
 Jan-Dec     2010     $7,409.81      $617.48
 Jan-Oct     2011     $4,192.77      $419.28


Then these are the months where H and I had merged money because I moved in with him.  So it did not quite double as one would expect for two people.  Last month we had a few very big purchases (like two pairs of skis), but that is not normal and they were one time things.


 Timeframe          Yearly Misc      Misc/Month AVG
 Nov-Dec     2011     $1,791.65      $895.83
 Jan-Dec     2012     $13,022.75      $1,085.23
 Jan-Mar     2013     $7,225.91      $2,408.64




Now food really went up, more than double:


Single days food totals (although I fed H quite a few dinners while dating!)


 Timeframe          Yearly Food     Misc/Month AVG
 April-Dec     2008     $3,020.40      $377.55
 Jan-Dec     2009     $3,944.45      $328.70
 Jan-Dec     2010     $4,161.24      $346.77
 Jan-Oct     2011     $3,401      $340.10


And now our new food costs as a couple:


 Timeframe          Yearly Food     Misc/Month AVG
 Nov-Dec     2011     $1,458.80      $729.40
 Jan-Dec     2012     $11,150.35      $929.20
 Jan-Mar     2013     $3,224.07      $1,074.69




That is because together, and with me back to full time salary, we have more disponable income for alcohol and eating out.




Geeky enough for you?

We did save hundreds a year on auto insurance once we got on the same plan.


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Bee Keeper
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@Galang_Gyal:  Once I moved in, I would say our utilities, gas, electricity, water, cable, internet were the same as when he was living alone.  He did not see an increase.  If anything maybe slightly higher in the gas bill because the showers doubled and more laundry to do with hot water?  But not in heat, we’re similar with our temperatures.


The water bill did not increase beause they do it by categories and the normal usage category is a wide range.  You’d have to water your lawn every day with your hose to really make it go up to the next bracket. 






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Worker bee
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When my fiance moved in I didn’t really notice a difference in any of the bills. We work the same hours so as far as electricity goes – he didn’t really add anything. Water maybe went up a couple bucks but nothing noticable. Cable went up slightly because we added a DVR to the bedroom, but if you don’t plan on making any changes it would obviously stay the same.

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Bee Keeper
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All of the utilities went up but not a fortune.  Water went from $20 to $35.  We don’t pay sewer now like we did before.  Gas and electric went up substantially since we went from an old apartment to a 2 story sightly newer home.  Gas is higher in the winter and electric higher in the summer.  Comvast went up because I insited on having a landline.

With our auto policies, we are still separate.  They went up slightly when we moved back into the city.  I have an open not at fault claim still being settled after a year!  Once that gets fixed up we will look into adding me to his.  We have our homeowners on his policy because my company wouldn’t insure flat roofs.  It will likely drop a bit with adding me.

What went up the most was groceries,  We easily spend $300/month.


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Helper bee
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We bought our house (and have been living together) for almost 4 months now. I feel like it is still pretty even. With both of our incomes combined we are a lot more comfortable money wise than we were living apart. I think some things, in essence, went down while others went up.


For example:


I was used to my electric bill being about $100-130 in the winter. Ours hasn’t been over $100 since we moved in and if we are splitting things equally, it technically went down for me.


Neither of us had gas prior to the house. That was an added cost.


Our mortgage, split in half for explanation’s sake, is less than what we were paying for rent combined.


I added him to my cell phone plan since I get a 23% discount through work. We saved money that way.


He added me to his auto insurance, saving a TON of money.

We have a well, so no water bill. We have a septic tank, so no sewer bill. Trash is only about $15/mo.


My grocery budget went from like $200 a month for me and my son, to AT LEAST $450-600 per month with all of us (granted I am cooking a lot more now and we aren’t eating out as much).


I think it all pretty much evened out but I definitely feel like we have more money to do things now than we did when we first started dating!


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Honey bee
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We have lived together for 7 years so I know none of our living expenses are going to increase. I am expecting better car insurance rates and health care too (he’ll be on mine, which is a better plan and MUCH cheaper)

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