Biological clock ticking? When did you notice it?

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Sugar bee

I have never had a moment like that lol. I am 31 so intellectually I know it is ticking but I’ve never felt any kind of physiological evidence of that. I do want kids but that’s a decision in my head…has nothing to do with my aging body if that makes sense. I have friends that say when they got into their late 20s they would suddenly feel their “ovaries ache” with desire to have kids, and I’ve never experienced anything like that.

We’re getting married in May and will probably start trying about a year from now.

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nyebridemd : I started to have maternal feelings at about 28, was aware of my clock ticking at 32, started trying at 33. All a bit later than I ideally wanted but that’s life I guess, I just went with it. 

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I was ready for kids a few years ago, but we have hectic lives and DH wasn’t quite ready. Finally when I was a couple months shy of 31 I basically had a “come to Jesus” talk with DH. My clock was really ticking at that point, and like a typical guy he was just oblivious to how long it can actually take (he figured you just have sex and BOOM…pregnant). We started TTC the next month. I’m turning 32 this year and it’s just getting worse since we haven’t gotten pregnant.

Knowing what I know now….I would have pushed the talk earlier with DH. I’m not normally a proponant for people having kids before they are ready but hindsight is 20/20 because no one ever thinks they’ll have problems getting pregnant….until they do.

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Buzzing bee

I got pregnant in december on our honeymoon (unplanned). When I found out I had an “oh f**k” moment because I didn’t feel like it was the right time. That pregnancy ended up being ectopic and I had emergency surgery and lost one of my fallopian tubes.

Since then I have started hearing my biological clock ticking like crazy. I think it has something to do with being told it could be harder for us to conveive now, and if i had another ectopic we would have to go the IVF route. I turn 31 in 6 weeks and we’ve decided to TTC next cycle.

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Bumble bee

From about 22 I felt an overwhelming need for children. Im late 20s now and its only increased from there. It always felt internal but from the same time I noticed my body physically aging and it takes me longer to recover from aches and illnesses so that definitely reminds me of my age. I worked in daycare until recently and I have severe back pain from it that I didnt have in my early 20s. Its definitely a job that gets harder the older you get, and that makes me realise that I should have children sooner rather than later. 

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nyebridemd :  It didn’t feel like a ticking clock, but I started to feel more ready for kids when I was about 28, I guess? But we didn’t want to start trying for several more years- I still had lots of things I wanted to do before having kids. We started trying a few months before I turned 32 and I had my first baby that next year (when I was 32). It was great timing for us and I have no regrets. I’m 35 now and pregnant with our second, due in May.

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nyebridemd :  

My biological clock hit me on the head at 27.5-28y.o. when I had the worst baby fever i can imagine… but we were not ready as we had just met (a week before I turned 27) and Inunderstood that we need to get serious first and i wanted to get married but my body was screaming at me “here is a male who can father your children” damn those pheromones… everything about him was driving me nuts.. my ovaries were crying.. oh it was so bad. 

I am turning 32 in May. We are getting married in June. We plan to TTC sometime by summer 2018.. so basically when I am 33. Baby fever comes and goes in waves but it never get so bad like it was. I think what happened then was I finally found who I was looking for, I was crazy in love, I still had rose coloured glasses on and I was 27 already and my clock was like –> BABY! NOW! 

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In my early twenties. I got accidentally pregnant at 26, a month into a relationship (still together three years later and getting married next month!) and it was briefly terrifying because it was so sudden, but we knew we wanted to be together so our fear turned to excitement. Unfortunately it was ectopic. But we started actually trying shortly after. No success so far unfortunatey – we had a miscarriage and another ectopic. 

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Busy bee

I was never concerned that my lifestyle might interfere with a baby. I was somewhat concerned about my age – I was 36 when we first tried and had my lo at 37 – but all was good.

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Helper bee
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My feelings are probably the opposite–I’m logically planning and preparing for a baby, but emotionally it still feels really far off. We’re deciding when to start TTC (I’m currently 32), and I keep having to argue between my emotions (which want more kidfree married life before trying) and my logic (which looks at how fertility changes with age).

DH, on the other hand, may have the world’s loudest biological clock. Practically any picture of a kid, even a teenager on a TV show, makes him start talking about how he can’t wait until we have a kid of our own. I had a pregnancy scare before we were together but after he had feelings for me, and it seems like that’s when all of his paternal instincts kicked in about wanting to have a baby with me, even if it wasn’t biologically his. He was 29 at the time.

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Mine comes and goes, lol.

Whenever I disccover I can’t do anything a young person “should” be able to do I think well, I’ve lived enough it’s time to procreate because I won’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. (This happened when I was traveling Europe and discovered I get violently sea sick and I was devastated I couldn’t do a lot of the activities on water.) I’m a very active person and I like to constantly be doing things and whenever I encounter something geared towards children I want to do I get this desire to have a Mini Me to take with me. (I saw Beauty and the Beast with my BFF’s kid and I wish I had mine own because I would have dressed up in costume and stuff, lol.)

It goes whenever I feel like I can’t afford something. My car is being funny and I think nope! Can’t have a baby until I get a new car because I refuse to lug a kid on the bus. Or when I see a house we can’t afford. Or when I see realtively young women (25 and under) with children who aren’t done living and they drag their kid with him to do their thing or just leave them at home. I know TONS of women who have acctivities 5-7 evenings/per week outside of the home and not child related and I wonder WTF they’re doing with their children, lol. 

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nyebridemd :  Mine didn’t start ticking until after we started trying for our second one.  And I’m not even that old!  But I was afraid if it took too long for baby #2, then I’d be too old for baby #3 and that our children would be too spread apart.  And on top of that my husband is 8 years older than me, so I think that’s what made me feel like my clock was ticking because he was older.

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Bumble bee
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Probably at about 34 I became conscious of there not being unlimited time left, but it wasn’t a desperation at all as I was enjoying life. I am expecting my first at 41, and we tried for 4 months, immediately after getting married last year. Ideally I would have liked to try at about 35 or 36 but life didn’t work out that way. I’m very happy with how everything worked out. I find it strange to hear women in their late 20s feeling old already. I just don’t relate to that at all. My only concern is that we might not be able to have a second, but I think optimism is the way to go. 🙂

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