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Question 1: I swtiched over at 24 weeks to my Midwife for my homebirth. Most midwives will do whatever testing you want, they just won’t tell you that you NEED to get things done. They are much more hands-off, which I love.


Question 2: You have to call your insurance. My Midwife is considered an equal to an OBGYN, so I do not go to any appointments other than with her. And trust me, most OBGYNs are not huge fans of homebirths so do not expect them to be happy about your choice.


When I switched over, my OBGYN gave me a huge hassel and tried to put fear in me about having a baby outside of a hospital.


So my advice is: Know what you want, and stand firm in that decision. Don’t let anyone try and scare you.

Also, you’re going to want to be comfortable with your Midwife & she is going to want to be comfortable with you. Birthing in a hospital is completely different than birthing at home. I would not suggest going to Prenatal appointments with an OBGYN (trainded for hospital births) and then switching last minute to birth at home with a Midwife. & I’m not even sure a Midwife would be comfortable doing that.

Question 3: For all prenatal visits (not including tests), the birth, and appointments after the birth, my Midwife costs $4,200.  Now, you will notice with a Midwife that visits are MUCH different than an OBGYN.  My visits with the Midwife run about 45 minutes long each… we talk about a lot more than OBGYNs, and although she is more hands-off, she is definitely more involved in the pregnancy as a whole. 


My Insurance is covering the whole thing. I did have to send in a bunch of paperwork, but my Midwife had it all set up- all I had to do is mail it.


I also have a doula- her fees are seperate, and most Midwives will suggest having a doula. She costs $550, but Insurance is also paying that.


Independent Health has been great as far as natural birth


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@tampalove35:  Your insurance legally has to have something as in service and I believe it has to be within like 10 miles from your home address (in NY anyways). But you can look up your state laws! 

& about switching, I would just make sure to interview some people over the phone prior to moving and explain to them the situation.

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Question 1: How early in your pregnancy did you decide to go your route?? In my situation, I live right next to my current doctors office so appointments are easy to make with them. I would also like to do genetic testing before moving forward. Do midwives perform genetic testing??

We decided very early that we wanted home or birth center (preferably home) and went with a midwife within walking distance of our home in Seattle, WA. We interviewed the midwifery practice with the intent to interview others if needed, but we were impressed with their experience and professionalism, plus we are lazy, so it was an easy choice.

I would imagine that you can attend your early visits at your GP and switch at a later date. Switching is not uncommon, for moving or for personal preferences, but it can be a pain in the ass. With all these questions, the best thing is to call your insurance and just ask.

Our midwife did not perform genetic testing themselves, but referred us to a clinic about 20 miles away. The reason for this is that the midwifery practice doesn’t have an ultrasound machine (our only woe-is-me). But, for a normal pregnancy, our insurance only covers 2 ultrasounds anyway. One at 13 weeks or prior, and one at 20 weeks for anatomy scan.

We had our 13 week NT and combined screen done by a very capable clinic that specializes in high-risk pregnancies and genetic counseling. My pregnancy is low-risk, but I felt that they gave us TONS of info and were very thorough reviewing results because of their practice. Insurance covers this referral for testing.

Question 2: Can I attend regular appointments at my clinic, and birth at home with a midwife? Or will insurance not allow that??..

Definitely ask your insurance. My guess is probably not, because the midwife won’t be your primary care provider. Does your clinic even cover full pregnancy support? It might be something that they refer out anyway.

Question 3: Did your insurance cover your homebirth/center birth? Either way, how much out of pocket did you pay?  

Yes, our insurance covers a midwife and a home birth the same as they would cover an OB and a hospital birth. They specify that they cover a pregnancy health provider, and a midwife is one of the specialties covered by that umbrella. In general, home and birth center births cost insurance far less than hospital births (we all know how hospitals love to bill things). We have seen estimated out-of-pocket costs, which I can’t remember off the top of my head, but they weren’t horrendous. If it’s like most other things, which I believe it is, our insurance will cover 85% after our yearly $250 copay. We’ll probably pay the rest out of our HSA.

These are all questions that should be able to be answered by someone at your insurance provider in 100% certainly, either with a phone call, or perhaps just looking at the coverage documents on their website. That’s where I found the information for our provider, Uniform Medical.

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