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I prefer to take the pill everyday.  It can become a hassle if you tend to forget to take them, though.

The shot makes you have a period, what, one to three times a year?  That cannot be healthy.  Your body is supposed to get rid of your excess every month.  What happens to all that stuff if it doesn’t come out every single month?? 

Don’t know much about the patch, and I don’t like the idea of vaginal contraceptive.  Looking at them doesn’t fill me with confidence that it’ll keep out the little swimmers.

So I take the pill.  If you go down to your local health clinic, you can get them for free. My clinic gives Ortho Try something, but yours may carry something different.  Just remember to take them everyday!

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I also like the pill, it is great to be able to control having the period, so if there is an event coming up or something i can skip the sugar pills and not have to worry about my period. it is also highly effective if taken properly, just remember to take it around the same time each day!

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I am currently using implanon. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a match sized plastic rod they put in your arm. I like it because I really dont have to think about taking it everyday. Also, its good for 3 years and I also only have a period about once or twice a year. And thats because it works by keeping the lining in your uterus from building up, thus, less periods. 


It will not be good, obviously, if you are planning on having a child in that time. Although, they say you can take it out and you will be fertile again within a week.


Lastly, I have zero side effects and I havent really heard of anyone else having any either. Even though it is the same type of BC as Depo, there is no weight gain. 

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I just stopped using the NuvaRing after about 6 months bc we plan to TTC as soon as we get married in Oct. I LOVED it! The first month was quite rough…I was very hormonal, cried for no reason, didn’t have a lot of energy, mood swings, and spotted/bled nearly the entire month, but after that it was AMAZING!! I didnt have to remember to take the pill everyday and neither myself nor Fiance could feel it.

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I love NuvaRing.  I have literally never had any problems with it. I have been on it about 2.5 years now. It has made my periods much lighter (read: a lot less cramps) and more manageable. Highly recommended.

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I really liked the Nuvaring for a while until the side effects started to get worse for me.  Now I use Mirena and I really like it also.  It’s most cost effective for the long run and I don’t have to think about it at all.

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I’ve used pills since becoming sexually active.  At this point, I’ve been on them for over 5 years and have found they work well for me.

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We use both condoms and I’m on BC. I like having one as a back up in case something happens with the other. Case and point, the other night we were doing stuff and the condom came off inside me. I was so happy I was on BC too at that moment. haha

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The NuvaRing is tops for me… I also like that I can manipulate it so I don’t have a period if/when I don’t want to. It’s also a great thing to not have to worry about taking every day. When it comes to not having a period every month, it’s fine. I’m thinking undertheplanets might not really remember that part of bio class, but the lining stops building up if you continue to stay on bc (that’s why people who are on the shot or the seasonal pill don’t have floods 4 times a year, they have normal periods, just fewer of them). I’ve also heard great things about the implant! It seems like every woman has to find what has the lowest side effects with the maximum comfort for her.

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I’m on the pill and I couldn’t be happier. I considered other methods but I’m not comfortable with mirena’s side effects, I’ve heard of very bad experiences with implanon, I’m not pinching myself with to get the shot, I don’t feel comfortable with how NuvaRing is used and I don’t trust the patchs to stay on my skin.

I’m not the kind of person who forgets the pill, and the one I’m using has had zero side effects from the 2nd month forward, I like knowing exactly when my period’s coming and I get a lighter flow and less cramps.

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If you don’t want to use anything hormonal then use condoms. They are not terribly fun but they arent bad either. Make sure to use them before and the whole time or they dont work, obviously.


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