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posted 9 years ago in Intimacy
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    @aunt pol: Haha so true!  I don’t know if I’m having problems because I’m older or if it’s health problems or the newness of the relationship has worn off or a combination of everything but I’m so picky about BC options now!

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    Condoms condoms condoms.  I’ve been on all kinds of pills and had such a violent physical reaction to them that my docs will not prescribe them anymore.  (My blood pressure was so high I actually almost stroked out @ 27 — I normally have low/normal Bridal Party.) Nor will they prescribe any of the other hormonal types, so without doing the “counting days & thermometer” things we don’t have much choice.  We doubled up with the condoms and sponge or contraceptive film before the wedding to make sure that there were no accidents.  On days that I am not fertile we have used just the film or sponge.  The film is kinda nice as it has an ingredient that makes things “tingle” which just adds to the pleasure ;). 

    In the 4 years we have been together I’ve not had a pregnancy scare. We also like it because there will be no “wait time” to let my hormones stabilize when we start TTC.  Also Darling Husband likes that he has a say in the family planning — too many of his friends have not been notified when their wives/GFs stopped taking the pill after she was already pregnant!

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    I’ve been on the Nuvaring for about 3 1/2 years now and LOVE it. Doesn’t kill my sex drive at all! I have a desktop icon that reminds me when to take it out and put it in. Which is good because I’d forget, which is the main reason I stopped the pill. Try it, you’ll probably like it too!

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    ortho tri cyclen lo is what I use. Its not a heavy pill.  You should try it. 

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    I got off the pill about a year ago and I’m so very happy I don’t have to deal with that anymore!  I was on levlen 28 for 3 years and yaz for a little over a year.  Yaz was the worst and ended up inspiring me to never take the pill again.  I feel so much better, I lost weight, I have energy, I stopped having crazy-lady mood swings, my libido came back, my weird hormonal acne cleared up and I don’t have to remember to take that stupid little pill everyday.  Woo!  It’s so liberating.   

    That aside, since you don’t have very long (relatively) until your wedding, maybe you could just forget the hormonal birth control and use condoms?  You could also consider something like cervical caps.  I’ve personally never tried them, but a good friend of mine uses them because she was really sick of hormonal birth control, and she likes them.  Here‘s some info about them.

    Going hormone free is really the way to go, in my honest opinion.  Especially if you’re TTC soon. I’ve read it’s good to give your body time (a couple months or longer even) to get balanced and back on its normal cycle once again.   

    Personally, I opted for a non-hormonal IUD (paragard), but my fiance and I aren’t planning on trying for a baby for a least 5 years (probably more like 7-10 years), so something longterm like that made sense for us. 


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    I think a barrier method would be best for you. Hormones kill your sex drive, and implants and shots are too long term for your needs. You could do fertility awarenes but you said you’re not interested, so that’s out too.

    Better to have to deal with condoms or sponges than to have no sex drive and terrible skin. Once you get the hormones out of your system I suspect you won’t want to look back!

    Also, the male contraceptive pill is being worked on but is still years away from being ready for the market. It sure would be nice though 🙂

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    @aunt pol: I see that you mostly take BC because your periods are so heavy.. I love nuva-ring because how easy it is BUT my periods are STILL heavy on it. It’s about 6-7 days long and heavyyyy the first 4 days. It may be haev a different reaction to everyones body’s so hey it make make your period lighter.. but if you are thinking about going with nuva-ring then ask your doctor first if it’ll help your crazy periods! on a good note tho, my sex drive is great on it!

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    Nuvaring is great, but it is still a hormone and you can still break out from it. I would go to your gyno and ask. there are other pills that help with the skin issue as well as BC.

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    i had the same problems on bcp’s… any of them!! i even had the same problem with and iud.. i had it removed 2 weeks ago and life is great!! i reccomend condoms or charting instead of hormones anytime!!

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    I’ve been on NuvaRing for 2 years now. For me at least, it’s the perfect form of birth control.

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    Hormonal contraceptives always run the risk of killing your sex drive. I tried various ones in my 20s and ended up with less of a sex drive than I ever had before. I switched to the copper IUD (no hormones) and am happy as a clam.

    Many doctors will NOT tell you that a pill can influence your sex drive, but it is a fact that many women share with one another on forums. Don’t be afraid to look into hormone-free options or to try a different pill.  This one clearly is not for you.

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    Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility?  I would definately read this for some help in regards to when you are fertile and not.  Then use a condom.

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