Birth control and ovarian cysts.

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Helper bee

what symptoms do you get from the cysts? I have PCOS and can live daily fine without worry.


I also hate the pill and don’t take it, but you just have to decide which is the lesser of two evils.

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Helper bee

morethanyesterday :  oh that’s awful πŸ™

I was curious to see if you had lived with them at all, as just the name can sound terrifying I was so worried when I found out, then ended up only with a few of the crap symptoms, (terrible periods, cramps, burst cysts, body hair & headaches)

All of these I combat with medication/physio/chiropractor or laser hair removal ahaha


I know every form of contraception i’ve tried has only aggrivated my hormones or made me very very unwell.

i’m sorry i don’t have more help for you. sending positive vibes for an answer soon x

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Honey bee
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morethanyesterday :  I’ve had two cysts burst on me. With the first one I had a dull ache for a few weeks and then woke up one morning in agony and was taken to emergency. My cyst had burst. The second time I had no symptoms leading up to the cyst rupture that it came as a shock I even had cyst. Thinking back on it, they both occurred after I had come off birth control!! Wow I totally never put that together until now!! I haven’t been on HBC in 8 years and I haven’t had a cyst or a rupture since.. I went off HBC because it was causing too many issues for me. It even caused problems with my eyes that my contacts wouldn’t fit properly πŸ˜• We just use condoms now and I haven’t had cyst issues since.

TBH I don’t understand why your doctor won’t let you try going off your HBC for a longer period to see if the cyst was just a once off before recommending that you then go back on HBC. I’d bring that back up with her and say you’d like a few months to let your body regulate itself and then see if this is an issue to seriously consider. At the moment its just suspect and not a confirmed issue that you will continue to get large cysts if not on HBC. Test it out and evaluate from there.  Good luck 

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Bumble bee
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I have issues with cysts and they were way worse when I was on Mirena, sadly. I had it taken out after just 3 years because I kept landing in the ER. I went on the pill after that, and while I don’t love the pill, I found a low hormone pill that worked for me. Once I went off of it and my husband and I were TTC, I struggled with cysts again. πŸ™ 

I wish I had a magical answer for you, bee, but the pill was the only thing I found that worked for me, aside from the Nuvaring. With the Nuvaring, I developed bacterial infections. They felt a lot like yeast infections and were super gross, so that didn’t work for me long term, either.

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Bumble bee
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morethanyesterday :  Yep can confirm every time I come off the pill my cysts grow out of control. I’ve tried 3 times to come off it and each time I’ve had to go to the ER due to burst cysts. Haven’t found a solution yet sadly πŸ™

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Before I was married, my doctor put me on the pill for more than a decade solely to prevent ovarian cysts. It worked quite well to accomplish that goal. What I didn’t know is that the pill ended up feeding my fibroid tumors. Following a major surgery to remove more than a dozen tumors, I could no longer take the pill. Within a few years, I ended up with a number of huge (like 8-9 cm each) cysts and had to have two more major surgeries and a procedure to deal with them. Perhaps there is a different type of pill that won’t give you as many side effects?

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Busy bee

The only reason I’m on the Pill is because it keeps me from having cysts. Darling Husband had a vasectomy 18 years ago (way before we met – he has two kids from his first marriage, as do I), so there’s little chance of me getting pregnant. Last time I came off the pull, I had bad cysts and couldn’t eat for 5 days bc of the discomfort. I’ve tossed around trying to come off the pill again, but it seems like a risk I can’t take (I’m self employed – I can’t afford all those sick days). So I continue on the pill. 😞

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