Birth control and TTC

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Everyone’s body is different. There’s really no way to predict what will happen for you. 

You should start taking prenatals now though.

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I think there is just no way to know. If you go off BC be prepared to get pregnant right away but also know it could take a year or more.

I have had the Mirena (hormonal IUD) 3 times. The 2nd time I had it for 5 years and was pregnant 6 weeks after removing it.

This time its been about 4 years and I just had it removed 7/13 so we will see how long it takes. Ovulating in the next few days and hoping we get lucky and conceive this month!

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castlebee :  I was on BC for 7 years before we TTC. It took a full 8-9 months to get my cycles regulated. Once we started TTC we got our BFP on cycle 3. I started taking prenatals in October, TTC in February, BFP in April. 

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castlebee :  I’ve posted this a lot, but I was on the pill since I was about 20 years old, and my husband and I started TTC when I was 31. I would highly suggest getting off birth control now, and using alternative methods (i.e. condoms) so that you can see what your cycle is like, and see how regular (or irregular you might be). After TTC for 6 months, with 3 months of NTNP before that and nothing, we saw a doctor and I found out I had hypothyroidism (I had no symptoms, but it may have led to me having a chemical pregnancy). This took another 4 months to get regulated, and then it took us another 3 cycles to conceive. Total 14 cycles actively TTC before I got pregnant with my son (currently 28 weeks pregnant). I feel that if I knew what was going on with my cycle more before we started TTC, I would have sought help earlier. Getting to know your cycle is definitely the most important part, mine was fairly regular immediately after coming off the pill, but tehre were also other things going on. Best of luck! 

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I was on the pill for a whopping 17 years! Started at 13 basically a year after I got my period because they were too horrible, heavy, long, etc. Stayed on them until last year when I stopped to TTC at 30. It took us 9 months to conceive (stopped in May, BFP in Feb this year, currently 24 weeks), but I wasn’t temping or using OPK’s, just tracking my cycles and trying to do it every other day during the right 1-2 week period. Part of why it took 9 months was because I wasn’t charting properly and we were SO busy / often tired that we ended up missing critical days. The cycle we got pregnant I knew I ovulated a good 20 minutes after we did the deed because I felt it, so in previous months it could have very well just been our timing was off. Looking back at my app and cycle lenghts, they never really became consistent (34, 23, 24, 27, 26, 29, 29, 28, 29, 26) so I would recommend temping or using OPKs if that works for you. Temping never worked for me because I am a crappy sleeper and always wake up at random times to pee or have restless nights / mornings. Honestly we just needed to suck it up and do it more! Best of luck! 

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I was on the pill for about 10 years, and my period came back right away. My first cycle was ~25 days I think and then they varied from 24-30 until I got pregnant. I was off the pill for almost 8 months before trying due to some slightly unforeseen circumstances that required us to wait and do IUI (never tried naturally due to my husband needing to get off some meds. Once he was good to go we did IUI to maximize impact and reduce his time off them), and the first one worked. I know some people will have a couple normal cycles and then a few long or short ones, some will have none for a few months etc. I’d say take prenatals now and hope for the best, either come off now if you want to try to figure your body out before hand, or wait until the right time and see how it goes. Depends how desperate you will be to get pregnant ASAP really.

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Bumble bee

Your periods on the pill are not real periods, so it didn’t ‘regulate’ you as such. I think up to a year is the most commonly said expectation. 

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I would stop taking your pill as soon as you would be willing to accept a surprise baby. It took me 6 months to get my period back after the pill. Coming of the hormonal IUD I got my period right away. The pill stops ovulation and therefore it ~can~ take your body longer to kick into gear and start making its own hormones again. Every woman responds differently but up to a year can be normal. That’s why I advocate coming off of it and using other forms for birth control when you would be okay with an unplanned pregnancy. 

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3 cycles is usually a pretty good average from what I have seen. Obviously some will be more or less.

I was on BCP for 16 years (age 13 through 29) and I got pregnant a couple weeks after I went off them.  As this was a surprise baby, I had done nothing to prepare as far as prenatals.

BCP does not make your cycles regular, usually that happens as you age.  My cycles were irregular with super heavy periods when I was 13.  We tried having me go off them once (maybe 14 years old) and it went right back the way it was.  But by 29 my cycles were regular.

Once you go off BCP you can get pregnant right away.  So assume that you can get pregnant immediately.  If you aren’t ready yet, then use another method like condoms in the meantime.

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castlebee :  I was on the pill for the best part of 18 years. I came off it about a year before TTC.


We got our BFP this month, our first cycle using ovulation sticks, pre seed lube and seven seas pre pregnancy vitamins. I don’t know if it wouldn’t have worked without all that but I’m 34 and DH is 41 so I wanted to give the process as much help as possible. 


Once I had come off birth control I tracked my periods in an app which was very helpful. 

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I was on BC for seventeen years, went off, got pregnant second cycle with our son at 34. Went back on, went off, got pregnant second cycle with our daughter at 36. Went back on, screwed up my rx refill, missed two weeks, got pregnant at 37 with our current one month old. So, I’d say be prepared! I did not take prenatals until I became pregnant with all three. However, it’s never bad to have some vitamins in your life! Good luck! 

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castlebee :  I’m the same age as you, but not yet TTC.  I had regular periods starting the first month I was off birth control (after being on it for over a decade).  

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I was on the pill for about 6 years before TTC and assumed it would take at least a few months for my cycle to regulate again. I ended up having a period right on schedule 4 weeks after finishing my last pill pack and was pregnant the next month.

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I had my hormonal IUD for 6 years with no period. Got it removed May 8th, got my BFP July 10! 

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