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Fair warning: This may be a little Too Much Information.

The initial checkup: At end of September 2013, I asked my doctor about birth control options and he recommended Mirena (I react badly to BC and have trouble remembering to take pills.) I had to get checked for any STD’s by my GP. Once I passed that, he wrote me a prescription for a Mirena and recommended me to a gynocologist. I had to wait about a month for an appointment with my gynocologist (end of October.)

The appointment: End of October, I had to pick up my Mirena at a pharmacy (covered under Canadian health care) and head over to my gynocologist’s office. I was a little nervous, and I knew my GP said it was okay to take a painkiller beforehand so I took an extra strength tylenol. When I got to my appointment, the nurse did a checkup (tested my blood pressure, etc).

I then went to gynocologist’s office. He asked me if my GP had given me a suppository to “loosen up” down there. I said he hadn’t. My gynocologist was surprised but asked me if it was okay if we proceeded. I wanted to get the procedure completed so we continued. The doctor first tried to see if he could get me to the point where the Mirena could be inserted into my cervix. Unfortunately (since I’ve never been pregnant) he could not. We then made arrangements to get the Mirena inserted via surgery.

November 2013: A pre-surgery evaluation by my GP.

Mid-December 2013: I drove to the hospital and waited for my appointment. Went through pre-op. Eventually I was put under and they inserted the Mirena. I woke up kind of groggy from the medication they gave me and my partner was there. (I had arranged for him to meet me, since you can’t drive home). The rest of that day was spent in bed, drugged up and feeling just exhausted and cramping a little.

December 2013- Early February 2014: I had to wear pantyliners pretty much everyday. There was only a little blood, but it was enough. I was annoyed by this but I knew it was fairly normal for someone who had never had children. I could feel the strings of my Mirena but my partner said he didn’t notice them during intimate moments very much (only a little).

February 2014: I suffer from anxiety so I had an appointment with my gyno to make sure everything was okay. I couldn’t feel my Mirena strings and I was worried I was pregnant. (I hallucinated losing the Mirena in the toilet). Doctor said everything was a-okay and not to worry until our next annual checkup.

March 2014 – Present Day: I have a regular cycle, although it is VERY light. I only need pantyliners. I do still get the cramps and mood swings, but compared to the horribleness of my regular heavy period that I had before, it’s a walk in the park. My partner says he can’t tell it’s there, and we have a very active (occasionally rough) sex life. 

I will go for my checkup at the end of December 2014/Beginning of January 2015.

Side Effects: The first 2 months I found I was losing quite a bit of hair (more than usual). I do think this was also related to stress. I didn’t gain or lose any weights, and my skin only breaks out during times of stress (midterms).

Conclusion: Even though it was a bit of a process to get my Mirena, I recommend it to anyone looking for an easier form of birth control. I don’t want children and this was the best option for me for now. I got my Mirena when I was 21, I’ll be 26 when I’ll need a new one. The freedom and intimacy afforded by having no worries about children is wonderful as well (no condoms! yay!)

I hope that answers a few questions, sorry I know I wrote a novel. 🙂

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Worker bee
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I’ve had one for almost a year.  The insertion hurt like hell, but I haven’t given birth and that is a factor.  It also took my body a while to adjust to it, but apparently that’s more unusual and most people adjust faster.  Everything seems to be fine now though, and I really appreciate the peace of mind.  Oh, and I do still have a period every month.  Maybe it’ll stop eventually, but right now everything is regular.

ETA:  Definitely take someone with you, I would not recommend getting yourself home.

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Hi Bebe!

I’ve had the Mirena in for one year on the button.  Yes it hurt like the dickens getting it put it– but just think, have you ever had a tattoo?  Piercing?  Stitches?  Anything?  You go into it knowing it’s going to hurt, but you do it anyway because you want the end result.  And once you have it, then you realize the pain is over and wasn’t so bad and it’s worth it now that you have it.

That said, I had my employer (a nurse midwife) write me a prescription for a cervix-softener, since I have never had kids and it’s difficult/more painful to insert something into your cervix if it’s never been used!  So that helped, although when I went to my gynocologist the day of the procedure, she was a little miffed that I went against her advice (she said the cervix softener was “medically unnecessary”), and that I got someone who wasn’t my doctor to write me a prescription (which technically is a no-no but oh well).  But she said she was glad I told her, because had I not told her, she would have “pushed in harder,” but didn’t have to because my cervix was already softened.

As far as side effects, it hurt for maybe 1-2 days after.  Think of the worst cramps you’ve ever had, plus when you get a pap and they poke around that hard plastic Christmas tree thing around your cervix opening.  But remember, 2 days of pain is worth it for FIVE YEARS of no worrying.  I think I had a light light light period for two weeks, for three or four months.  Now, rarely anything.  It basically shows up once in a blue moon when I wipe.

I totally recommend it.  I’m not intending to scare you about the pain, but be realistic.  My employer led me to believe that with the cervix softener she prescribed, it would slide in painlessly, so needless to say I was taken by surprise when it actually went it.  So as long as you know your husband (or fiance) doesn’t have any STIs or anything else to worry about, it is absolutely amazing because we never have to use (or buy!) condoms and never have to worry about forgetting a pill or going in for a shot.

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Busy bee

I’ve had one in for 4 1/2 years.  As I haven’t had kids, my gynae asked if I wanted a an anaesthetic and I said yes as I have top health cover and it only cost me a few hundred out of pocket for the day procedure.  Several friends have had one put in without anaesthetic and they all said it hurt but not was not unbearable and it was all over in ten minutes.  We all had 2-3 days of crampy period-like pain afterwards but it settled down and responded to the usual pain relief meds.  One friend still gets light periods, the rest of us don’t.  

For me, it’s been a godsend.  No more heavy crampy periods, no PMS, no getting caught out without a pad, no hormonal weight gain, no mucking around with condoms, no chance of missing the pill or it not being effective due to illness, no panicking because you forgot to pack your pills for travelling or can’t figure out what time zone you’re in to take it effectively. Literally, nothing to worry about for 5 years.  My partner can’t feel it and he is very well endowed.  The freedom and spontaneity it allows is great for your sex life.    

Like any medical device or product, there are always going to be people who have side effects.  I can only speak for myself.  I do a monthly check to make sure the tiny strings are still there, and at my annual checkup get the GP to check that all is well around the site.  

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Worker bee
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bride2bebe:  I had a Mirena for 3.5 years.  Like others said, the insertion hurt like hell — I have never been pregnant nor was I given any kind of anesthetic or cervix softener.  Unfortunately, it never did much for my periods or bad menstrual cramps.  I got a period every month, which varied in heaviness.  My cramps got increasingly worse during the time that I had it, and I finally got it out and went back on the pill.

With that being said, I have friends who are on their second Mirena.  No periods, no cramps, and no issues whatsoever.  Everyone is different so there’s really no way to know how it will work for you until you try it. 

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the period you have on the pill isnt even a “real” or “natural” period… it’s just withdrawal bleed caused by high levels of E and P suddenly dropping as you transition to the placebo week.  there’s no medical reason that it’s necessary to have a period. in fact, birth control pills were created with the built-in placebo week for the exact reason you just expressed — women in the 70s weren’t comfortable with the idea of no period, so they built in a fake withdrawal bleed to placate them!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I love the Mirena.  I have had it for about 1.5 years now.  I was having low libido on every other BC I have tried but I don’t have that at all with Mirena.  I am one of the people who doesn’t get a period on Mirena but it isn’t something that happens with everyone.  As others have said, the period on BC is fake and just from the withdrawal of hormones.  I haven’t had a pill period in years (medical reasons), so I don’t miss it at all.

My doctor have me a pill of Cytex (I think) to soften my cervix and a pain pill for before I went in.  The sounding wasn’t bad at all but when they went to insert the Mirena, the NP has some trouble getting it in so she had to get the doctor to help get it in the last bit.  My cervix points backwards so the clamp to hold it still was uncomfortable but not the worst thing ever.

I also had the side effect of hair thinning like another poster mentioned but it is getting better after using a hair thickening product.

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Blushing bee

bride2bebe:  I have had Mirena for 6 years, which means I had my first Mirena removed at year 5 and replaced with a new Mirena. My first 5 years I had no period at all (after the initial first 6 months of constant spotting). But with my new one, I have been having regular periods again 🙁 Im super sad about having a period again, I reallly loved having nothing for 5 years. You end up getting really in tune with your body so you dont get worried about being pregnant or anything. I am hoping eventually my peridos will go away again. 

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Blushing bee
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I’ve had the Mirena for a year. I would consider getting the Skyla if I went back. It has been absolutely awesome for the past 10 months though. No hassle and no pain for the past 10 months. however, for the first 2 months I had horrible cramping all the time and whenever I tried to work out. The insertion wasn’t painful, but the evening after was due to the cramping. But apparently that is pretty rare, and the Skyla is even smaller, so less cramping. I have a super light period once every 3 to 4 months. 


I also like the Mirena because the IUD has hormones only locally, rather than systemically, so your risk for things like DVTs etc are much much lower. 

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I got the Jaydess, which is the smaller version of Mirena for women who haven’t had children, and it lasts for 3 years rather than 5. Like PP have said, insertion sucked a lot, but within a few hours after laying on the couch with a heating bad I was ok. I just had it put in 2 and a half weeks ago, and I’m still spotting very lightly (TMI – it’s more like a lightish brown discharge than spotting) and I don’t feel it at all. My Fiance doesn’t feel it when we are intimate either – I asked him. 

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Busy bee

bride2bebe:  You could try skyla.  Most women still get their period with skyla 🙂  

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bride2bebe:  It was my gynocologist who performed the surgery. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, and I didn’t consult another gynocologist because I really do like the one I have. Technically they could have tried the “normal” way again but make sure I took a pill to soften things up beforehand, but my gynocologist was not positive it would work because I’m a fairly petite lady. They didn’t have to cut anything during surgery, just get me dilated to the point where the Mirena could be inserted. Sorry if any of it was too Too Much Information, most of my friends are nurses so I don’t always make the distinction. 

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Bee Keeper
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bride2bebe:  I had my Mirena for a full 5 years, so I’ve had both insertion and removal. I’ll be honest, it hurt like hell going it and while removal wasn’t as bad it definitely hurt. I will add to that I’m a TOTAL wuss with anything medical and have a low tolerance for pain…lol. I think removal probably wouldn’t have been so bad had I not gotten myself so worked up about it. All that being said, I loved it. I was one of those who did not have a period at all the whole time and really had no bad side effects. I kept it the full 5 years and after removal got my first period about 3 weeks later – they’ve been pretty regular since then. We have been NTNP since I had it removed in April – and after we’re done having kids I’ll definitely get another.

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