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Blushing bee

we use the pull out method, i know we should be on some birth cotrol really but ive tried so many pills and none of them agreed with me so i kind of gave up. sorry im not much use tbh. good luck with the new pill! 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I am on Ortho Tri Cylcen Lo, but was on Yaz for about 4 years prior. I need to be on something with very low levels of hormones, because even those low levels give me headaches. I recently switched to the OTCLo and love it so far, but every woman will react differently to every BC out there, so you’ll have to talk to your doctor to get the best info!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m on Lo dose Seasonique where I only get my period every 3 months, LOVE it and I still have a sex drive. I was on regular seasonique and it gave me migraines so that’s why I’m on the Lo dose. I have nothing bad to say about it so far!

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Honey bee
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I’ve got Mirena and I *love love love* it. I won’t lie– it wasn’t the happiest thing in the world having it put in, and the first 2 months or so kind of sucked as I’d get weird flow (sorry for tmi) that wasn’t heavy enough to be a period but wasn’t light enough to be spotting, and that nonsense would happen at just random times. But once things settled down, it’s been a dream. I don’t have to remember a single thing except to check for the strings now and then. No mood swings, no acne, no weight gain,  no change to my sex drive, just easy peasy and when this one expires (it’s good for 5 years and I’ve had it about 3.5) I am positive I will get another.


@lucy_smith:  Girl, you know what they call people who use the pull-out method?  PARENTS. Do yourself a huge favor and find a better method.  It’s not a question of if you’ll get pregnant relying on the pull-out method; it’s a question of when.

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Sugar bee
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I have been on the following: 

Patch– This was great in the fall/spring/winter, but never could get them to stick great in the summer.  Also, if you have a family history of breast cancer– not a good choice.

Shot– LOVED IT! For about 4 years it was my best friend… except I gained about 40 lbs (some of this was from depression, but no way to tell which was more the cause) but then I changed Ins & the new brand turned me into a psycho crazy b*tch for 3 months and at the pleading request of Darling Husband I switched off of it.

Ring– Current method and I’m loving it! I’ve dropped about 1/2 of the weight I’ve gained, and am still going.  I will be on this until we are ready to TTC.  

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Honey Beekeeper
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I’m on Aviane which (it was my understanding from my doctor) is one of the lowest hormone options available for birth control pills.

No major complaints here!

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Blushing bee
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I use Mirena too, and I basically agree with all the great things @fishbone had to say about it. The convenience is AMAZING, and after having it for a year now, I have one day of spotting per month and NO concern about pregnancy, since there’s really nothing you can do to screw it up. 


Depending on your insurance, this is BY FAR the cheapest birth control option. As fishbone said, it’s good for 5 years. The device itself I think retails for $1000 without insurance, but my insurance (and I believe, most insurance plans) covered it ENTIRELY. All I had to pay was the co-pay for two doctors visits (one to have it inserted, and a 6 week check up). $60 for 5 years of 99.9% coverage sounds all right to me! 


Another major positive for me was it has a very low dosage of hormone, since it doesn’t have to work its way through your whole body like with an oral pill. I had a bad reaction on BCPs with estrogen, but so far the small amount of progestin has been just fine for me! 

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Worker bee

I have tried numerous BCs, everything from the pill to the patch to the nuvaring. I finally came to the conclusion that hormonal BC just isn’t for me. I was always moody, mopey, and depressed. I made the decision to get a copper IUD over a year ago, and I could not be happier. Yes, the insertion was painful, and the bleeding was heavier for the first few months, but not having to think about taking a pill or changing a ring makes it all worthwhile. And it lasts for 10 years if I want it to! Imagine all the pills you’ll have to take in that amount of time.

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Busy bee
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Paragard here as well! I’m still in the first few months where bleeding is a little crazier than usual, as FearLess mentioned, and I feel like it’s giving me a little bit of unusual bloating, but no big deal. I love it already.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I’ve had the Paraguard for over a year and it is awesome.  Hurt to put in but not the worst thing ever, cramps/bleeding were worse for a few months – but now I never have to think about birth control and it’s good for 10 years!  SCORE!  I also like that it’s totally hormone-free.  Oh and I”ve never had children – obgyns are recommending them for moms and non-moms alike now.  Last thing, they are the most common birth control from that obgyns themselves use, which I think says a lot.

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Buzzing bee
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I’ve been on Loestrin Fe (well, the generic version) for about a year now and LOVE IT. My period is literally a day and half long every month and super light. I’d gone through probably 6 different types of pills and had awful breakthrough bleeding on all of them, so this pill has been amazing! Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if one isn’t working right for you. There’s a seemingly endless amount of hormone combinations in pills and other various types of methods – one is bound to be good for you!

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Bumble bee
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I’m a generic form of Ortho Tri Cyclen and I’ve had no problems with it! I’ve been on it for 6 years now; it’s the first hbc that I tried. Please talk with your doctor about what type of hormonal birth control is best for you and your lifestyle!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m on the patch and so far it’s been pretty good. Its the only birth control I’ve been on that doesn’t turn me into a PMS monster. It’s easy to use, just switch the patch on the same day for three weeks, one week off and that’s your period day. But it does have it’s down sides. You have a patch on your body all the time. I keep mine on my butt so its not visible. I have also lost it, and had to get a new patch and changed my patch cycle up. But other then that I’ve had no issues with it at all and I’ve been on it for almost two years.

I am about to get the Mirena put in in December and I can’t wait. Although I haven’t had kids and I’ve heard it can hurt A LOT, so I’m a bit nervous about that, but I’d rather have a day of pain and not have to worry about it

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Bumble bee
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@lucy_smith:  Actually withdrawl is more effective than you might think.  I know I had it drilled into me in health class that it was bad news, but it has a 96% effectiveness rating if perfectly performed, according to the planned parenthood site.  I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone, but that goes for any method.   

We use FAM with condoms during fertile times, but don’t always use the condoms *ahem* right away — hence my recent research into withdrawl to put my mind at ease. 

I love being off the hormones.  Sex is sooo much better.

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