(Closed) Birth Control Help! Possibly TMI…Options??

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@SunnyBunny:  Perhaps an IUD? I have no experience with them, I just know it’d be another option.

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Did charting for a while, and I have mixed feelings about it as a BC method.  You have to be religious about it.  There are days where it’s not 100% clear and obvious where you are in your cycle, and if you’re sexually active, charting can be a little tougher.  Charting’s a great method during the beginning and end of your cycle, and I’d recommend abstinence or condoms for the days when you’re not 100% sure.  Regardless, I think every woman should learn a little bit about the basics of Natural Family Planning, as it’s really good for body awareness and understanding how your reproductive cycle works.


IUDs are another option.  My friend has one, and loves it.  You’d have to talk to your doctor to see what they’d recommend.  I know my doctor didn’t recommend getting them before you have children.  IUDs are great, but they do have some serious potential side effects and complications. 

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Maybe this is naive but what’s the problem? Did your doctor say it’s unhealthy for your period to be short or non-existant on the pill? My period got waaay short when I was on the pill- one day maybe two- and I just let it be.

Now I’m on the ring and, with my doctor’s permission of course, I skip my period almsot every single month. I get it about twice a year just because I feel like I should, but it isn’t necessary, and now that my body is so used to not getting it I usually don’t, even when I take the ring out for that week.

Yes, I do take a pregnancy test every once in a blue moon just to be sure, but I don’t see any problem with what is going on there.

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I got mad about the pills causing all kinds of problems from multiple periods a month to turning into a raging psychopath and having chronic nightmares…

Just switched to the Nuva ring and though it took just a bit to get used to at first, but happy with it now.

Nuva ring you can take out and start having children within a month or so, just like when you stop the pill.

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I’d suggest talking to your doctor, but from what I understand, it’s totally normal to have lighter periods or just spotting when you’re on the pill. Your body doesn’t build up as complete a wall because you’re not ovulating. The pill is 99% effective when used correctly so I don’t think its something to be overly worried about.

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@viewfrmhere:  +1


I’ve skipped my period for years and it’s been fabulous.  My periods are very painful and heavy, so it’s a relief to not suffer for 5-7 days.  As long as you’re being religious about taking the pill, there really isn’t all that much to worry about, pregnancy wise.  Over the years I’ve had a few slip ups & taken Plan B (and a follow up pregnancy test), but I’ve never run into any problems (or unplanned pregnancies!).

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Was it the generic of loestrin24fe that you tried? because maybe you need to give a different pill formulation a try. I was on loestrin24fe and hated it, but now I’m on sprintec which is much better. It’s a generic, and I believe it’s the same type of hormones as loestrin, but it’s a slightly higher dose so your cycle stays more normal. 

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You don’t ovulate when youre on the pill, therefore you don’t get a menstral period on your break week anyway, only withdrawl bleeding. My gyn says there is no medical reason to have a break week at all, it’s a social thing.

ETA: read your update, if you want to bleed then I suggest seeing your doctor again.

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my friend has done the shot, the iud, the pills, and the ring – and her body does fine for a bit and then gets all wacked up.  She’s going old school now

diaphram!  Yes you loose some sponteniety – but she says its worth it

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My friend has been married for 2 years and been doing the pullout method with charting and hasn’t gotten pregnant.  You can also try an IUD, a sponge, or switch to the lowest dose of the pill.  I did ask my gyno about why my periods were much lighter and shorter on the pill and he said that the pill controls and not to worry about it, if I’m not pregnant. 

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IUD if you want something low maintenance. Diaphragm or cervical cap, if you want something non-hormonal.

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If you are skeeved by barely getting/not getting your period then Loestrin 24fe was the wrong choice, but obviously you know that now. Laughing That particular pill has 24 active pills as opposed to the usual 21 active pills, which is what is causing the lack of a period.

I’ve been on Portia (generic for Nordette) for five years now with no problems. I did try the ring years ago and it was fine, but it would, uh, ahem, sometimes get pulled out during sex. Embarassed

I understand your frustration trying to find the right method for you! I still have nightmares from my first stab at BCP. I bled for six straight weeks with Ortho Tri-cyclen! A horribly way to learn about my particular hormonal sensitivities!



I’m so glad my first post here is about periods and not my wedding! lol

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