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I have never used it but I didn’t want to have something that they have to insert and remove with an incision in my arm.

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I use Implanon and have for about 4 years now (got it replaced last year) and I love the convenience of it!  The actual insertion procedure was not bad at all, they numb the area so it doesn’t hurt, kind of just a pinch.  I have had only two major downsides:

 I have an irregular period which led to anemia after about 2 years.  Basically I spot ALL the time, had to get iron (ferrous sulfate) pills to get my blood back up to normal numbers and now make sure to take a One-A-Day that gives you 100% your daily allowance of iron.  I’m seeing my gyno in a few weeks tho and plan to ask about regulating that with a pill.

The replacement was also kind of annoying, it took my doctor forever to get the old rod out, mostly because he wanted the incision to be as tiny as possible.  In the end the incision (and resulting scar) is about 1/4″ long which no one will see anyway.

No other side effects and I’ve been baby free (I think it has a greater success rate than getting your tubes tied?).  I highly recommend it.  If you are worried about the bleeding thing, just about everyone else I’ve seen comment about it has said their period went away completely.

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I have implanon and have had it for just over a year. The insertion procedure was quick and painless and though I have yet to have it taken out I doubt it will hurt. The only issue I have is spotting, which has become pretty constant. I was given oral birth control pills to prevent the spotting (which it does) and because I’m already on contraceptive I don’t have to take them at the same time every day. No baby here, its about 99.8 percent affective (though that does mean 2 in every 1000 women get pregnant).

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@glitter86:  I’ve had it for going on a year. No spotting, no period, no bleeding at all. The downside for me is that my entire back broke out right away, and now my face breaks out from time-to-time. Luckily I can just use a topical acne medication to make it go away when it does happen. I think I was moody for a couple weeks right afterwards, but nothing too bad. My girlfriend also had it inserted after I did and she stopped getting her period, but had no other side effects.

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I have implanon and have had it for around 4 years, same as elysion. I experienced no pain during either insertion. They numb the area with an injection of lidocaine which stings a little, but it is completely bearable. The insertion process was very quick for me both times, about 3-5 minutes.  Getting the first one out was not as easy.  They made a very small incision at the tip of the implant and used tweezer looking things to find it and pull it out.  Finding it and pulling it out took about 10-15 minutes and it hurt more than insertion, but again was completely bearable. 

I like elysion, I experienced a lot of spotting and irregular bleeding.  It was worst during the first year.  This time around, though, I have found that my irregular bleeding and spotting have decreased significantly since last time, which is awesome.  For me, the spotting was so light and the “periods” only lasted a day so it was completely worth it to me to have the implant reinserted after my 3 years were up.  I am very happy with implanon and intend to have it reinserted again after the next 2 years are up.

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I’ve heard mixed reviews, roughly a fifty-fifty split.

They range from never having a period for three years, to having periods that are three months long (then only having a month gap).  I also know people who say it hurts/aches.

I think you just have to give it a go, but that it may not be right for you.

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I also use Implanon, and I LOVE it.  It’s so incredibly convenient.  I never have to remember to take anything, and its efficacy is unmatched.

My main complaints have been that I had some pretty major bruising when they inserted it, but how bad yours would be all depends on the technician and your own body.  I would just recommend that you don’t do it in the summer like I did, when everyone sees your arm constantly.  Also, like PP, I’ve been spotting pretty much constantly for the past two years (though no anemia for me, thank goodness.  It’s mostly just annoying).  Finally, I gained some facial hair for the first time in my life.  It’s seriously only about eight or ten individual hairs on my chin, so it’s nothing that two minutes in front of a mirror with some tweezers every couple weeks won’t fix, but it’s a bit annoying.

Really, though, I would recommend this thing to anyone.  It’s the best.

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I have it and don’t like it ..should have taken it out by now but will wait till after the wedding (because of the mark in the arm). As some of the girls here, my period became completely irregular, with spotting and it gets on my nerves because my Fiance is always asking “What, again??? But you had it last week!!” grrrrrrrrr..also my doctor warmed me that a possible side effect was the increase of irritability levels..which i do NOT need!!!!!!!

Sure, it’s SAFE and it’s wonderful not to even think of the possibilty of becoming pregnant (sex is way more free and relaxed) but i am taking it and not having it again..i hate the spotting and the irregular periods – they drive me crazy!

In Portugal, it cost me around 100€

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I’ve been looking into this as well, so I appreciate all the feedback here.

The cost I’ve seen in the states is between $400 – $800, and what your insurance picks up completely depends on your plan. I have high deductible insurance (which I am very happy with), so I’d be paying the negotiated rate out of my Health Savings Account towards my deductible.

If I kept it in all 3 years, it would be cheaper than birth control, and a higher efficacy rate with minimal risk for interference (some drugs, if you broke it from trauma to the arm, etc). As someone else said, it’s more effective than sterilization, which is crazy!

On the other hand, I realized I’d be 30 when those 3 years are up! I haven’t made up my mind about kids yet and that made me realize… hey, this isn’t a joke.

My biggest concern is what everyone else said about unpredictable bleeding, as well as concern about it being less effective in plus-size women if you’re over a certain weight, but that applies to any hormonal drug, so it’s not really a negative over the pill. Plus, if I hate it, it’s a lot more money down the drain than the pill and much more involved to quit it.

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Had it, HATED it. I was one of those women who had seemingly constant periods. It was horrible. I also have an ugly scar on my arm– not huge but definitely noticeable– that will never go away. I had it removed after a year of pure misery.

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Regarding the cost… when I first got mine in 4 years ago, my clinic charged me about $1500 to order it and insert it, which I was reimbursed for later when my HMO plan covered all of it.  The second time about a year ago, I wasn’t charged because they knew my insurance would cover it, but I think it was about $1000 for the removal, insertion, and the actual device (if I’d had to pay for it upfront first I would be more sure about the price LoL).  I think it all depends on your clinic; I’m pretty sure the price went down at mine within the past 4 years.

Also, @Kurzweil: if you have the Implanon removed before 3 years are up, you are back to being able to have kids I think immediately.  That of course doesn’t solve the problem of the large upfront cost, but it’s not like depo provera where you get an injection and that’s that for 6 months.

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Ive had Implanon for almost 5 months at first i was on my period for like 2 months which sucked and i was even considering taking it out, BUT it stopped and im completely happy no worries about getting pregnant and no pill taking or shots. I dont get my period anymore so im even happier lol

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