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I’ve been on birth control for foreverrrr due to menstrual issues when I was younger, so I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to NOT be on birth control… BUT, I know that I have experienced a lowered sex drive at certain points throughout my relationship. I completely understand what you mean about enjoying being intimate with your Fiance and not being able to get in the mood. I kinda just attributed it to natural cycles/distractions/stressors in my life rather than birth control – perhaps there are other things that are going on in your life that are causing it? 

EDIT: I should add that I’ve been on the same type of pill for years and our sex life has ranged from *humping bunnies* to *sleeping on opposite sides of the bed* at times – sooo I’m not sure that birth control is to blame?

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i’m on the same boat. somehow, i just don’t care about having it! and i know i should and i still do it because i know i should…but i don’t even want to! though, my skin has never been this clear. what a crappy trade off!

does anyone know of a pill that doesn’t lower your drive?

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I hear ya! One thing I recommend you try, is to get your testosterone levels tested. Even though we associate testosterone as a man hormone, in women it plays a large role in libido etc.

When you are taking the pill (other forms of hormonal contraception as well, I think), your body sometime upregulates a protein called sex hormone binding globulin. The role of SHBG is to transport all these hormones around your body and get them where they need to be, but it binds all of the sex hormones: oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone as well….ok so, testosterone can only do its job when it is in free/unbound active form. If you have lots of SHBG in your system, it binds up your free testosterone, and renders it inactive.

As a result, you can have a totally normal amount of *total* testosterone, but very little free testosterone, floating around and you know… making you ahem…libidinous.

You can find out how much total testosterone you have (that is, all of it, including that which is bound up), and they also test the free androgen index (FAI, the amount of the hormones which are floating around freely) and the SHBG levels. If lots of your testosterone is tied up, in spite of normal total testosterone, you can supplement using a low% cream.

Though it may be awkward to bring up, I suggest talking to your doctor about it. They might be able to provide you with some options that can help.


Anyway, this doesn’t constitute medical advice etc, but maybe it’s useful to know?

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@SouthernGirl:I am on Yaz and it lowered my sex drive too. When I got close to my cycle I was a sex kitten and he loved it. The BC regulates everything and I don’t have those peeks anymore. He misses them and so do I. 

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Are you on the every month shot of depo provera? Seriously that is some intense birth control–it puts you in menopause, and everybody knows menopause=no sex drive!!! The longer i was on it, the more it plummeted. Eventually i hit a wall where even the depo couldn’t stop my periods and she had to change my birth control.

I actually had a big talk with my Dr about this last month because this is one of my chief complaints. She said this is basically the #1 issue with birth control, but for some of us (i have endometriosis also), we have no choice. She did not recommend testosterone because of the endometriosis. She recommended some books by an author named Laura Corn but I’m not really interested in that route because it deals more with getting intimate and using books and stuff to pique interest, but not really the drive issue. For me, opening a “surprise” sexy envelope every evening isn’t exciting, lol. We have easily gone a month and not really thought twice about it. If he wants something, we’ll make something happen, even if it’s not sex. She just moved me to a low estrogen type birth control and while i think my drive has improved VERY slightly, it’s not really enough to the point where I notice it for sure, or i just think i notice it because I want to.

Basically in the end, Darling Husband and I talked about it and he says he’s not really that concerned and if he wants something, he’ll speak up and we’ll do it. Once i get going I’m interested, but GETTING interested is the tough part. Needles to say, when he wants something, we work on me first so that i’m interested by the time we’re ready to go. Every time i think about my drive, i think about having a period, and uh, i’d rather not have periods and be smart about this whole thing!

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I just switched birth controls from Yaz for this reason.  Yaz cleared my skin up, didn’t make me gain weight, and made my periods light.  But I couldn’t deal with the pretty much nonexistent sex drive anymore and neither could he.  One of the worst parts was that I’d be more in the mood when on my period but we don’t like to deal with that.  I just couldn’t get in the mood while on active pills and I felt horrible about it.  Plus the wedding is in about three months so I’m hoping the new one at least makes it a little bit higher because I don’t want a low sex drive on our wedding night or honeymoon.

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I went from Yasmin to Yaz about 6 months ago (lowering the estrogen level), but it only increased my libido a minuscule amount.

I have been on BC since I was 19, and it only took about 3 months for my sex drive to completely disappear. And it’s still pretty much nil. I really really hate it, but look forward to the time when we’re “not trying not to.” Hopefully I can get it back, even if it’s just for a little while. 🙂


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