(Closed) Birth control make you moody/anxious?

posted 6 years ago in Emotional
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    I have been on birth control pills (Alesse) and am now on the NuvaRing. Both make me crazy! When I first met my Fiance I was not on birth control, and for the first six months of our relationship we used condoms. Then we started to get a little nervous, so I went back on the NuvaRing (had been on it previously). There has been a distinct change in my personality since going back on it. I am moody, easily annoyed, and I really have to work to control it. It’s been like this every time I’ve been on birth control, which is why I have always gone off it when not in a relationship. Now Fiance and I are not sure what to do. We don’t really want to go back to condoms, but I don’t want to be on hormonal birth control any more. I’ve thought about a copper IUD, but I’m not sure I want to deal with heavier periods (mine are already pretty heavy when I’m not on birth control), and am also not sure I can get it since I haven’t had children either. We’re kind of stuck with the NuvaRing for now, I think after we’re married we might try fertility awarness/natural family planning, but the thought of that before the wedding makes us a little nervous.

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    I’m not on the pill now, but I used to take Ortho Tri-cyclen…. generic made me a crazy, moody, irritable mess and the name brand didn’t give me any of the weird mood side-effects.  Strange!  Maybe consider trying the brand name of what you’re currently using.  Good luck!

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    I am definitely in the same situation. I am currently on Yaz but will stop taking after the wedding (1 more month!!). I was always a bit of a nervous person but I feel like being on Yaz made me a lot more anxious about things that didn’t use to bother me as much. Also, I get overly emotional about stupid things very frequently. I wanted to switch to something else a few months ago but my doctor said that I am already on the lowest possible BC so my next solution is to stop taking BC all together. 

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    @Boxerlover24:  I tried paraguard (copper IUD) and haven’t had kids. I had a horrible experience and ended up getting it removed. I wouldn’t recommend it… although I know some bees love theirs.

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    Yep! I was on Loestrin24FE and Yaz and they both made me psycho! I’m now on a low-dose hormone pill, Lutera and it works WONDERFULLY with me. 

    My OBGYN refuses to prescribe Yaz anymore because of the different hormones in it.. A lot of people have serious bad reactions to it.

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    First of all, you should be a candidate for an IUD, or at the very least to get measured for one (it’s unpleasant, but it has to be done whether you’ve had kids or not).  If your doctor isn’t willing to give you one/talk to you about it solely because you haven’t had kids, find another doctor.  There’s a new IUD on the market, Skyla, which is low-hormone similar to Mirena, but it’s smaller, and can be better for women who haven’t had kids yet.

    And yeah, I’ve had mood issues with hormonal BC before. Ortho Tri Cyclen made me straight up depressed.  Generess made me angry, like irrationally, unbelievably angry. The Ortho took years to get to me, the Generess was immediate.  Switching brands helped almost immediately.

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    @Boxerlover24:  Thanks… ONLY 1 month ahhh! I will definitely try to give an update on my craziness/emotional state of mind after being off BC for a little while! I am really hoping it all goes away! 


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    I was on the pill for 13 years and I THOUGHT I never had any problems with it. Easy periods, etc. I was actually scared to go off of it because of what my “natural” state might be like. Imagine my surprise when my moods, energy, and libido improved after I stopped taking it. Particularly anxiety! I’ve been treated for an anxiety disorder for years, and now I wonder how much of that was me, and how much was the synthetic hormones. Never again!

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    I can’t take hormonal BC anymore, it drove me crazy, it made me depressed, it killed my sexlife. Copper IUD is the best decision I’ve made so far when it comes to BC. The only thing is I tend to get skin breakout the week before I get my period, and I do PMS now (I can be emotional/whiny 2 days before period). It has pros and cons, but overall I feel a lot better without hormonal BC. 

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    @Boxerlover24  you can get an iud. ive never had kids, and just had one put in a few months back. I hated pills because the hormones messed with my system. The do have pills with fewer hormones. Try that if you wanna be on a pill

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    yep! I was on a few different kinds before I met Fiance for about 5 years.  I coulnt emotionally handle myself when I was on it.  It made me crazy.  My then SO was like, “Its birth control bc you never even want it any more” which was true.

    Fiance and I have talked about it and we plan to just “pull and pray”, condoms, and watch my ovulation.  Ive done that successfully in the past.


    Just FYI bc I dont want to cast bad light on my faith, Ive said on here before that Fiance is a minister. Well lets just say neither of us came to Jesus earlier in life…

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