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    If Fiance never wants kids, how about him getting a vasectomy?

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    @paula1248:  +1. I’d have Fiance get a vasectomy and get that thing out ASAP

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    If it’s causing you health problems, it’s not worth it! There are other effective methods of birth control. Consult your doctor!

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    Which IUD are you on?  I’m guessing you’re on Mirena, which is a progesterone-only method of birth control.  Someone with spotting problems like you have probably shouldn’t be on a progesterone-only form of birth control.  I would recommend that you go to the doctor and ask if a combination oral contraceptive is appropriate for you.  I’m sorry you have had such an awful time with this.  ๐Ÿ™

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    This is going to sound bad but at my age (30) I’m anti BC and have been off it for almost a year. First of all my body hated the pill. I threw it up ALL the time. Second, we are in a mature relationship and take a variety of cautions and we ve had discussions about how we’d handle a pregnancy. I just don’t think my body was meant to be on birth control for 10+ years and now that I’m off it I feel so much better and imagine it will be bettfor come baby making time too. 

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    You’ve been on this for THREE years and you have a doctor telling you to just ‘ride it out’? That’s something they might say for the first 3, even 6 months, but after that, there’s no more ‘riding it out.’ It just isn’t right for you. 

    I’m skeptical of many of the newer birth control methods coming out. My symptoms were no where near as bad as yours, but when I was on combination birth control pills, I would often have two-week long periods. I also became depressed, lost my ‘drive,’ and my blood pressure went from being normal to sky-high. 

    In my experiences, you’re always going to have some side effect from the pills. Every few months, I have breakthrough bleeding for a few days. But soaking through pads for weeks at a time is downright dangerous, and a responsible doctor wouldn’t have told you to ride it out. Please fire your doctor. Go to a new one and have it taken out. 

    I’d suggest going for the pills, ring or patch next time – something a bit lower key. Given your fiance’s age, he may run into some difficulty getting a vasectomy. And you’re right – at 21, he has plenty of time to change his mind.

    Condoms, cervical caps, spermicide, etc., may be better options for you guys as you go through the next few years. 

    My fiance was against having children at 25. At 30 – once our relationship became serious, many of his friends paired off and had kids, he started a career, etc. – he is wants kids more than I do.


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    @Jill129:  It sounds like your birth control is not compatible with you. It isn’t unusual.

    Years ago, I was on Lo’Ovral, and I had great success with it. I stopped taking it for various reasons, none of which were health based or pregnancy based, and a year ago I went back to my OBGYN to get on it again (It was when I started dating my husband) and he didn’t prescribe Lo’Ovral, but he prescribed OrthoTricyclin. Whatever.

    Within the first month of me taking it, I had massive bruises and welts over the entirety of my body. I’m talking, dinner plate sized bruises. If you touched me, I would bruise. The only difference in my life was the birth control. I was visiting my (then) boyfriend for three weeks in Oklahoma, so I stuck it out and went right back to the doctor immediately after flying home to California.

    My doctor insisted that it was not the pill, and that I must have some sort of blood clotting disorder. He refused to listen to me when I told him that I had been on BC before and this never happened. I had never been on Ortho before, and now the bruises appeared. He would not hear me out, so I went to public health and I was reissued Lo’Ovral. I immediately destroyed the rest of my Ortho and I have never seen a bruise since.

    Birth control is not “one size fits all”, they’re different hormones at different dosages — it will effect everybody differently, although they are all deemed safe within reasonable margines. If you want to stay on birth control, I say get a different birth control — this one clearly is not for you.

    If you do not want to stay on birth control, I would look into your husband getting a vasectomy (They’re very simple and easily reversible if the need arises) and are relatively painless. If that’s out of the question, the more operative intensive procedure to look into would be getting your tubes tied. This is a major surgery as they have to open you up (Unless there are other methods that I am unaware of. I only know about the full on surgery to tie your tubes)  and you would have a significant recovery time (compared to a vasectomy). That way you could get off birth control and will have a permenant solution to a problem you don’t need.

    Either way, get off that BC and get onto something else. Your body is telling you it isn’t good. Listen!

    Edit: The only side effect I’ve had on Lo’Ovral is an intense sexual drive. No weight gain, no libido loss, no bruising, strange bleeding or otherwise adverse reactions. My cramps are 100% gone and my periods last 3 days instead of 7, and are relatively light, compared to the niagra falls they used to be.

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    To be honest, your doctor sounds terrible. I don’t understand how any medical professional in their right mind could recommend you just “push through it” for 5 years. You’re not talking about annoying, sporatic spotting, this is much, much more serious. If I were you I would have had it removed 2 years ago. You don’t need to be a doctor to recognize this form of bc just isn’t working for you and keeping it is causing you to suffer emotionally and physically. There is absolutely no reason why you should have to stay miserable for another 2 years. None whatsoever. There are so many other options out there that are incredibly effective that don’t require you to have year long periods, migraines, and general daily misery.


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    OK if a vasectomy is out of the question, how about condoms, at least as a temporary measure? i.e. get the IUD removed ASAP, then use condoms while you look into other options. I’m a bit bothered that your fiance knows how miserable/unhealthy you are but is (apparently) doing nothing to help.

    Whatever birth control you choose, you’ve got to get the IUD removed.

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    @Jill129:  You say, “There’s just nothing HE can do.” This is how he can: he can volunteer to use condoms for a few months. This would allow you to get the IUD removed immediately, and look into other options at your leisure.

    (If you’re worried about the effectiveness of condoms, you could double up with spermicide).

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    @Jill129:  OK I see. When I first suggested vasectomy I didn’t know he was only 21, and I agree a vasectomy at 21 is drastic.

    The continunual bleeding must be a nightmare and I hope you get the IUD removed soon. <3

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