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@sunshine15:  If you are certain you’re not having kids, I highly recommend your fiance gets a vasectomy. It has lots of upsides and almost no downsides: no hormones, highly effective, extremely low chance of side effects (including no effect on his sex drive that I noticed!), quick and (relatively) cheap, and far safer and cheaper than you getting your tubes tied. Its effectiveness can easily be checked by him getting a semen sample checked.

Our story: I went on the pill (hormonal control)  a couple of months before our wedding (we were virgins too). One good side effect is it allowed me to time my period to avoid my wedding day! But I didn’t like the hormonal effects and went off it a few months later. Then we used condoms for a few years until we were ready for kids (and in between kids), and after that my husband had a vasectomy.

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@sunshine15:  I second @paula1248: ‘s suggestion of your husband getting a vasectomy: it’s relatively simple, and very reliable, and assuming you live somewhere where you have to pay for birth control, long-term it’s cost-effective.

Failing that, the only non-hormonal methods are the copper IUD, diaphragms, natural family planning, and condoms. Of those, the IUD would be my choice as diaphragms are fiddly and not as reliable, I dislike condoms due to the feel, and I would find proper natural family planning a hassle (it’s quite involved) plus although it can be very effective when done properly, I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable relying on it.

Don’t discount hormonal methods though; weight gain isn’t a given, particularly with lower-dose methods like the progestogen-only pill (POP) and the Mirena IUS. I personally have tried the combined pill (Microgynon), the Depo Provera injection, the Mirena IUS and the POP (cerazette). I gained weight with Microgynon (12 pounds over 6 months; however it was because I was eating more, I was also an age where I would likely have begun to gain weight anyway (15)) and the Depo injection (14 pounds; could NOT shift it despite dieting, and I definitely wasn’t eating more; it literally piled on out of nowhere). I didnd’t gain with the Mirena IUS or with Cerazette; I’ve been on Cerazette for 3 years now and it’s my favourite method by far.

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i third the vasectomy if you are absolutely sure you don’t ever want children.

 i was on BCP for 14 years.  when i first started it, my boobs went up a cup size but no other side effects.  when i went off BCP in june, my cycle went back to exactly 28 days right away.


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I also would consider getting a vesectomy, if you are sure you are never going to want kids.

If you don’t want to do that just yet – maybe try a IUD? I use Mirena, which is hormonal, but has a much lower dose of hormones than the pill/nuva ring. You could also try Paragaurd.. also an IUD but no hormones. You have to change it every 5 years. I LOVE it!

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@sunshine15: Welcome to the hive!

I found the coil best for me, except it made my periods heavy and gave me cramping. The first one after it was fitted was the worst. The cramping subsided after a year but it would take my breath away. However, I much preferred this to the pill as it dis-agrees with me.

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For him, a vas is the best option.

If a vas is not an option, then your best options are either an IUD (lasts from 5-10 years depending on which one you get) or implant (last around 3 years).  They are long lasting and you don’t have to worry about remembering to take a pill every day at a certain time.

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I had the copper IUD (10 years) and I LOVE it!  I check my strings every month and that’s it.  My doctor did tell me it may make my periods heavier for the first few months but I have not had that issue at all.

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I would look at a copper IUD if you don’t want hormones.  As PP said, a vasectomy is really the best if you’re both absolutely sure on it.

I used BCP for 16 years and it was a life saver for me!  I didn’t have any bad side effects (or even weight gain) but I know some people have some issues.  If you’ve never tried it before, it could be worth a try to see if it works for you.  But I might try the copper IUD first.

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I have a copper iud and I absolutely recommend it! 

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