(Closed) Birth Control Options – What do you do? (POLL)

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  • poll: What form do you use for b.c?
    Simple. Condoms : (48 votes)
    19 %
    The shot : (5 votes)
    2 %
    The combination pill (hormones included!) : (110 votes)
    43 %
    IUD : (59 votes)
    23 %
    Non-Hormone Birth Control (Please Explain!) : (31 votes)
    12 %
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    *What you use: I use Paraguard (the copper/non-hormonal IUD) Updated: I’ve never had kids and my dr said it was fine- you just have a higher risk of your body pushing the iud back out within the first few months, but I got it done at Planned Parenthood and they do them all them time there.. 

    *Why you use it: I was on various hormonal bc (pills, patch, ring) and was unhappy with the side effects (low sex drive mainly) and just generally not down with continuing to put more synthetic hormones into my system. nearly 10 years was plenty already! Plus, since it’s not hormonal once it’s taken out you can get pregnant almost immediatly… 

    *How long you’ve used it: at least 5 years, can’t remeber exactly when, but it’s good for 12 years so I really don’t even think about it!

    *Any negative/positive side effects with use? Yes, I did have more cramping & heavier flows for the first 6 mos-1year. After the year mark my body seeemd to be much better adjusted to it and now I’m side-effect free except for a heavy/painful flow maybe once a year… The insertion was a little painful, but not anything crazy- like a weird cramp/pinching/pulling feeling. I’d do it again in a second… 


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    *What you use: Mirena IUD (FYI based on your concerns I’m 21 and have never been pregnant and they also make a smaller version that is supposed to be designed for women who haven’t been pregnant. My understanding is that part of the belief that you have to have been pregnant before is because that was the group used for original testing).

    *Why you use it: I was on a combination pill but experienced mood swings and lowered sex drive. I looked into long term options (depo shot, implant, paraguard, and Mirena) since I’m in a monogamous relationship and didn’t like the depo because it only lasts 3 mo, was meh about the implant, ultimately picked Mirena over paraguard because of the promise of lighter periods.

    *How long you’ve used it: 11 months

    *Any negative/positive side effects with use? Negative- getting it inserted was painful (though not ridiculously so. I’d definitely do it again), unpredictable spotting for about 3 months, occasional unpredictable cramps

    Positive- no spotting after the 3 month mark, still have sex drive & no dryness or mood swings, not having to worry about taking pill every day/ freedom to travel without thinking about birth control or my period

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    I used Implanon for 7 years and loved it until the last year. Within 6 months after my first rod, I gained nearly 15kg and my periods became extremely irregular and sometimes lasting nearly 2 weeks. I had my third rod out early as my moods were going into a debilitating downward spiral. Anxiety had become intense and I often had moments of feeling really down for no apparent reason. So, I finally made the switch to a low hormone pill and gained about 5kg in the first 3 months, experienced dryness and decreased libido but my mood improved significantly. I took the pill for 6 months total. 

    Nearly 2 months ago, I stopped using all hormonal contraception because I realised that I really didn’t know my own body at all, or myself for that matter, without added hormones and I am sick of side effects. It is also just shy of a whole year since I had my last period, so I am trying to get my body back into the healthy and natural swing of things before we soon start TTC. Since stopping, I have more energy and my moods have had a massive boost. I am a much happier, healthier and less stressed person now. 🙂

    Though in saying all that, of course, everyone’s body responds to different things in different ways. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with. 

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    *What you use Yaz

    *Why you use it birth control

    *How long you’ve used it 6 months, then stopped for a while and have been back on it for 9 months

    *Any negative/positive side effects with use? I had emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder while I was on Yaz. After that, I stopped it for a while. I was switched to another pill a few months later, but it made me moody, and I had my period for over 2 weeks. I needed to get off it and I told my dr. that I was on Yaz but got my gallbladder out during that time period. She said that all pills carry the same risk and suggested I go back on it since I didn’t have any other problems. I’m back on Yaz and I haven’t had anything wrong. Periods are shorter, I haven’t had mood swings, and it’s also said to be good at clearing acne.

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    Pull out, because I wanted to get off birth control pills for a long time before TTC to make sure it was totally out of my system. If we accidentally got pregnant we would be thrilled and are prepared for the possibility. 

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    mrsdoodlebop: I may have missed it but reading through the responses I think I may be the first to answer with the Nuvaring. Previously I used condoms and then transitioned to a diaphragm but really didn’t like dealing with the ‘clean up’ (sorry if that’s TMI) so I looked into the pill. After hearing about the side affects I was really turned off by hormonal methods and thought about an IUD but my doctor acutally disuaded me from it due to my age (I didn’t have a long term boyfriend at the time and she said it’s really more for a “1 partner” type of situation) so we decided on the Nuvaring. About 6 years later I’m still using it and still love it.

    The hormonal dosage is very, very, very low (which is why you keep it in for 3 weeks) so I don’t have the typical side affects of the pill and I don’t have to worry about taking it at the same time every day. Generally I’d really recommend it!

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    *What you use
    Birth control pill (Levlen Ed).

    *Why you use it
    My stepmother put me on it when I first started dating Darling Husband just in case. I was 16.

    *How long you’ve used it
    I used it for two years.

    *Any negative/positive side effects with use?
    No positive side effects. I actually got so angry taking that prescription that Darling Husband insisted I get off it straight away. It took us about six months to realise it was the BC that was changing my mood, and nothing else. Within a month of being off it I was happy as anything.

    I got off it at 19, and now we don’t use BC at all.

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    ukitali:  Same here for Mirena! 

    *What you use: Mirena IUD. Thanks to Obama my stupid health insurance finally had to cover birth control (they are ~religious~) and I managed to get it done in the last week before I no longer had coverage with them, haha! 

    *Why you use it: Because I’m a pathetic little baby who still hasn’t managed the whole pill-swallowing thing. I’ve always been in good health (no required medications) and I was JUST starting to gag less on my ADD meds when I got strep and it hurt just to swallow saliva, which knocked me back to square -1000. Plus I don’t want any babies. No thank you sir. I’m in my mid-twenties but I am in NO position to have a child right now!

    *How long you’ve used it: Since March, so 6 months now!

    *Any negative/positive side effects with use?

    Positive: They said periods lighter/shorter, cramps lessened (which is the only PMS I get), or even no period at all. Well I do still get a very light, basically spotting period but it’s still WAY better! I have just the littlest bit of discomfort instead of awful cramps and my period is light enough that I’m open to sex while on it (he’s not bothered by blood – Army/farmboy/sexually experience). Plus I basically just use pantyliners and regular or light tampons now! No worrying about bleeding through in the middle of the night! PLUS IT LASTS FOR FIVE YEARS. 

    Negative: The menstrual cup is cautioned against (which is fine since I never got around to trying it anyway). If it perforates your uterus and starts migrating around things can get really bad and require surgery. So that’s super comforting! -___-‘ Also if you don’t have health insurance or birth control isn’t covered then it’s pretty pricey – like $1000. 

    Doctor said to check and make sure I can feel the strings after each period (since your period is when it’s most likely to move and have those wonderful complications I mentioned), so once or twice a month I do a little check in the shower. Gives me a bit of anxiety every time (what if I can’t feel them?!?!) but I’ve never had a problem. Since I can feel the strings I was also a bit concerned that my boyfriend would be able to, but he doesn’t seem to have so far! (but then again we’re long distance)

    I did get prescribed the pill while dating my ex but I just wasn’t doing okay with it and I was stressed about being inconsistent or wasting pills that I couldn’t choke down and messing up the whole cycle. I did NOT trust that guy by the end (I do NOT trust the ‘pull out’ method and at LEAST once a condom broke and he didn’t tell me until MONTHS LATER) and HATED the idea of my body and future being at risk from his stupidity and wanting to avoid confrontation. Much differently, I respect my boyfriend and that he’s always honest, so I didn’t like not being on something. I really feel that two methods are better than one and not using a condom freaks me out a little even with the IUD, however I want something in place since we are headed towards a future together and I don’t want him to have to use condoms forever; it takes two to tango and I should do my share to be responsible, after all.


     On a sidenote – what is TTC? I see so many acronyms and abbreviations thrown around in here that it’s making my head spin! FI? HU?

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    his pull out game is strong. 2+ years (sexually active).


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    What you use- Birth control

    Why you use it- too young for babies, and it helps my peripd

    How long you’ve used it- 5ish years


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    mrsdoodlebop:  Copper IUD (Paragard)

    What you use: Copper IUD (Paragard) 

    *Why you use it: Hormones don’t agree with me/no babies yet!

    *How long you’ve used it: since oct 2012

    *Any negative/positive side effects with use: Horrid cramps for the first year. One day of HEAVY bleeding and periods that last 8-9 days. It’s annoying. But less annoying than me being a monster while on hormonal BC.


    Nuvaring–horrid headaches, nausea, mood swings (TERRIBLE) and vomitting. (lost 15lbs)

    Yasmin (now YAZ)–horrible weight gain, headaches, moodswings.

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    mrsdoodlebop:  I don’t use anything because I don’t believe in it. I’ve downloaded the app “pink pad” and I track my periods. And I have sex when the app says I’m not ovulating and it’s worked for me for about 6 Years. Until about January when we decided to conceive, and pretty much made a baby during the ovulation period. It works as long as you’re consistent with the tracking


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    DominiqueW:  And in the past I’ve used the pads that stick to your arm, and an iud and pills. Can’t stand any of it. The sticker things get dirty and collect lint, the iud was painful for me and made me have really heavy periods, and I couldn’t ever remember to take the pills, and they gave me horrible mood swings

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    Sperm banking and vasectomy.
    (we’re waiting until we’re married before sleeping together so I’m not or ever have been on a birth control)

    Reasons: Um… yeah. The hormone nonsense can really mess you up. Seriously. I’m legit scared of that stuff and pissed that it’s so casually dispensed, especially when things like RISUG exist elsewhere and have for like 30 years and it magically somehow just can’t make it here… “Final trials.” Thanks big pharma, you continue to be not evil and self-serving, as usual. And then they had to just change it, make it less safe, and call it Vasagel. I guess it’s better than nothing, but still. ugh. Such a bloody business.

    And condoms just seem tedious and mood-killing and too much to worry with and just not reliable enough and well… they’re condoms.

    Copper IUD seemed to be the best bet for a while… but I found it has its own set of problems, and quite frankly I’d just be constantly paranoid that it becomes dislodged or whatnot and suddenly I’m pregnant but it’s complicated and terrible. Plus, increasing inflammation is totally the opposite of what you want in your body, especially 24/7 for months or years.


    And really, anything that’s not like at least 98% guarantee, I’m not interested because I am NOT ready for a surprise for at least a couple years after we get married. I need to be totally super mentally prepared for that, because I’m not a baby person and the whole idea of pregnancy terrifies me, honestly.

    SO… what we’re doing is sperm banking + vasectomy by super skilled doctor that we’re flying out of state to see to make sure it’s done right. Even if the sperm banking stuff doesn’t for some crazy reason, a vasectomy now is pretty much successfully reversible if it’s performed right the first time. Mobility and quality might be be affected somewhat for a while when reversed, or might not, but… whatever. Statistically, if it’s done within 5 years, it shouldn’t be a problem anyway. The sperm banking is what we’re relying on anyway because a reversal is expensive, but it won’t be impossible if the banking stock doesn’t work for some reason.

    So yeah, no hormones so no worries of weight gain/mood swings/LOWERED LIBIDO/clots/long-term damaged endocrine system/myriad of other issues… No worries about taking the pill the same time of day every day or it might not be as effective… Nothing. Yay!

    Still angry about RISUG though. Totally super bitter about that. It should be so available now, and definitely WAY before MALE hormonal birth control. Ridiculous. 


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