(Closed) Birth Control Options? What have been your experiences?

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    I had the Mirena IUD the full 5 years until it expired. I had it removed and not replaced because I knew we were going to TTC soon. I will definitely get it again.

    Over the years I’ve used almost everything but the nuvaring and the rod. I gained A LOT of weight on the shot, I would not suggest that.

    Honestly everyone is going to have a different opinon. You’ll hear 20 people who loved the IUD and 20 who hated it. Same with just about every form of BC out there because it’s a matter of finding what works for your body. Aside from weight gain with the shot, I never had any crazy negative experienes with any kind of BC so maybe I’m just lucky? I read lots of stories of women who have issues with all kinds of stuff.

    My decision came down to not having to worry about BC for 5 years. Added bonus was cost. It was covered under my insurance so all I paid was a $25 copay vs the $25/month I paid for pills at the time.

    With the IUD I didn’t have cramping or periods. I will be really honest and say that insertion was very painful (but I’m a wuss with a low tolorance pain level) but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, and I drove myself home. Removal was also uncomfortable for me, but I think more because I’d worked myself up about it based on my memories of insertion. Again, they gave me some advil and I drove home. I had some mild cramping and a little spotting. My period returned 2 weeks later and has been clockwork ever since (I’ve been off BC for almost 4 years now).

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    You can definitely try a different pill and see if you have fewer side effects. The first pill I went on was one of the most popular low dose pills at the time and it made me sooooo moody. I’m on Yaz now (and have been for almost 10 years) and I love it! It can just take time to find the best pill for you. Since everyone’s horomones are so different to begin with, there can be such a range of side effects from a single pill. If you truly think the pill is the right form of birth control for you, I would try at least one more, and give it a few months, before writing it off completely.

    If I wasn’t so happy with my pill, I would definitely get a Mirena. I’ve never had an IUD, but I have so many friends with them and they all LOVE them. I think they had a range of experiences when it comes to insertion, but not one of them regrets it.

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    I have the Skyla IUD which is a smaller version of the Mirena basically, with less hormones. Insertion was painful and I spotted for a few months which was annoying, but other than that it’s been great. My sex drive is the highest its ever been (and that’s saying something since I have a toddler now haha). You will ALWAYS find people with a negative/horror story about every type of BC. All you can really do it try it.

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    I have PCOS and I hated the pill. I was placed on about four different kinds before I just stopped taking them. It made me feel nauseous, I had zero sex drive, my periods were still terrible. I just had an ultimately bad experience. 

    I did a lot of research and decided to try for the Nexplanon/Implanon implant. I have had it for three years now and it expires next month. The worst part about it at all is the numbing shot beforehand and the week immediately after insertian. My arm did bruise a lot and it hurt sooooo bad when I would bump my arm on anything but that all went away within days. My main reason for being on birth control to begin with was to regulate my periods so I was pretty pleased when I would only have 2-3 periods a year. Now that it is almost expired, I have had a period monthly but they have been regular. I did gain a considerable amount of weight after getting the implant though (right around 30 pounds) and I have found it difficult to lose. That is really the only negative I have encountered. 

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    I was on the depo shot for about 8 years and had no issues whatsoever. No weight gain, no periods, no other side effects. My doctor told me to consider other methods as the depo shot may cause bone weakening if taken for extended periods of time. I switched to mirena and loved it as well. I would definitely recommend the mirena. While some women do have issues with IUDs, I’m certain that the majority doesn’t (you just hear about the negative ones more!). 


    I also tried the pill – hated it! And got pregnant while on it. In between having kids, I used the Nuva ring. It was okay short term. Worked well, but it was more of a hassle and I was always paranoid about it just hanging out in there 🙂 

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    Fertility Awareness Method. All natural. Changed my life. It’s easy, effective, no hormones needed, and I’m finally in control of my body. So empowering. DM me if you have any questions!

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    I had been on the pill for years, no problems. Then I hit the big 3-0, and it was like a light switch turned either off/on. Period flow got worse, middle of month pain, worse, mood swings everywhere. Went to the doctor and she explained that becuase I had reached that specific age, that it was true, your body does undergo a drastic change at that point, and the pill no longer could sustain it. She suggested the Mirena – I had already heard good and very bad things. Still, I gave it a shot. Holy moly, it was the best thing that I’ve done. Mood stabalized immediately, and I fall under that bracket of patients that do not get their period – plus plus. I do feel my mood swing a tad around that time of the month when I would normally get a period, but nothing crazy – a good thing for my poor Fiance. I’m on my second round of the Mirena and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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    I got the copper IUD because I had already had a child and it was recommended to me over the others because I didn’t want one with hormones in it.  I loved it.  But had it taken out in a year so we could TTC (we had planned on not having another kid and halfway through decided we wanted one).

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    I use NFP (also FAM, charting) and love it. I spent a few years trying different pills, and like you had bad side effects and didn’t like putting medicine/hormones into my body. I like NFP because it is easy (in my opinion) and I understand my body a lot more as a result. If done correctly, it is just as effective as other forms of contraceptives. Bonus- if you want to TTC soon, you will already be aware of your cycles.

    Some will say its not effective, don’t count on it. If you do it correctly, it’s effective. If you half-ass it, you can get pregnant, just like with any other form of birth control.

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    I use the pill…but if you’re experiencing those systems, try a lower horomone? It is normal to experience side effects for the first few months until your body adjusts… I’ve been on YAZ (loved!), ortho-evra, and now seasonique (but talk about mood swings. may be coming off) Talk to your providers!  My GYN advised against the shot because of weight gain. And maybe sit down and think about what you want out of your birth control (i.e taking it everyday, amount of hormones, side effects, personal preferences) We have a lot of options out there (: Good luck!

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    Nexplanon has been a dream for me! I got it in October, had one period when I came off the pill after insertion, and no periods since! I haven’t had any spotting, cramping, mood swings, or weight gain. It may have, however, had a slightly detrimental effect on my sex drive. Not positive, though. 

    If I were you, based on what you described, I’d go with an IUD! Localized hormones are less likely to affect your shed drive, or you can go hormone-free with the copper implant. 

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    I had paraguard (copper IUD)  for about a year and a half. It was by far my favorite out of condoms, nuvaring, and pills.

    You do have a to be a good candidate for it, because of the effects. If you have light, non-cramp, short periods, you could consider it. The first year of having it in, my periods were longer by about 2 days, cramping for a couple days, and much much much heavier bleeding. By the time it was removed (a year and a half later), I had no more cramping, I was back to my normal amount of days, and the bleeding, though heavier than before it was in, had drastically decreased from the begining. I only had it out because I had a hysterectomy… And clearly no need for birth control.

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    saccarabird :  try another pill because I had the same issue with one of mine! I had zero sex drive. My friends that got IUDs pre-kids seemed to have mostly bad experiences, but my mom friends love them. Turns out we have infertility so all those pills were for nothing though lol. After this pregnancy (IVF) at least I don’t have to really worry about it again though!  (I’m not stupid, I know some people get pregnant naturally after IVF, but we want a lot of kids so there is no point in preventing since our chances are so low and we would welcome it)

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    I’ve had the Mirena IUD for about 4 years and I love it. There was a 3-6 month adjustment period where I had some cramps and spotting, but nothing intense. After that, I haven’t had a period once. Before I used to get horrible cramps and heavy periods (hence not wanting the copper IUD–that can lead to heavier periods), so it’s been a great side effect. 

    Prior to the IUD, I was on the pill and although I took it like clockwork–alarm on my phone and everything–I still got pregnant on it. The pill gets a big nope from me. 

    ETA: My best friend also has the Mirena IUD and loves it. Neither of us have given birth and she’s never been pregnant, so it’s not just for women who’ve had kids. 

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