(Closed) Birth Control Options? What have been your experiences?

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    I’ve been lucky to have had an overall good experience with the pill and haven’t felt the need to really look into anything else – Nuva Ring weirds me out and my doctor actually was against an IUD for me since I haven’t had children yet and my uterus, etc. is smaller (something about “not rocking the boat”). 

    However I will tell you that I haven’t been able to stay on just one pill exclusively, I’ve had to change as my body and hormones change. You may feel great on one pill for a year or two, and then suddenly not so great and need to change. I will also say that there are so many different pills out there witih so many different dosage levels and combinations that trying one for a couple months and quitting isn’t going to give you a very sound perception of the pill method. Also, it takes up to three months for your body to fully adjust to a new pill, so keep that in mind. 

    That being said, definitely don’t stick with a method you don’t like or don’t feel good with, but also remember that whichever method you choose isn’t going to be 100% perfect sunshine and rainbows. There’s always going to be an aspect that just sucks. But for me, I had no trouble remembering to take a pill everyday (a majorly important factor in choosing that method) and liked that it wasn’t as invasive as other options. Having something inserted in my body squicks me out. 

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    I was on BCP for over 10 years with no issues. Super-high sex drive, minimal PMS symptoms, no weight gain (except for a cup size in my bust, noticed when I would go off for a month or two), consistent period every month. I tried switching it up, but the best pills for me were Diane 35 and then Marvelon. Skin was great… everything was awesome! 

    Then we got pregnant two weeks after going off the pill on our first month trying, so I haven’t been on them since September. I’ll be going back on Marvelon when we decide it’s best post-baby.

    I know that my experience is not average. However, I would encourage you to try another pill. I haven’t heard of the one you’re on, but I know three of my friends are on Marvelon and love it. I tried Yas and Alesse and both were not good experiences for me.

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    I’ve tried 4-5 different brands of BCP, and every single one has made me throw up on a near-daily basis 🙁 One of them worked for a while, but it was brand name, and then my insurance decided they wouldn’t pay for brand name anymore and I could only get generic — but generic made me throw up too, so that was out of the question again. No other significant side effects other than intractable vomiting though. The best thing about BCP was that it made my skin look great! And going off of it caused breakouts that I haven’t been able to get under control since, unfortunately. 

    Mirena is great and I love it! Insertion was awful and I nearly passed out, but I’d still get another one in a heartbeat. I stopped having periods altogether after about 4 months of having it in. I used to get really bad cramps for the first few months of having it in, but those have more or less subsided too at this point. And now I just don’t have periods, which is awesome! 

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    Pill made me want to do anything but SEX. I felt terrible for my SO because I literally preffered doing ANTHING ELSE. It was also not as satysfying and felt more like a chore. My boobs were swollen probably 3 weeks out of four in a month. HORRIBLE. Was on that for 2 years. I quit completly because all those hormonal methods have done no good to my body. Prior to the pill, I was always very aroused. Now im 4 months out the pill and im just starting to feel normal and aroused again. Only positive is im having lighter periods with less cramping if I take pain killers right away. Im using the calendar method now as I am very regular. 

    I wouldn’t recomend it from personal experience. Now I feel like a teenager again with a whole bunch of bacne I developed after getting off the pill. My back looks hideous and it’s almost summer.


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    The pill has worked for me in the past. For my current relationship we use charting + condoms, ie, using condoms during fertile window. I’m not saying this is a foolproof method but it works for us as he has a very low sex drive. Often we might go through the whole fertile window without him wanting sex. And not because he knows it’s that time, cause obviously I’m the one that keeps track. So we might go a month or longer without using a condom. 

    For us I felt it was annoying to take 30 pills per month for 2-3 sex sessions. In past relationships sex happened all the time any time so the pill was better suited. 


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    saccarabird :  I’ve tried a bunch of different BCP and the nuvaring and they all killed my libido and really threw my natural hormones so out of wack that it took a while for me to get back to normal. We use the pull-out method and yes it’s not the most effective but it’s worked for us.

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    I so regret being on any hormonal birth control. I used depo & then pills for a total of 14 years. If I’d known what I do now about all the negative side effects (specifically long term once you are off hbc) I’d have only used it during my college years. I use FErtility Awareness Method (charting, cervical fluid, temperature) to monitor my cycle. I feel confident this is just as effective, if not more so, & so much healthier 

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    I hated hormonal birth control. Stopped using it 20 or so years ago. 

    Condoms unless I’ve been in a long term steady relationship when it was pull out (combined sometimes with knowing my cycles and fertile times).

    worked well throughout 10+ years of steady relationships. 

    Got pregnant without problems aged 39 on cycle 4 when started ttc with my husband. 

    Id not recommend pull out unless your guy totally gets it and you are both tested and would be ok with ‘oops pregnancy’ but if you use it properly and carefully then it’s been good for me and others I know who’ve used it. 

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    saccarabird :  if you’re planning to skip your period for your wedding do it now as I went on birth control to fix this issue for my wedding. I did it the month before the wedding (thankfully) as I had withdrawal bleeding in the days I would’ve gotten my “period” and then the week of my wedding I was period free 🙂

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    I’m another vote for FAM! I love it and I feel so much more knowledgeable about my body. Prior to FAM I was on depo and then the pills…. I don’t think I’d ever go back to anything else. 

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    The one thing I can say is do not ever get a copper iud. It nearly ruined my life as it made me copper toxic and I was having severe anxiety out of nowhere. Thousands of women are affected if you search around. I had mine for 4 years. 

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    saccarabird : I selected copper IUD as it was the best for me compared to the pill. I went crazy on the pill. Though I would be interested to see what the hormone IUD is like perhaps next time. My periods became heavier with the copper one and it took years for them to come back to normal and I got very bad period pain with it. 

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    Before I convinced my doctor to insert my Mirena, I was on Depo for about 2 years. It was a pain in the butt. I could get around the bruised feeling the injection left in my butt cheek, and the urine tests any time I was late to get my next shot, but decided to switch when it led me to spend about 12 days a month spotting, plus a 6 day period. I ended up gaining like 25 pounds on it too. It was awful.

    With Mirena, my periods are short, light and predictable, which is something I never had even before getting on birth control. I don’t really have PMS anymore, and I only experience mild cramping the day before my period starts, like a warning. I haven’t had any problems with weight gain, acne, fatigue or loss of sex drive, and I only have to think about my birth control when I do a string check in the shower once a week. I’m really happy with it. The only part about it that sucks is the cramping on the day you get it placed. It’s not fun, but it’s nothing a heat pad, some Tylenol and a few Disney movies can’t fix. 

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    I have a copper IUD and I really like it.  I wanted to avoid hormonal birth control.  I don’t think it is right to mess with your horomones like that.  I had a Mirena before that and had been on the pill years ago.  I did like that I didn’t have much in the way of periods with the Mirena, but now that I have the copper IUD I like it a lot better.  I can tell my cyles are normal and I track them with an app.  It was a bit disconcerting not having a period with the Mirena IUD.  Compared to my periods before the copper IUD, they really haven’t gotten much worse but mine were a bit heavy to begin with.  I was really worried about how it would be with a copper IUD after reading horror stories online but I really didn’t notice much difference.  When I am married, I will probably switch to FAM if an unintended pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue.

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