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  • poll: Have you gotten pregnant while on birth control?


    Yes, but I think it was due to my own mistake (ie missing doses)

    No, my birth control has always been effective (knock on wood)

    No, SO and I use another form of contraceptive (ie condom, pull out, etc) or abstinence

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    Im always dreading this (at least up until the wedding). Want to follow along 🙂 have no helpful input though ! Sorry!

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    Not sure if you want those who haven’t gotten pregnant to respond or not, based on the pole? But for me: 

    On the pill (mostly ortho tri cyclen) for 8 years with condoms as back-up (because I’m paranoid) with no pregnancy. 

    Now 1.5 years on Ortho Lo with no backup and no pregnancy.

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    I’ve been on tri-cyclen lo for about 2 years and use either condoms or pull out. No pregnancy. We always say that we’d stop using comdoms or him pulling out but it’s always “next time i’ll go inside you”. haah still waiting for that day.

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    I got pregnant taking ortho Tri Cyclin Lo perfectly (as in, no antibiotics or other possible interactions, and I took it with an alarm every day, even compensating for time changes while traveling). I was so shocked that my husband had to pick me up off the floor when I took the test. The doctor was less shocked, saying that they see up to a 5% failure rate – as in 5 in 100 women EVERY YEAR pregnant on the pill, almost always without missing a dose. Nothing is 100%, and nothing is as effective as those tightly controlled small studies the drug companies draw their data from!

    (I took Ortho Tri Cyclin Lo for about 7 years straight before the pregnancy)

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    I have managed to stay not pregnant for the lasy 9 months on my nuvaring, but I have a friend who is on BC baby #2, first time taking the pill (and she says she didn’t mess it up!) then now, a little less than a year after baby 1 was born, she found out she is pregnant again, this time while on the patch. Her OB thinks she might just be one of those weird (and rare) people that hormonal birth control just doesn’t quite work for. Scares me silly. While us getting pregnant now isn’t the end of the world, it also isn’t ideal.

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    I was on the pill for 10 years. Doubled up with a condom any time it was particularly inconvenient to fall pregnant. Never had so much as a scare.  But considering I’ve now been actively TRYING to get pregnant for a year with no luck I’m not 100% confident in claiming it was all the bcp/condom’s doing 🙂

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    The vast majority of cases you hear of when people ‘get pregnant on birth control’ is due to user error. I was terrible about taking the pill at the correct time every day so I chose to use a different method, because I suspect otherwise I would have wound up pregnant due to my own mistakes.

    Birth control pills are estimated to have a 92% typical use rate and a 99.7% perfect use rate, meaning of every 100 women with typical use (ie, including user error) for a year, 8 women will become pregnant and of every 100 women with perfect use (no user error whatsoever), less than 1 woman will become pregnant. With perfect use, it’s very unlikely to get pregnant but with the way I was about taking it, much more likely. I switched to the IUD which has no user error to avoid these worries.

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    My mom got pregnant on the pill at least twice. Once because of antibiotics (this was 20 years ago, and no one told her that could happen) and once because the dosage was too low. Technically, neither of which was her fault. 

    My sister may have been a BC baby too because she wasn’t planned either… She went to get her tubes tied and the doctors said, “We can’t… because you’re pregnant.” 

    My mom just had really bad luck with birth control. I’m really hoping that isn’t genetic. 


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    I got pregnant on the pill (specifically, Camrese) with no user error.  I was on that particular BC for almost 2 years, and we didn’t use any backup methods.  My doctor had no real explanation for it – just that the pill doesn’t prevent pregnancy; it only reduces the risk, and even though the percentages are really low, when you consider that thousands and thousands of women are taking the pill, you’re still looking at a fair amount of surprise pregnancies each year.

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    I was on the pill for 8 years (Ortho Tricyclen Lo, Yasmin, Yaz) and never had a problem or a scare. The closest to a scare I ever had was when my period was so light I got paranoid. We did not use back up unless I was on medicine or had forgotten 2 pills in one cycle or took them way off schedule. I wasn’t perfect, but did always take them within a couple of hours of the same time, and like I said, if I missed one or forgot to take it for 12 hours or so, I’d use back up the rest of the month.

    Now that I’m off the pill and TTC, I’ve been charting and it seems I am now ovulating as normal, so it looks like it was the pill that worked.

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    I’ve been on several different BC pills, the patch, and depo and ALWAYS used condoms in addition to hormonal birth control with no pregnancies or scares.  I stopped using hormonal bc last year and we used condoms only and were successful in avoiding pregnancy.  We didn’t get pregnant until we stopped using condoms & started charting my temps.

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    I used the pill and condoms together for almost 2 years (wanted to make sure we didn’t get pregnant while still in school and just dating).

    After getting engaged, we dropped the condoms and just relied on the pill.  That was over 3 years ago and still no pregnancies.

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    I have been on the pill for 8 years. I am pretty diligant about taking it at the same time every day, but have missed one or taken one late on occasion. I’ve had good luck so far 🙂

    My mom, on the other hand, had horrible luck with birth control. By the time she had been sexually active for 5 years she already had 2 children, having been on the pill the whole time. After I was born, she started using condoms as well and STILL got preganant with my brother 3 years later. She got her tubes tied the day he was born lol

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    We used the pill and pull out together for 4 years without issues.

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