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@IUrebekah3RT:  Sorry you’re having all these issues.  I used to get migraines from hell when I was on combined BC with oestrogen content.  I switched to the progestogen-only pill and my migraines stopped completely but my periods were horrendous.  As I’ve always had heavy periods (including before I was on BC) my Dr said a higher hormonal input might help.  Since then, I’ve gone onto Implanon which is also progestogen-only and continued with the mini pill.  No more problems whatsoever with migraines or terrible periods.

I don’t know whether the mini pill is widely prescribed in the US (they don’t use it in the UK unless you can’t have the combined pill) but it might be worth asking about?  Hope everything sorts itself out for you!

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The Mirena IUD is also progesterone-only. I have one and have had one for about 2 months and I LOVE it. I had issues with the estrogen in my BC pills (rapid, violent mood swings, rapid weight gain, etc) and I haven’t noticed anything with the Mirena.

I have had a child, but I was scheduled to get one when I found out I was pregnant. They can and will insert it in a woman who has not given birth. 

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@IUrebekah3RT:  Sometimes it just takes your body time to adjust. When I stopped using BC, it took me about 3 months to get regular again. With all of those medications, your body probably needs time to adjust.

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 I’m sorry you are having migraines, they suck! I had the same problem with BC pills they made me moody and gave me migraines. I tried microgestin, tri-cyclen and ortho-tricyclen low. I’ve had the paragard (copper) IUD for about 5 years now and I love it! The only complaint I have was my periods were a little more crampy for the first few months, even so, it has by far been the best birth control method I have used. I highly recommend you talk to your OBGYN about it. 

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I had horrible migraines and cramps so they put me on the depo shot as a form of bc. It stops your period. When it was time for my second shot (3 months later) I wasn’t having any cramps, migraines, or a period. It might be something to look into if you’re interested. I was on it from 15-21, I don’t recommend staying on that long. I have been off the shot for a year now and still no period. Although the 6 years without any pain was really nice. I think they reccommend staying on it for 2 years, taking a break until you get your period, then you can go back on it. 

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@IUrebekah3RT:  I would do a lot of research before getting the Mirena before having any children. Yes they will insert and they say it’s safe. BUT I had to have mine removed and did 4 other women I know. My uterus didn’t like something foreign being in there. I was so sick for so long. I would get intense shooting pains doubling me over and almost passing out. I do know a few women who have a Mirena and love it but my experience was enough to make me very leary!

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Have you only tried one type of pill or more than one? It sometimes takes trying many types of pills to find the right one for you. I myself have been on 7+ different types of BC pills to find what works best for me.

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I would try progesterone only pill.  If that works for you, you can consider Mirena, which lasts up to 5 years.  I had one inserted about a month ago and it has been great so far.

Everyone has different reactions to different types of birth control so just take all experiences and weigh them in your mind to determine what is best for you.

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I’ve been on depo for 11 years…which is rare, but I refuse to go off of it….I just have to make sure I am getting enough calcium and vitamin D in my diet….

It is the only thing that helped my month long periods, and got rid of my ovarian cysts…..

If my doctor has issues with me staying on it, I really don’t know what I’ll do…they won’t let me have a hysterectomy!

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I had migraines thru my teens and early 20s, and they were definitely worse when I was on The Pill.  The good news is they stopped once I had my first child… and I haven’t had one since (I am now over 50)

You should talk about your BC options with a professional… and someone who can give you the time you need to answer your Questions.  Be that your OBGYN, your Family Doctor, or a Nurse Practicioner, or a Nurse that works in a Women’s Health Environment.  They can tell you all the BC options that are out there (more than you realize… lol something for everyone) and the PROS and CONS of each.

After my first pregnancy we switched over to a Diaphram & Cream method, and because we didn’t have a whole lot of spontaneous sex (busy lives, we used to “pencil in our couple time”), it worked fine for us for many many years, until we were ready to make a more permanent choice.

Hope this helps,


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I have a copper IUD and I LOVE it. I’ve never been on any other kind of birth control, so I can’t speak to that, but I’ve had several friends and family members react poorly to hormonal methods, and didn’t want to deal with figure out which would be best etc. etc. Also I wanted to get something that was going to last a while, beucase we are just out of school and weren’t sure how long it would take us to find jobs that offer insurance. My IUD ended up costing about $150 including the insertion visit, so it was affordable for us, even though we aren’t planning on using it for the whole 10 years.

As a PP said my periods were more crampy at first, and might still be a little more crampy now (I’ve only had it for about 5 months). And my periods are definitely heavier. I have been using a Ladycup brand mentral cup for a couple years, and just switched to a bigger Fleurcup because my flow was overwhelming my smaller cup (TMI?). But, even though I’m on my period now I think it’s totally worth it. 

A lot of people in my husbands family use NFP to great success, and I have an app on my phone called Ovuview that I used to do that as well, though we’re not really using it for birth control right now (I haven’t figured it out enough, and it doesn’t really fit our schedule), but if you are an every 3 week couple it could be really useful. 

I hope you find something that will work without the migraines!

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@IUrebekah3RT:  Copper iud 100%! I have major issues emotionally with being on the pill. I couldn’t afford to get the mirena and have the same issues so I went for the copper. Best decision ever. 

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