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All birth control has side effects and each women reacts differently to them. I was on the BC pill for awhile and had no issues with it, it even helped clear my acne.

I am breastfeeding now so I opted for the Depo Provera shot….no issues with it besides a very sore arm where the needle went. A plus is that I don’t have to worry about taking a pill every day.

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I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen and I had severe side effects. I had bruises the size of dinner plates all over my body. It looked like my (then) boyfriend beat me.

My OBGYN didn’t want to listen to me so I immediately dropped him & threw away the rest of the pills. I got on Lo’Ovral (Which I had taken before, years ago) and I’ve been on it about a year. I love it. No side effects.

My periods went from 7 days to 3.
My periods went from “Niagra Falls” heavy to “A delicate brook”
I am actually able to function during shark week (I was always prone to severe cramps, vomiting and migraines)
Less acne
Less bloat
Increased libido
Even mood temperment. I’d get WICKED crazy PMS without birth control. I’m totally zen now.

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IUD!  I have the Paraguard (copper one).  It’s good for up to 10 years, you don’t have to worry about remembering a pill, you don’t have any hormones or any side effects from hormones.  It’s awesome.  WHY did I waste 10 years with regular birth control??

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Here’s a link to planned parenthood- they have some pretty good information 🙂


I’ve been on the pill, the patch, the shot, used charting and condoms… I’ve never had a bad reaction to ANY hormonal birth control method.  My periods were more regular and lighter with fewer PMS symptoms while on the pill & the patch, and I didn’t have a period at all on the depo shot.  The best thing to do is to meet with a women’s health provider to discuss your options and find one that works best for you.

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Sugar bee

I’ve been on generic Mircette in the past for two years and my fiance said it made me super moody. I now have mirena and it is great! The insertion was a bit rough and I spotted for a month but after that, I have had no problems. I also don’t really get a period other than sore breast and my mood is so much better.  It is cheap depending on your insurance – it cost me one office visit = $35 for 5 years of birth control! I was paying $10/month on the pill which isn’t bad but cannot compare to savor$35 for 5 years. I have never been pregnant before too by the way and it is one of the most effective forms of birth control.  I recommend it to all my friends. 

Edit: I have heard of people complaining that it caused them to gain weight. I have honestly lost weight – 20 lbs while on it but thay was due to a better diet and regular exercise. I think people just love to blame birth control for weight gain for he most part instead of blaming themselves. 

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@futurepilotswife_:  I use Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, and haven’t had any issues with it.  I’ve tried several different birth control pills over the years (I’ve been on birth control since I was 17, and I’m 28 now), and this has been one of the best ones for me.

Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a trial and error process.  One of my good friends said the Nuva Ring made her batshit crazy, her sex drive plummeted, etc.  Another of our mutual friends is using the Nuva Ring now and loves it.  I’ve never had any interest in using the Nuva Ring myself, but that’s a good example of how different birth control brands can affect people differently.

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@futurepilotswife_:  Every 3 months, your doctor will give you the dates you should come in. You have quite a window to go in and get it, if you go over that window, they will have to give you another pregnancy test before giving you the shot.

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I think I’ve been on every BCP— my body is such that I have to switch brands every couple years or so.


No biggie.  Get to a good gyno, they’ll walk you through the proecss.  


The one I would NEVER recommend to my worst enemy is the damn Nuva Ring.  It actually made sex painful and the damn thing gave me an ovarian cyst the size of a baseball that I had to have surgically removed.  (I’m not 100% sure the ring was to blame, but right after surgery, the surgeon switched me from that ring back onto the pill.)


I don’t have any experience with IUDs or diaphrams.  I know some women like those, though.  The shot is a pain in the ass, literally.  Some of my friends were on Depo in college.  One lost MASS amounts of hair on that!



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The pill really is different for everyone. When I first went on a pill when I was 13 (not for birth control reasons, but for hormone issues), it was terrible. I became so depressed and miserable. As soon as I stopped taking it months later, the depression went away.

The one I am on now (Orsythia is the generic I take) is great. My period are only four days long with only one somewhat heavy day. I haven’t had any depression problems. No decrease in libido. I love it.

That said, I am super excited to switch to an IUD within the next year or so. I love the thought of a long lasting BC option that I don’t have to give much thought!

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I read in an article one time that birth control is equal to breakfast cereal- you’re not going to know which one you like (and your doctor won’t know which one will work for you), until you try it. Foruntately I’m one of those people who have never had too many issues with the pill and it’s the only method, other than condoms, that I’ve used.

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@futurepilotswife_:  I can relate. I turned into an unholy bitch. My father joked that I sprouted horns during shark week.

Before my period came I was worse, though. Serious PMS — I’d snarl at everyone for the dumbest things.

as I got older, I was able to consciously control it, but I slipped up every now and then. I don’t get any of those raging emotions anymore. Every so often the dog will do something stupid and I’ll kinda growl at him, but nowhere near as extreme as I used to be. People didn’t talk to me until I wasn’t bleeding anymore because I was such a terrible person to be around. 😛

Lo’Ovral was the first birth control I was on (I am currently taking the generic, Cryselle) and I’ve always had a good reaction to it. Combined, I’ve been on it about 4 years with a year break inbetween year 3 & 4.

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