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I loved the Nuva ring. I had no issues with it and my acne got much better after a few months. Pills are notoriously unreliable because we can ALL forget one at some point. I also wanted flexibility as to when to stop it as we ttc’d one year after starting birth control. 

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I think that if you noticed side effects from hormonal birth control I strongly suggest looking into both the mirena (it is the lowest dose of hormone) or the copper IUD.  Even if you do plan on TTC before the life of the IUD is done it is a quick visit to get it taken out.

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I loved my copper t, had it for 3 years and then got pregnant!! It was a tubal and such a terrible and heartbreaking experience. I tried the pill after that and was just so moody and felt really odd. In hindsight a lot of this was grief. I’m on Nuva ring right now, its better than the pill for me but I do have a lot of spotting with it. 

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I have tried birth control several times and it makes me feel severely depressed and put on weight. I don’t understand why women feel they have to take medication when men can just wear a condom! There are also other side effects such as lethal blood clots, increased risk of breadt cancer and irregular cycle once you come off it. 

The coil is supposed to be less hormonal. 

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lcrn092416 :  I did fantastic on the pill. I was on a combo pill for almost 4 years. However, I have anxiety, so I was constantly worried that I forgot to take it so I was constantly checking. I talked to my doctor and explained we wanted to wait until about a year after the wedding to have kids. She suggested both the IUD and Nexplanon (arm implant). I chose Nexplanon for the sole reason I didnt like the risk of complications with the IUD. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No maitenence. No pill to remember. NO PERIODS! I am one of the lucky ones who have no period. I have light spotting occassionally, but nothing I need a pad or tampon for. I highly recommend it.

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lcrn092416 :  With the pill the really low estrogen ones i guess weren’t strong enough because I would get my period the middle of a pack, and ones that were higher had me all sorts of screwed up.  I was so emotional that I would cry for no reason, I was so exausted. My boobs were GIANT and so swollen.  I couldn’t wear any sort of bra because it hurt so terribly to have anything touching my boobs.  I am pregnant now and I haven’t experienced even close to the same amount of hormonal changes so it just seems like it was way too intense.  The patch regulated my period, and I had  zero hormonal problems.  I hope you find something that works well for you!  the patch i was on was othro evra.

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I’ve been on the pill and the Nuva Ring and in general I’ve had issues with birth control (decreased libido especially, weight gain, mood swings) so my Boyfriend or Best Friend and I just use condoms now. But I have to say that I did prefer the Nuva Ring the best because you don’t have to take it daily and it’s much easier.

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My sister does Mirena but did have a situation where over time it got stuck in her uterus and she had to have it surgically removed. But as someone who has no plans to have children, she told them to immediately replace it with a new one. 

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lcrn092416 :  I hated it to be honest, and I had to take it out before intercourse because it would fall out during the “deed” if I didn’t…what a mood killer “hold on baby, let me just take this ring out before we proceed” haha, I guess it depends on the person but I wasn’t a fan. Pills killed my libido as well, I suggest non-hormonal birth control if you can find something that works for the both of you.

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Foam and rhythm work just fine.

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Congratulations on your marriage! After kicking the shot and pills to the curb, I began using Nuvaring but that only last about 9 months. It just wasn’t for me. I have zero complaints on any discomfort during insertion/removal; I did however find it difficult to keep up with the schedule of when to place/remove. After one really big “scare”, I decided that I just can’t keep up with routine and I am more of a “set it and forget it” kinda gal. So I used Mirena (IUD) for 5 years then Nexplanon for 3. While feeling like I’ve tried almost everything on the market, I can tell you all birth control has their pros/cons and for me the Nuva Ring by far gave me the least amount of side effects…while Nexplanon was by far the worse (I would never recommend that form of BC). So if you are the type who can stick to a routine schedule, then you should give NuvaRing a shot! 

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