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I would advace you to talk to your doctor. She/he will have the best options for you ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m on the pill and I don’t have any side effects, and I get rid of my acne back in the teen days ๐Ÿ˜›

Condoms can be pretty usefull too, if you don’t deal well with the pill.

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Definitely talk to your doctor!  ๐Ÿ™‚

But I thought all insurance plans are required to cover birth control at no cost, under the Affordable Care Act??  My birth control is free…  IDK where you are, but I’m in Southern California with Kaiser.

You can also go to Planned Parenthood and get birth control there at no cost.  I got my birth control there when I was in college and didn’t have insurance.

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@Weddinggirl2713:  Speak with your doctor about what type of hormonal birth control will work best with you. I have been on tri-sprintec (generic of ortho tri-cyclen) for 6 years with no side effects.I don’t recommend starting birth control fairly close to your wedding, as you don’t know what effect it will have on your body.

I also get my pill via Target for 9.00 a month. They have other birth control pills for as low as 4.00.

I would recommend usng condoms and hormonal BC, if you choose to use it. Polyeurathane condoms are thinner than latex ones and they break less (iirc).

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@Weddinggirl2713:  I have the mirena IUD. I am on my second one. The first was in for 5 years and the second will be in for 5 as well. I started on the patch (hated it), then the nuva ring (it was ok) and then I took the leap for an IUD.

I LOVE IT! I have not had children yet, but it hasn’t been a problem. The insertion process was a little painful and I experienced some cramping, but my periods are far and few between and I don’t have to remember to take a pill, change the ring or remove a patch.

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@Weddinggirl2713:  i had the mirena IUD for about 2 1/2 years. i loved it. i’ll warn you though, the insertion when they put it in hurt like nobody’s business and i wasn’t a virgin. i’m not sure if being a virgin would make it more painful. if you can tolerate the pain (it only hurts for a little while), then i would recommend it especially if you guys don’t want kids for 5 years (the mirena is good for 5 years). oh and you can get it taken out anytime (it doesn’t have to be in for the full 5 years).


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@Weddinggirl2713:  You should go to your doctor and discuss your options with him or her. I have been on several kinds and find that I need a little more hirmone than super low dose pills and do best with a pill that only has one type (so no  tri-cyclins). It took some expermentation, but for me, taking the pill continuously is my best option. An added perk is that I haven’t had a period in a year. For you, that may work. But there might be a different formula that is better for you.


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My advice: Go to your doctor, talk about your concerns, and discuss the options that are lower cost.  I would also recommend seeing if you can do the $4 prescription route at Target (mine works) – because it can save you a fortune!

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@Weddinggirl2713:  I would recommend an IUD. I have used the non hormonal version called ParaGuard. It was awesome, I only stopped due to another medical condition that my doctor recommended I wait for my next one. Once I’m cleared I will be getting another IUD no doubt. 

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I am on the pill and it definatley works for me. No issues what so ever. Condoms CAN be abit of a kill joy and not 100% pleasurable for a man, but each to their own :). ps, I can’t believe you have to pay for BC!!

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I wouldn’t go on the pill – there’s not enough time between now and your wedding if you have any adverse side effects, or even for your body to adjust to the hormones. I would wait for the pill until after the wedding and just keep it simple with condoms for now. I wouldn’t do anything big like an IUD now either for the same reason.


Definitely talk to your doctor.

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@Weddinggirl2713:  I was in the same situation as you, 3 years ago. I got the Implanon. Its an implant that goes in your arm. It lasts for 3 years. It is the most effective birth control there is, as far as keeping you from getting pregnant. That’s why I got it. We did not want a baby especially the first 3 years of our marriage. I was a very sucessful user of it (what the doctor told me this week). I just got it taken out because the 3 year mark is this week. However I chose to go with BC pills instead to see if that worked out better for me.


On Implanon – I loved not having a period at all, for 3 years! No cramps, nothing! However everyone is different & for some it can cause prolonged light periods. So there is a risk. Also, my sex drive pretty much died. The first year it was mostly there, but the 2nd & 3rd year I didn’t care for anything sexy. My BFF said “its the best kind of BC because you don’t want sex, so you can’t have a baby – thats why it works so well!”. Joking of course haha but for me it was kinda true. It also made me have depression mood swings. Not major depression, just slightly depressed. Not enough where I didn’t like life & it would only happen for a few days every few months. So it wasn’t that bad because it didn’t last long.


The bad thing about it is, it is expensive (well if your insurance covers it than maybe it won’t be too much for you) – I think its around $900-1500. I don’t really remember, but I got quotes from places & I think average was $1200 here. So if you don’t like it, than you kind of waste that money if you get it taken out. That’s probably why I kept mine the full 3 years, a combo of it was the most effective BC & that it cost so much!

ETA: I got the Implanon 1 month before my wedding. I had no problem with side effects. Most of my side effects didn’t start for almost a year of having it (sex drive & mild depression). However, I wished I had gotten it 2 months before my wedding because I was so paranoid that I was going to have my period on my honeymoon (I didn’t) because of all the reviews I read that it can take a few months for things to “adjust”.


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As others have said, you should probably go to a Clinic / Doctor… if for nothing more than just ot have a good one-on-one talk with a knowledgeable medical professional

The pill is easy… and works for most people.  Starting it soon, and you should be covered during your Honeymoon.

BUT like most BC, a prescription is required… so a Dr will be able to tell you what would be a good choice for you based on your medical history / situation

Other forms of BC that require a prescription / Dr assistance (implants, IUDs and such) you will have to be evaluated for…

And some of them don’t work immediately but need time to take effect etc.  And some of them can be rather evasive procedures / or presence… so that can raise issues for people too.

So that is where you start… making a Drs appointment… and if you want to be proactive, do some reading on your own about various methods beforehand… even Wikipedia can be a good place to start for a very “general overview”

Hope this helps,


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