Birth Control Talk! Experiences/Advice Needed

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I’ve never tried the implants but I have family members and friends who have.  I went with one of my girl friends to get her Nexplanon put in and I was mortified.  Needless to say she can’t wait to get it out. I’ve tried 5 different pills and Nuva ring which I  guess is an “insert” but not as serious as the others. I had major side effects such as severe abdominal pain, dizziness, blood clots, and nausea. Now I take a lower dose pill Lo loestrin Fe and I never forget it. I would say try whichever you want and stop if the side effects are too harsh. It sucks for us ladies

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everyone is different. I have a few hormonal issues (like migraines), so I care more about that than any other side effect… I’m on a combination pill now, but I have had the implanon twice- first time it was AMAZING and it worked brilliantly, second time (literally as soon as one was removed another was put in, so it should have been fine) it was just annoying… lots of migraines and spotting and mood swings (ie. all the things I got it to get rid of!) so I got it taken out 6 months after it was put in. But again- everyone is different, so what works for us might not work for you…

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I used to have severe PMS symptoms. I’m on Nexplanon now which helps with the pain, cramps, headaches, breakout acne and negative side effects associated with PMS. I bleed very lightly compared to before and only once every other month.

The negative sides is the bleeding isn’t as regular without the nexplanon (probably is a non-issue if you’re an irregular bleeder anyways). My hormones were also out of whack for a while and it took my body up to 6 months to adjust.

The bee above is exaggerating. To put the nexplanon in, they simply inject some anasthesia, similiar to getting your teeth pulled and another bigger needle to insert the nexplanon under the top layer of your skin. The doctor then covered it up with a simple band-aid and you get to go home. There was brusing for about a week and that was it.

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I was on the pill for many years and I didn’t realize what I was feeling shouldn’t be. I had headaches for a week straight every month. After baby I changed it up and went with an IUD. I chose Paraguard because it was non hormonal. I didn’t want crazy headaches again. Insertion wasn’t any more painful than an annual pelvic exam. I spotted for maybe two weeks. I haven’t had any issues so far, but I am also breastfeeding and haven’t had am period. So far I love it.

There are so many options out there that it is worth trying to find one that works well for you.

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(Advice coming from someone who works in sexual and reprodctive public health field:)

Everyone is different when it comes ot birth control, and what will work for you might not work for others.

From what you’re describing, you are looking for what we call a LARC (Long-acting Reversible Contracptive) I would ask your doctor about a few options such as:

The implant (Nexplanon) – the most effective form of birth control on the market right now, and I have several friends who have had one for years and love it.

Injectables (Depo-Provera) – you get a shot every 3 months that acts as brith control for that time period. 

IUD (hormonal or non-hormonal)

There are going to be horror stories about each and every type of birth control (including the pill) because everbody reacts to these methods differently. It may take some time to find the right method for you, but this is normal and the only way to know is to try and to have an open dialogue with your doctor aobut how things are going. I suggest going to see your gynecologist and telling him/her what you’re looking for from a method. Based on your history, they should be able to guide you towards the best place to start. (History as in reactions to prior methods of birth control, tendency to spot between periods, tendency to have heavy premenstrual cramps, period length, etc.)

Basically, there is no one size fits all birth control method. There’s only the method that works for YOU, and you have to accept that it may take some time to find it, or you may be A-ok as soon as you try a new one. But both experiences are normal. 

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I got a Nexplanon inserted in October after 12 years on the pill, and I adore it. Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones, but I’ve had no negative side effects! I had one period when I came off the pill after they inserted it, and nothing since–no spotting, no irregular periods, nothing. I was told there was a good chance of my period stopping, based off my size (I’m 5’2″, around 105 pounds). They do warn that you might get 3 months of spotting after insertion, but I had none of that. They told me about 30% of women get the benefit of no periods, and others have lighter or fewer (though sometimes more irregular) periods. My SO and I do a pregnancy test every other week or so, just because he is SUPER paranoid, but I’ve never had any concerns.

The only struggle I’ve had has been with my skin. Based off my brief periods off the pill, I knew ahead of time that the pill did wonders keeping my skin clear from hormonal acne. Sure enough, coming off the pill, I had a few weeks of acne as my body readjusted to the different hormones in the implant. It was nothing too bad, though. I upped my skincare routine a little bit, and now it’s clear again!

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I was on the pill (ortho tricyclen) for about four years before I switched to my hormonal IUD, the Mirena. I have to say, I absolutely love it. There was a brief adjustment period like my doctor warned, mine was about one menstrual cycle, which for me is about 28 days, in which I spotted irregularly.  I’m going to be honest, the insertion was no fun, and theres definitely some cramping a day or two afterwards, but the payoff has been so awesome. It has been great not to have to remember to take the pill every night, and the mirena lightened my period, and then after three months it stopped it completely. I might just be lucky, but I haven’t had any negative side effects, and it actually helped clear up my skin considerably, which is a huge bonus! Personally I say if you arent totally in love with your birth control method you should give something else a try! Good luck 🙂 

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tnwibride :  i loved my Nexplanon. I had it for almost the full three years, and had no periods, no spotting, no period cycle symptoms…it was like magic. BUT the biggest downfall for me was steady weight gain. I’ve had no other changes to diet and lifestyle, and I’ve tried to lose the weight while on the implant, nothing would budge. In two years I went from a size 4 at 125 lbs. to a size 6/8 at 145 lbs and on a 5’2 frame, I definitely notice it. My Darling Husband got a vasectomy over Christmas and I’ve since had the implant taken out so I can try and get back to my former self. 

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tnwibride :  I loved the IUD, I got the Paragard.  Although I got it after my first baby which is when it’s recommended because your uterus is less likely to expell it (I’m not sure if it’s physically larger than the Mirena).  I had it in for a year and then we suddenly decided we wanted another child and had it taken out.  I think the Skyla IUD is a smaller version of both but is hormone based.  I’m not familiar wtih that.  I also got the Paragard because it lasts for 10 years!

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I have a nexplanon and I love it! I’ve had it for a year and I have NO regrets. I plan on getting another one when my 3 years are up!

I personally get light spotting every 2 weeks between regular periods once a month, but some users report that their periods go away or get way worse, so your mileage may vary.

The numbing shot before insertion is the worst part, honestly. Insertion didn’t hurt at all but I did have a tender bruise for about a week afterwards. Now I never feel it and I like that I don’t have to worry about it being felt by my partner during intercourse, or worry about dislodging/injury issues connected to IUDs. I know it’s rare that there are issues with IUDs but I heard the horror stories and just wanted to avoid the whole thing!

I have never been on the pill so I can’t compare to that, but I did use nuvaring for a couple years and it was similar.

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tnwibride :  I have nexplanon and I love it. No period for me, and no spotting whatsoever. I will say the one thing that my Fiance has noticed is my sex drive has gone down a bit. He says he cant wait until I get it out next year! I would have a word of warning, I was a ball of emotions and hormones for the first 2 months. Extremely irritable, would cry at random things, etc.

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I have a Mirena IUD and it is great. Try to find a clinic that utilizes freezing prior to insertion. I read so many scary stories about how much insertion hurts then at the clinic I was like “hey that didn’t hurt AT ALL”! It’s because they freeze your cervix first but not all places do that. 

I had a Mirena in the past, no side effects after the first month. I got pregnant a couple of months after I had it removed. Now that I’m postpartum I got another one inserted. I’m still in the crappy bleeding stage about three weeks post insertion but I know it’s worth it in the long run. 

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tnwibride :  I went from the Pill to NuvaRing – I LOVED my NuvaRing. I wanted something that was easy to switch up if I didn’t like it/it didn’t agree with me. I knew too many people with negative reactions to Depo and I didn’t want an IUD and I found the implant too weird for me. 


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tnwibride :  Just wanted to come here to say, Please do not do Depo Provera. I did and had bad side effects. Private message me for details. It’s Too Much Information here but it was devastating for me. 

If you do try it, do not use long term. I didn’t have side effects the first year but suddenly at my one year shot it was like a switch went off ( so it was in my system for three more months but really took 18 months to clear my system). Still dealing with the side effects well over two years later but doing better. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. 

Whatever you do listen to your OB.  

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