Birth Control Talk! Experiences/Advice Needed

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I use the Evra (patch) and it’s a weekly maintenance which is excellent for me as I knew I would not be able to take pill at same time.

As for the Depo, it gets very mixed reviews.  You either love it or hate it.  If you hate it, it takes a very long time to clear your system.  My doctors have strongly advised against it due to their experience with their patients who have tried it.

The IUD is actually best for those who have had kids.  I guess from my understanding is that your womb is stretched out which reduces the risk of sterilization.

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I have also heard that while the depo shot is a great alternative, that it is not suitable for long-term use.

I tried the/a pill very briefly but it just wasn’t the right option for me – horrible gag reflex and paranoid about taking it at the same time every day for maximum effectiveness.. I have the Mirena IUD and love it! I did do my research and yes there are horror stories! Rather than just risking bad side effects like nausea or such, with an IUD if it migrates or permeates the uterine lining and whatever else to go on walkabout, there is no easy way to rein it back in and then you are left with scary surgery or something. My friend had something happen, but I don’t recall what the outcome was. She now very much prefers the safety of the pill. However, for me and many others it has been GREAT. Periods for me have been very light but a tad longer, cramps reduced to the tiniest, and no side effects. Previously, cramps would be so horrible at the start of my period that sometimes I would go home, but now it’s all good. I’ve had it for 2 years so far and fully intend to get another when this one is done.

My understanding about the IUD was that it’s less painful to insert or something if you’ve had kids? I haven’t had kids but it felt like the best option for me. Definitely unpleasant but for five years of decent protection? I’ll take it. Ultimately, just do your research so you go in with an educated understanding.

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tnwibride :  I’ve been on birth control pills but now just use condoms and have no issues.

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tnwibride :  I was in your same position a few years ago – pill worked fine for me, but I decided I’d rather not have to worry about a pill everday. I wanted to do Nexplanon but the doctor told me a lot of people have acne problems from it, and I already struggle with acne so he told me to try the Nuvaring before, because it’s the same hormones but is easier to stop. 
Nuvaring was awesome at first – it was nice not having to worry about a pill everyday, and you really couldn’t feel the ring in and was super easy to take in and out.. but about 3 months in I started noticing awful mood swings and depression, and my doctor said it was probably from the Nuvaring. Sure enough, 2 weeks after stopping Nuvaring and I was back to normal. This has shyed me away from changing any other things about my birth control.. I’ve heard horror stories about some IUDs. 

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I stopped birth control pills because they made me terribly depressed. I only ever tried one brand, but I really did not find the idea of trying out different pills for a little while and having to go get new prescriptions and all that so I decided not not risk using any more hormones and go with a copper IUD. While researching I also came across horror stories but here’s my experience: Insertion felt uncomforfortable definitely, but not at all painful. My periods are a little bit heavier. Other than that, no adverse side effects. I dont have to remember to take any pills or worry about any side effects from hormones. For me it was the best decision ever!

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About 4 months ago I stopped using the pill and got the paraguard IUD. I LOVE it. Sure the insertion wasn’t the most pleasant experience in the world but it wasnt that bad. I had a couple of cramps about 2/3 days afterwards and on the first day of my first period after it was inserted but that’s it. Nothing some Motrin couldn’t cure. Now I don’t notice it is there. My periods are fine, they last 5 days. Day 1 and 2 are heavy but the other days are very light.

I love not being on hormones and honestly I don’t know it’s there, I have had no side effects whatsoever and it lasts 10 years!! 

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witchypoo13 :  I had almost the same weight gain! I went from a size 6 or so to a 12 with no change in diet in exercise. It’s extremely frustrating and I even have to work out more now to just stay heavier! I’m glad someone else understands my pain lol.

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I do feel that one big thing to consider is whether you want hormonal or not. I am fine with hormonal – my IUD has been fine. Before bc I had fairly bad cramps and some backache but no other symptoms. Now the cramps are virtually gone AND my period is WAY lighter. Still no other symptoms. However, I know that some women really prefer not to alter their hormones, or have found that they experience unpleasant side effects. I did read a little about the copper IUD (it lasts quite a while, right?) but really didn’t like the idea of heavier periods, so I went with Mirena.


It took a YEAR to get the insurance settled though; lot of mixups with the account number and various info and then the claim window passing and all sorts of stressful crap. I was starting to get a little concerned I’d have to fork over like $1350!!! (and this was all despite having triple checked that I was covered for it) It all finally got resolved though and all is well.

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