(Closed) Birth order stereotypes: do you fit?

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Sugar bee
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I guess basically I fit the stereotype of the youngest… my family has perhaps put up with more from me than my sisters would get away with, but I don’t fit in that I had to earn more things on my own than my older sisters (college, car, bills).

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Buzzing bee
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Both my husband and I are first-borns and we have much of the same drive and personalities. We also each have two other siblings – a younger middle sister and youngest brother – we can even see the “birth order” stereotypes apply to them with the middle child griping for attention and the youngest feeling entitled to everything.

**wanted to say that I do not believe this is the same for ALL people, but is extremely apparent for our individual family circumstances**

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Buzzing bee
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Yep.  Pretty much.  I’m the oldest: organized, managerial (read: bossy), take-charge, responsible.  And my husband is the next to youngest child and he can barely dress himself. lol Okay, I’m kidding.  Sort of.  Last weekend I had to ride to Boston with him because he’s scared to drive there and doesn’t know how to use the Nav.

Good thing I’m always there to step in and handle things:)

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Honey bee
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Im a middle child and I think I fit more of the first child with some middle child mixed in. But I do have to say growing up I did have to do twice the work to get half of the attention my older sister and younger brother did…

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Sugar bee
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Oh yes! I am an oldest child and it so shows. I intimidate some people with my take charge, no nonsense approach to things.

Fiance is an only child and he complains because he had so much growing to do just to be comfortable in my large family. (Umm no one caters to him and he has to dish up his own food. No one cuts up his meat for him and if you use up the last of the milk you are supposed to go buy more. You do your own laundry and make your own bed. Normal for me but so different for him LOL.) 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Yep, we have an interesting family dynamic. I am the oldest and very much have that personality. Same story with my middle brother and with my youngest brother. The weird part: My youngest sister is significantly younger than my youngest brother. Psychologically speaking I believe it says if there are more than 7 years between children or children sets, it’s basically a different set. My sister’s personality is most consistent with an only child…which she would be…psychologically speaking. It’s always fascinated me. Lol

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Bee Keeper
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I am so the stereotypical first-born. So much so that my two younger siblings just assume I’m going to take charge and plan gifts for our parents, anniversary parties, even gifts they give one another lol… maybe they rely on me a little too much haha

I was always the bossy, responsible, overachiever whom my parents could always count on and never had to worry about too much. (Generally speaking) S’all good though cuz my two siblings fill their “roles” so it works for us

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Honey Beekeeper
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I’m an only too and not spoiled.  It really depends on how your parents are, if you parents don’t spoil you, then you don’t come spoiled.  I don’t like sharing though.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m the baby and my older brother went through bouts of jealousy and regression due to the attention I got. I am independent and quiet, he is loud and needs constant attention/plays the victim. I don’t know if that fits the stereotypes of not lol

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Helper bee
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Both Fiance and I are first borns and fit the stereotype for a first born exactly. I really do believe birth order makes a difference. My first born traits are stronger but my age gap between my younger sister is 4 years and he is only about 18 months older than his brother.

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Bumble bee
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What is the stereotype for the youngest? 


My mother always said I was happy and joyful as a child and I think I’m still a pretty upbeat person.  I’m independant, though.  While my oldest brother is a bit of a slacker and stuck to my parents for a long time, I hit the ground running when I left home.  I wound up graduating from graduate school the same year that my oldest brother finished undergrad.  🙂

For years, we called our middle brother “the golden child.”  He always has to be right.  He’s totally serious.  He’s basically a mini version of my father (corporate job in the city, housewife in the ‘burbs, three kids, etc.). 

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Sugar bee
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I fit the only child stereotype of being a miniature adult by age 7. I wasn’t around many kids my own age and spent most of my time with my grandma, great-aunt, and their friends (who were all in their 50s-60s and up). I’m very ambitious and hold myself to high standards. I was a pretty reserved kid and I still generally feel more comfortable with people older than me than with people my own age.

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Bee Keeper
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I’m the oldest, Mr.ND’s the only. I like to be in charge and have a plan whereas he likes to just ‘let things happen.’ After I gave him a newsflash: things don’t just happen, your parents just took care of it and I’m no one’s mama yet, we’ve both gotten along much better. He calms down my wound-up, type a self, and I get his free spirit to at least acknowledge what a schedule is 🙂 

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