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I found a GREAT birth plan from a mom on another forum! If I were having a hospital birth then I’d totally use it, and if for some reason I end up transferring I will be using her cesarean & post delivery sections….

I know MANY moms go in saying that no/little birth plan is better “just in case” things don’t go as planned but I’ve found that if you start with no intervention then you’re less likely to need intervention.

So here it is:

All medical intervention must be approved by myself of husband before doing.
Husband is to remain with baby at all times should any issues arise.
First methods used should be membrane sweep and/or breaking water.
Would prefer to try a foley bulb before actual medication to help dilate.
Absolutely under not circumstances should Cytotec ever be given.
Will only be performed as an absolute emergency last resort. (ie. they must get in there and get baby out ASAP, none of this “oh, we will prep you and have him out before the end of the hour).
Husband is to be with me at all times during procedure.
After baby is pulled out, husband is to be with him at all times.
If possible, try to bring placenta out so that cord clamping/cutting can be delayed. If that’s not possible, at least try for 1 minute delay.
Do not offer pain medication, instead offer advice on different labor ing positions and breathing techniques.
Hep-lock instead of IV…I will hydrate on my own.
Intermittent fetal monitoring with Doppler.
No catheter.
Natural pushing, no coaching (I’ll push when I feel like it and not, “Push, 2,3,4…”).
Able to birth in whatever position I feel most comfortable in.
No episiotomy, I’ll tear naturally.
Baby’s shoulders should be birthed on their own, not pulled out.
Avoid forceps/vacuum if at all possible.
No Pitocin to remove placenta unless abnormal amount of bleeding requires it, must get permission to do so first.
No pulling of placenta, let it deliver naturally.
I would like a local if a tear occurs for stitches.
Baby placed immediately on my chest.
Umbilical cord to stop pulsating before clamping and cutting.
No tests until after first feeding/golden hour.
No Vitamin K shot
No eye ointment
Do not bath baby
Baby exclusively breastfed- no formula, no bottle, no pacifier, no sugar water.
All exams to be done in either my or my husbands presence.

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I used this worksheet to start my birth plan, and then added/subtracted some stuff after my first discussion of it with my doctor.  In my experience, unless you have something really specific or unique in your birth plan, the best use for a birth plan is in discussion with your medical provider BEFORE birth.  He/she can tell you what is realistic and what is supported at your birthing place, and your medical provider should also put a copy in your file, so you don’t have to worry about communicating your wishes during labor. 


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Here’s mine. It’s for a Bradley Birth, so you may not be interested in it if you don’t want a drug-free birth.

McBride and McHusband’s Wishes for the Birth of Wombat:
Hi and thanks for being part of our Birth Team. We’ve taken a 12 week long Bradley Birth Course to prepare us for a natural labor and delivery. McHusband achieved his Coach’s Card and will guide McBride through the labor and delivery. Below is our plan and wishes for what we hope the birth to be, some of the bullets are the choices we will make if asked. We wrote it so that, if there are any questions or concerns with the points, we can have an open conversation about them before we are in labor.

  • IV insert only, not hooked up
  • Eat and drink what she wishes: water, ice chips, Gatorade, honey, Gu
  • Able to walk around and change position
  • Shower/Tub
  • Vaginal exams to a minimum, no premature breaking of the membranes or scraping


  • External monitoring only
  • No continuous fetal monitoring unless required by Wombat’s condition
  • Please, only monitor 1-2 contractions and not for 20 mins/hr


  • No premature rupture of the water or membranes
  • We would like to exhaust all methods of natural labor stimulation prior to any drugs being administered (nipple stimulation, ankle, etc.)
  • In the case of any drugs being suggested, we will ask for the packet insert for the drugs and would like to discuss the benefits vs risks.

Anesthesia – Pain Medication

  • Please inform the staff not to offer us pain medication at any point during the labor, we will ask if we feel it is necessary


  • We will ask for a second opinion in the event a caesarean is recommended
  • If a caesarean is found to be necessary, we would like to request the following:

    • Coach present at ALL times
    • Participate in any discussions
    • Wombat will be breastfed ASAP
    • No screen lowered (McBride reserves the right to change her mind)
    • We will be trying for a VBAC in the future, please take all measures to make the site as strong as possible
    • If Wombat is not in distress, then please give Wombat to McHusband to announce Wombat’s gender
    • If Wombat is placed in a nursery, McHusband will accompany Wombat at all times


  • No episiotomy unless for Wombat’s safety
  • Rather tear than cut
  • Support the perineum during pushing/crowning and use a warm compress
  • Please help us and give us directions to aide with pushing, allowing the perineum to stretch


  • We would really like McHusband to catch
  • Free to move while pushing
  • Push when the urge to push comes and push to comfort
  • No pulling Wombat’s head, please, no forceps
  • I am undecided, but may many to touch Wombat’s head as it crowns

Post Delivery

  • Wait until the cord turns white and stops pulsating to clamp
  • McBride will expel the placenta on her own, please no tugging or pulling
  •  Hold Wombat right after delivery to breastfeed and to aide in the delivery of the placenta
  • Evaluation delayed until after the first feeding and hope it can be done with Wombat having skin-to-skin contact with McBride
  • We would like to delay the eye medication for one hour to better bond with Wombat
  • Please show us how to do the first bath
  • In case the need arises to separate Wombat from McBride, McHusband will accompany Wombat at all times
  •  We prefer skin-to-skin contact over lamps and nursery

Post Partum

  • Breastfeed exclusively, please no bottles, artificial nipples, sugar water, formula, etc.
  • If Wombat is a boy, no circumcision
  • We would like to meet with a Lactation Consultant
  • Auntie Pickles, McBride’s sister, will be present for the delivery
  • No separation from Wombat
  • Interns and students may be present at the birth, but should remember this is a natural delivery

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Did everyone end up following their birth plan? Everyone I know IRL scrapped theirs. i didn’t have a birth plan, so I have no opinion either way, just curious.

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@flamingred: I tried, but couldn’t get my hospital to uphold it…. AT ALL… from the minute I walked through the doors they pretty much scrapped it. In the end I caved b/c I just couldn’t fight with them anymore. =/ I was pretty upset about how they were.

Otherwise… as long as I was at home (17 hours) my birthplan went as planned.

If I had another round, I’d have a doula to help me advocate my wishes.

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@runsyellowlites: That is terrible.  Did they even ask you if you had one?

@ThefutureMcBride-Great job! I havent been on here recently, but I was wondering how everything went.


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@flamingred:  Parts of mine were followed exactly (like immediate skin to skin contact and waiting to clamp the umbilical cord); other parts I compromised on (like getting an epidural).  It changed pretty drastically between my first draft and my final draft, though, so there were a lot of revisions.

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@flamingred: I gave one to every nurse that came through the door AND the doctor that was there (since it wasn’t “my” ob). I was younger (19) at the time & my DS’s dad wasn’t much help either…. I knew quite a bit about natural birth on my own but wasn’t prepared for the hospital trying to “throw their weight around”…. I had that I didn’t want pain meds & I SWEAR the nurse asked me if I wanted something AS SOON as she had my IV in (which I “HAD” to have) and then continued to ask me 10 more times before she left the room. Like I said, I ultimately caved & regretted so later b/c that just led to them pushing other things. =(

This time if I end up transferring to the hospital, my midwife will be with us so I know that won’t happen.

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My OB/midwife practice gives patients a birth plan where you can check off what you want/don’t want (you check off which positions you want to push in, pain medications you’re ok with/what conditions you would accept pain medication if any, etc.). It seems like mine got thrown out when we cleaned our stuff out of the labor room, so I can’t cover it all here. But it might be worth asking your healthcare provider if they have birth plan worksheets to give you.

@flamingred: My labor nurses and the OB delivering me looked over my plan, and followed it. The OB questioned a few of the things I wrote in (“Why are you opposed to cytotec?”), but she followed it. The only thing that went off plan was the epidural wearing off or being turned off when it came time to push– mine wore off around the time I hit 10cm +2, and I had to fight hard (and lost) on getting the epidural re-done at that point. I refused to push until they did something though, so they gave me a topper that did absolutely nothing– I was still in lots of pain. My labor & delivery weren’t ideal, but overall, did it all go according to my wishes in my birth plan– yes.

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Here is a birth plan form to fill out.  Click on ‘example birth plan’ on the right. http://www.sogc.org/health/pregnancy-birth-plan_e.asp

(For Canadian bees, the standards of practice are listed on the main part of this link…it all seems really progressive. Yay Canada.)


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