Birth plan? After care for baby?

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My birth plan was to have a healthy baby and mommy. That was the extent of it. I knew I wanted an epidural (which almost didn’t happen with #2 because of time). 

After care, didn’t do anything special. Bath was a bit later when we got to our room just for convenience. 

For refernece, Dear Daughter is almost 3 and DS is almost 1

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read Expecting Better by Emily Oster.  She goes over all the data for each of these decisions so you can make the one that works best for you.  (She also lets you know what she chose, if that is of value to you)

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We waited to bathe our daughter and it was great. She had this amazingly delicious smell to her and it was gone after we bathed her. 😍

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i didn’t have a birth plan. i went into it with an open mind and just wanted a safe and healthy delivery. i did do delayed cord clamping – just waited until it stopped pulsing i think. we gave him a bath that night per my preference. lots of skin to skin. that’s pretty much it!

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My birth plan was to have my baby as safely as possible no matter the consequences to me. My daughter needed to be safe.

My hospitals did the golden hour/skin to skin by default.

My labor was induced, lasted 7 hours from start to finish with epidural, and was an absolute dream. If I wanted more kids, I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

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Honey bee
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My birth plan was to have an unmedicated birth with no intervention unless absolutely necessary.  I had midwves and doulas to help me faciliate this, along with my Darling Husband knowing what I wanted.  No one was to offer me pain meds, if I wanted, I needed to ask on my own.  I wanted access to food and drink throughout.  I also wanted no internal exams, unless I requested.  I wanted to be free to move about as I wanted and I spent a lot of time moving between the shower and the bed.

We did delayed clamping, until the cord stopped pulsing, and no bath.  I think we ended up waiting 4 days for the bath.  No to the eye drops, and the pitocin shot only if my midwife thought I needed, which all 3 times she did.  

We did skin to skin immediately and then my Darling Husband did it while I delievered the placenta.  Then more skin to skin and tried to establish nursing, then Darling Husband skin to skin while I showered.  And then we went home.  I wanted to be as soon as possible, and for the 2 times I did give birth in the hospital, I was discharged 3 hours after my DD/DS was born.  

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Helper bee

For aftercare I did delayed cord clamping and delayed the first bath. The midwives suggested the delayed bath as they said it’s good to keep whatever they are coated in on their skin as long as poissble. I also requested no pacifiers. Good luck !

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I wanted an unmedicated birth with interventions only done as needed. I also wanted more personalized care. So, I chose a birth center with certified nurse midwives because their philosophy aligns with my own (pregnancy as a natural state). At the birth center labor is allowed to progress naturally, you can move around as you like, be in the tub or shower, not have IVs or continuous monitoring (unless needed), and eat or drink as much as you need to. I loved my experience there and am having my second baby (due in 2 weeks) with the same midwives and birthing center. All the after birth care things are a given- skin to skin, cord isn’t cut right away, bathe the baby when you like, etc.  

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I haven’t delivered yet but am delivering with a midwife program very similar to MrsAKSkier :  except in a hospital- saline locks, upright/mobile laboring, natural progression, no induction unless medically necessary, no directed pushing, hydrotherapy, delayed clamping, no artificial rupturing of membranes, etc.

I am also using doulas and they actually advise not having a written plan in such situations, if you have already chosen a care provider that aligns with your philosophy/approach for birth, the idea being to go with the flow during your birth and not be attached to any one plan. A birth can progress into needing intervention or unexpected alternative and not being wedded to one specific plan can be helpful in adjusting to that. (Obviously if you are with a provider who offers a range of types of births, a written plan may be useful. In my situation I’ve already outlined my “plan” just by enrolling with this specific practice with their specific philosophy to birth.)

The only thing we had to stipulate is whether we want to circumcise, refuse any treatment for the baby post-birth, and who would cut the cord. 

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Bumble bee

Like several other PPs, my birth plan was “get the baby out safely” and that was about it.  I thought it was silly to try to plan a birth when so many things can change or go wrong.  I wanted the hosptial staff to tell me in the moment what to do – after all, they are the experts, not me!  And when I told them this, they seemed to happy to hear it, like, finally, we can just do our jobs!  I had a fantastic birth experience too–so it all worked out well!

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My hospital had you fill out a “checklist” that was basically a birth plan. If you wanted pain meds, if you planned on an epidural, if you wanted the catheter placed afterwards (not sure why you wouldn’t, lol) etc. I was pretty go-with-the-flow about it though.

Our hospital had skin to skin and the delayed bath as standard care. Honestly not sure about the cord clamping, Darling Husband says they waited a bit so I assume they delayed. It wasn’t a huge deal to me at the time, although I just googled and apparently that’s the “official” recommentation now.

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Honey bee

No birth plan, just wanted him here safely. I had hoped for a vaginal delivery and had no intentions of going med free. I’m glad I went with the epidural as I was in labor for 37 hours and had a c section anyway. I wouldn’t have been able to get any sleep or be able to properly care for the guy without some relief so that worked well. I was bummed about the c section, but ultimately didn’t care cause he was safe. Next time I’m hoping to find a hospital with wireless monitoring. By far the worst part was having that strap around my stomach that constantly shifted and didn’t allow me to easily move. It irritated the piss out of me!

Afterwards, we did skin to skin and gave him the opportunity to latch and snuggle before bath. I wanted to delay cord clamping, but we opted to store his cord blood so they waited as long as they could, but not long enough to miss the chance to store blood. That was all there was to it. I had him with me in the room the whole time and just started the mommy duties…not much to it otherwise. Oh I did opt to not have them put the goop in his eyes, but did do the vitamin K shot. I did quite a bit of research on both and felt that was the best option for his health.

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My birth plan was midwife led birth unit, water birth and cord blood donation. In the end I had to go to labour ward, still just had gas and air and the person for cord donation wasn’t there. 

In the U.K. They do immediate skin to skin as routine. They also tell you not to bathe until the stump falls off (just top and tail) they also do skin to skin for dad (usually while Mum is being stitched up) 

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