Black mold in the bathroom! Please share your advice

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It’s my understanding that black mold is a particular strain of mold (not just the coloring) and, unless you’ve got environmental sensitivities or respiratory issues, what’s on the tiles in the bathroom is usually non toxic. (also the issue is around the spores that are released into the air) Yours would have to be tested to determine whether or not it’s “black mold”. We had some mold starting to grow on our ceiling in our bathroom and I made a solution of bleach and soap and scrubbed the walls and ceilings before it got very far along and that cleared it up.

Also, I use bathroom shower spray and that helps prevent mold growth. Just spritz down and walls and get a scrub brush that lives in your bathroom or with your bathroom cleaning supplies. If you prefer a milder version, every crunchy granola meditation retreat center I’ve ever gone to has used a spray bottle with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar to keep mold from growing and spreading. You can spritz that around the interior of the shower after you finish bathing before you exit the bathroom.

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I doubt it’s the actual dangerous black mold.

Do you have a fan in the bathroom? Keep the door open when you shower if possible?

The Zep mold and mildew stuff works great in my experience.

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Bleach mixed with water.  Be careful not to bleach your clothes.  Its pretty common to see mold in bathrooms.  

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Call your landlord if you have one, if it’s a serious problem they’re obligated to take care of it.

We had a lot of mould problems at our old place and our landlord refused to take care of it, what a pain.

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theweddingunplanner :  Just use bleach mixed with water, it’s not a big deal and is just a housekeeping issue.  Make sure you’re turning your bathroom fan on or opening the window when you shower so that the humidity doesn’t linger.  To test that your fan works, take a sheet of toilet paper and put it up to the fan. If it stays, the fan is working.  Your landlord should fix that if it’s not working well.

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It’s probably not the dangerous black mold.  I would use bleach/water or a mold cleaner (they sell some in stores).  Just make sure you use the bathroom fan and don’t leave the door shut to the bathroom. Make sure it is good and aired out.

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DO NOT wipe it, brush it, etc. 

We renovated our bathroom and I while we had black LOOKING mold, I knew it wasn’t the super dangerous give you the plaque type (had it inspected). I did my research and reached out to experts, plus our contractor said it was harmless but DO NOT wipe it because it opens the pores up in the fungus and will spreach and become worse. 

Bleach + water + white vinegar in a spray bottle. Mostly bleach, little bit of vinegar and a tiny amount of water. Spray it generously in the area and on it, let it sit and it should clean it up. You may need to re-apply it a few days in a row, but it should take care of it. 

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Black colored mold and black mold are not necessarily the same thing. The kind that can kill you is far less likely to be visible, it’s usually in the walls 🙂

Diluted bleach and vinegar, works like a charm. Also, stop watching House.

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It probably because you don’t air out the bathroom. I found a good bleach spray at the 99 cent store and it works great in the lil corners where mold grows. I always leave the window cracked and the door wide open once I’m done showering 

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Second bleach/vinegar spray a few times do make sure it’s good and dead, then should be fine to wipe up. 

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You can kill it with bleach.  Then, there are special types of paint that prevent it returning.  I think the one we used was called KILZ or something like that.  Also, try to keep the humidity down in the bathroom.

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We get this because our bathroom is tiny and the exhaust fan isn’t great (renting).  It’s black coloured mould – but it’s not toxic.  It’s very common in bathrooms as PP have said.

I don’t use bleach for anything else in the house, so rather than buy bleach I just buy the “exit mould” stuff.  Spray a little bit on, and leave it.  The mould disappears. 

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Black mold is a very specific type of mold that is toxic. Yours is probably not black mold. It’s just mold that happens to be dark in color, which is totally normal in a bathroom. Try using white vinegar or bleach to clean it up. 

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