(Closed) Blackfish, Have you seen it? Did it affect your opinion?

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    Yes I have seen the movie, and I have a negative opinion of Sea World. : (42 votes)
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    Yes I have seen the movie, and I have a positive opinion of Sea World. : (6 votes)
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    No I have not seen the movie, and I have a negative opinion of Sea World. : (21 votes)
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    No I have not seen the movie, and I have a positive opinion of Sea World. : (13 votes)
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    @MrsEdamame:  Yesss. My Fiance and I watched this one random Saturday. We were shocked and disgusted the entire movie. I felt so badly for those poor employee’s who had no idea what danger they were in. Shame on SeaWorld, shame on everyone. Poor telikim, (I forget his exact name), his life was ruined. 

    I’m so glad it’s illegal now!

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    @MrsEdamame:  I watched it, and I am glad I did!!  Seaworld was once a park around my area (before it was removed), and growing up I was a HUGE seaworld fan.  I believed in what they did, as a child and even shamelessly as an adult.  A park that believes in the conservation of such great and wonderful animals?! SIGN ME UP!

    This movie was powerful, and incredibly sad.  It made me realize how ignorant I am on this subject, and on whales in general.  I love all animals, especially marine life, and am in awe of this species.  Little did I know, I knew nothing about them at all 🙁

    Even though I have read Seaworlds ‘comments’ about this one-sided documentary, I find them to be a heartless and cruel enterprise.  Sure, they cannot release Tilikum back to the wild, but keeping him pent up in a bath tub because he is a danger to trainers is ridiculous.  Especially when his dangerous tendencies is directly correlated to his lifetime of vulgar treatment…

    Ugh, I am ashamed I was a ‘fan’ of this park, but since watching Blackfish have completed changed my views, thankfully!

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    I have a friend with a marine biology degree and she has worked extensively with dolphins specifically. She says the movie is ridiculously biased and some things are just untrue. I saw the film and was horrified. I mean, you can’t fake real footage of people getting mangled… It’s sad to me. I love my friend to death and it’s true that the movie probably is a little biased but I still feel for the whales. Especially Tilikum. I’ve only been to Sea World once as a kid and I don’t plan on going back.

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    While I haven’t seen the film, Sea World is big where I am and I’ve been behind the scenes, everyone works there in high school. I feel positively about it. I don’t plan on ever seeing the movie because there’s really no point. I’ll take my first hand experience over someone with a motive trying to make a buck.

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    Yah we randomly watched it and I am thoroughly disgusted now. I never really gave it much thought before, because we don’t live anywhere near a Sea World, but now that I’ve seen it I will never step foot in one or give them any of my money. The part about separating baby whales from their moms… awful. 

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    Ever since Grade 2 (which was a very long time ago!) I have loved Orcas- after doing a report on them I literally fell in love!

    My first encounter with my favorite animal happened at Sealand in Vancouver- and even tho I’m sure most would say I was too young to form an opinion. I didn’t agree with captivity. At all. Sure it was absolutely amazing to be 10 feet tops from Orcas but it didn’t feel right. And although this ‘park’ was not the best one in the world and SeaWorld far surpasses it in everything. I still don’t think *any* park is a right fit for an animal that size (or any animal for that matter).

    I’m not saying that I’m only against SeaWorld or those types of parks. But I also don’t quite agree with zoos. Yes- it’s a chance for the public to see animals they probably would never get a chance to see in the wild. But… I felt a far more powerful experience being in a kayak with these great creatures gliding beside me. And I know I am one of the lucky few to have this experience- and the vast majority would not be able to have this happen to them.

    I feel that we should go to THEM to see them live and breath. In their habitat, with their own family and social setting. And I’m not just saying this for whales but, tigers, lions, hippos etc… It’s not financially feasible for someone to go to Africa to see a lion… and that’s where zoos come in… but that’s just how I feel.

    I can understand the other side of the matter and I keep my opinions to myself (unless on a board and anon mind you) but I feel very strongly on my stance in this. But it’s up to others to come to their conclusions- I’m not shoving my opinion down their throats.

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    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it was recently aired on TV and there’s been a lot of hype about it in my newsfeed on Facebook, so it’s been on my mind.

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve done some reading about it. I get the impression that the movie was very biased and not entirely true.

    I’m sure there was some truth to some of it, but I don’t like it when things are very one-sided, and it sounds like this documentary really is.

    I think there is a lot of good that SeaWorld does. Maybe they aren’t perfect, but I would be very sad if they ever shut down. I’ve only been once before, and have been to some smaller Sea parks. I think the animals are happy. I have never seen anything to make me think otherwise.  SeaWorld’s response was interesting and shows that the documentary may have been a bit misleading in some areas. http://seaworld.com/en/truth/truth-about-blackfish/

    As for animals in captivity… I think taking an animal out of the wild and putting it in a zoo is wrong. But if the animal is born in the zoo, it has never known any other world. It would not survive in the wild. As long as it’s living conditions are good and the animal is happy, that’s what’s important.

    I feel like it’s kind of similar to domesticated animals. They are confined to a home, dogs and indoor cats don’t have access to the world to explore but they’re happy. Some dogs have to spend hours at a time in a crate/kennel (I have never owned a dog, and this is something I will never understand) while the owners are at work. I feel like this is worse than a zoo, at least at a zoo the animals can run around, yet this is totally acceptable.

    Any wild animal can be dangerous. Orca’s that are bred out of the wild still have the ‘wild’ trait. Just like some breeds of dog are characterized as a “dangerous breed”. There’s a risk when interacting with any wild animal, the aggression doesn’t just come from captivity. Some domesticated pets have even been known to attack humans. 

    I think the whole issue is confusing, I think there are contradictions everywhere, and I think there will ALWAYS be controversy regarding animals.

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    Sea World does lots of good for world habitats and animal life.  However, their treatment of orcas, especially forcing animals to do scheduled performances and forced interaction between familial groups that would never have contact in real life in the ocean, is atrocious.  I don’t upport releasing the orcas they have in custody back into the wild as that has been done in the past with bad consequences.  But I also don’t support them capturing any more wild orcas or inbreeeding them in captivity.  Keeping orcas really needs to be phased out of their organization.

    Other than that I think they do amazing rescues and rehabs of animals that other organizations don’t have the funding or manpower to provide.

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    beachbride1216:  The killer whales are never FORCED to do anything. Can you imagine trying to force an animal that large to do anything? Impossible. They are still fed and taken care of regardless if they may not decide to do what is asked of them.

    They also do not inbreed the killer whales. They source sperm to avoid that, and they are not in the market to capture killer whales from the wild.

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    Whether or not the documentary is biased {which of course, most of them are}, SeaWorld’s behavior and comments surrounding the film and the death and injuries to trainers are shameful.  They need a new PR firm.

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    I find Seaworld disgusting. I cant watch blackfish because I would be sad for weeks replaying the awful sounds/video in my head. My parents took me as a kid 15-20 years ago & I will NEVER be going back. I also dont support the Circus.


    This makes me so sad 🙁



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    The deaths surrounding the trainers from Tilikum are up for debate. This is what wikipedia says about the death of Keltie Byrne: The poor relations between the whales, unfamiliarity with trainers in the water, and the pregnancy of at least one of the females (Haida II) were cited as possible causes. As for Daniel P. Dukes, I mean, sneaking into a tank with a whale isn’t exactly smart. An Orca is a wild animal. The whale could have been aggressive, or maybe the whale tried to play with him. He wasn’t trained to even be around the animal, so I think it’s unfair to assume the whale got aggressive. Dawn Brancheau is also up for debate as some say she was pulled in by her hair (Tilikum may have thought it was a toy or fish) and some say she was pulled in by her arm. 

    I just think that it’s unfair to assume that a WILD animal is aggressive BECAUSE it’s in captivity. A wild animal is a wild animal, and if you’re interacting with them, things can go wrong.

    SeaWorld also does not capture wild Orcas anymore, and hasn’t in over 35 years.

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    Cory_loves_this_girl:  If they aren’t in the market to capture whales where did the original ones come from? Did you know that whale killed suring the intial trapping process were simply sunk with rocks and discarded like garbage? Did you know whales form bond with their young similar to humans? Can you imagine if your baby was savagely riped from you for the entertainment of others?

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