(Closed) Bladder Infection … is it supposed to hurt this bad?!

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It’s normal. Ride out your antibiotics until the prescription runs out.  

What gave you the infection? I used to get them on a regular monthly basis.  After about 2 years of dealing with this and running tests, we (the doctors and I) figured out it was a type of soap I was using.  I stopped using it, and I stopped getting them. I’m 38 and I haven’t had one since I was about 22 or 23. 



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Mine have hurt that badly, although it’s usually the burning/urge to go sensation that’s worst for me.  I haven’t had a UTI in awhile, but I used AZO pills to help with pain.  They turn your urine bright red/orange but they also – blessedly – numb everything up for a few hours.

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Go back to the doctor. You could be on the wrong meds. You could have a kidney infection or even kidney stones. Both are horrible. You’re meds should work quickly, especially on the pain.

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Let me start by saying I AM NOT A DOCTOR (I do however watch massive amount of Greys) with that said I have had 2 BI in my lifetime and neither of them felt like what you are describing. If you are in that much pain I would probably schedule and appointment with your General practitioner to make sure there isn’t something else going on. Do keep in mind that everyone’s body reacts different to infections and the symptoms like burning urination and frequent potty breaks are just the COMMON ones. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

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It hurts a lot, yes. But the fact that it is in your abdomen and not the typical burning/urgency gives me pause. I agree with MrsWishyWashy- it might have ascended to your kidneys so you should probably go back to the doctor just in case. It happened to me once and believe me it is nothing to mess around with.

Unfortunately the strains of bacteria (usually E.coli) that cause UTIs are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Cipro used to be the drug of choice but it is often ineffective now. You should probably try Macrodantin- that is what my doctor has given me in case I get another one.

In terms of prevention, this is what I do:

-HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! The more you are peeing, the less of a chance there is for bacteria to get a foothold.

-Cranberry pill before bed

-Always pee after sex.

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Not normal. I had one last week and felt better after 12 hours of antibiotics. My doctor said to go to the ER  if pain persisted our got worse, or if my abdomen our back hurt. You could have a kidney infection or something worse than a bladder infection.  Go see a doctor today!

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I have had about 5 UTIs in my lifetime. The last one was in the bladder and then went to the kidneys. I didn’t recognize it as a UTI at first because I didn’t have the burning sensation that usually comes with a UTI. It was definitely more painful than my regular UTIs.

It is possible the the bacteria is resistant to the type of antibiotic you are taking, so that is why you need to call about the culture results. It is also possible that you need a stronger medication.

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thats not a simple bladder infection – thats a UTI. Pick up some AZO standard or the off brand (for urinary pain relief) and take that until the pain goes away. I had a very bad UTI a few months ago to the point where i think it was infecting my kidneys – after one night taking azo standard i was feeling better…. That was not something advil could do. The antibiotics will work but they do take time since they are trying to kill the bacteria – not the pain. For the pain you need the AZO.

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I’d call your doctor’s office and ask to talk to a nurse. Almost always they have a nurse available to call you back who you can discuss your issue with and she can actually look at your chart and give you good advice about what is normal or not normal, or when you need to come back in or go to the ER. 

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It’s NOT your kidneys like a couple PP’s mentioned. If it had ascended to your kidneys, it would hurt in your back, not your abdomen. (If someone pounding on either side of your back about belly-button-height hurts, then you know it’s in your kidneys.)

Your symptoms do not sound like any UTI I’ve ever had. I’ve always experienced the symptoms you mentioned you do not have (frequency, burning), but not abdomen pain to that degree. I would assume that if they did a culture, that your doc knows what he’s talking about though and you probably just need to stay on the meds.

Call to get your culture results to confirm the diagnosis, and then you’ll know for sure. As PP’s said, you can also get a little orange pill for the pain if you call your doc and askt he rx to be called into the pharmacy.

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There are also drugs that mimic UTIs, Nucynta (pain med) is one of them. I just wanted to add this in case someone thought they might have had a UTI but tested negative. 

OP, I would call again and inform them of the new pain and that it is interfering with your sleep and productivity and if they could call in something stronger. Vicodin/profin used to be a normal prescription along with the antibiotics. Keep us posted!

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