Bleeding during sex and gynecologist not running further tests

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Bumble bee

It sounds like your doctor identified the issue already with her examination of you…you cervix was irritated and bled. What sort of tests do you think should be run? Did you ask your doctor about such tests?

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Blushing bee

I’ve never had that problem but seeing how unconcerned your doctor is and how concerned you are about it, I would highly suggest getting a second opinion. Hope all goes well bee.

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Busy Beekeeper

lbqueen15 :  if you don’t feel comfortable with any doctor’s treatment/assessment it’s perfectly valid to get a second opinion. However an irritated cervix sounds like the culprit and I wouldn’t go elsewhere unless her treatment doesn’t work. 

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Honey bee
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I don’t think it’s crazy that your doctor doesn’t want to run a bunch of stuff random and possibly invasive tests when this is just a one off and there is a logical reason cause right now. If it happens again then you need to look at everything again but until you have more symptoms of something testing is a bit of a stab in the dark. 

Not to downplay your experience but it’s kikely that it was only a small amount of blood in reality but it can look like a lot to the average person, particularly combined with the panic. 

She has treated you so it isn’t as if she just wrote you off, personally I would wait and see how that works. 

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Busy bee
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Did she test you for hpv by chance? 

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Honey bee
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There isn’t really any way to know yet what the underlying cause is when it was only a one off. Sure it could mean there is an underlying problem, but they are probably countless possibilities and it isn’t rational to test for basically unlimited scenarios. It’s also very possible it was just due to the amount of lube or the position/roughness. I’m sure if this was the second or third time it happened then she would be exploring if there was an underlying condition but she tested for hpv and applied a treatment cream so for now I wouldn’t worry. 

By all means go to another doctor if you don’t feel comfortable but I think it makes sense for her to not do invasive testing when this only happened once and there could be an easy answer. 

lbqueen15 :  

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Bumble bee

lbqueen15 :  I do know that sometimes women develop cysts on their cervix that resolve themselves. Maybe this is the case with you? It’s completely normal and most don’t even know when they have them. I’d ask her if she has any reasons she can think of for the irritation. Could also be that your cervix was low at that time in your cycle and just the rubbing during intercourse made it bleed. Best of luck!

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Sugar bee
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lbqueen15 :  I used to bleed a fair bit during sex when I had my IUD. The IUD (or my hormone imbalance as a result of the IUD) caused my cervix to become brittle and tear easily. I even started bleeding a TON during paps. My doc wasn’t concerned because it was clear the issue was my cervix. Since your doc has identified the issue and has a treatment plan, I wouldn’t be super concerned. Lots of things can irritate your cervix; sex, vaginal dryness, hormone fluctuations… It never hurts to get a second opinion but your doc ran all the appropriate tests so I’m not sure what a different doctor would do beyond that. 

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Bumble bee

I’ve had this issue before, you more than likely had a cervical ectropion (erosion) it’s very common and benign, it is treated by cauterisation, usually by using silver nitrate, or in some cases it is left and resolves by itself. There’s nothing to be concerned about, she followed the correct treatment pathway. I’ve had one twice, my mum, my mother in law, friend and colleague have had them, they’re harmless, just irritating and a bit concerning at the time. I had a lot of bleeding during and after sex and also had pain with mine, but I do have endometriosis so I have pain during sex all the time anyway. 

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Bumble bee
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I agree with PP that further tests may not be warranted just yet, but that if you’re still really concerned, for sure get a second opinion.

I dealt with something like this at one point many years ago, and the way my doctor explained it to me was like a sore throat. There are dozens of reasons a person may get a sore throat, so if you go in to get one checked out, the doc will check for the major players, like strep. If it’s not that, they’re not going to run more tests unless it becomes a chronic issue. That made sense to me, and maybe will for you too.

Good luck, Bee. I know things like this can be really scary!

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Helper bee

Either you trust your doctor or you don’t.

She gave you diagnosis and treatment. If you’re not satisfied, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a second opinion, but none of us can judge if your doctor’s diagnosis is accurate.

Honestly it sounds like she run all the basic tests and if they were all negative, there shouldn’t be any reason to run “next level”, more invasive tests. “more” is not necessarily “better” in healthcare.

But this is a complete stranger’s opinion on the Internet, and it shouldn’t really reassure you any more than your doctor’s opinion.

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Honey bee
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If you bleed again during or after sex then I’d demand more testing, and an ultrasound at the very least. Years ago I had unexplained bleeding while DTD and it mortified both of us. An ultrasound found a polyp high up on the cervix, undetectable by the obgyn. Minor surgery took care of everything. GL 

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