Bleeding during sex and gynecologist not running further tests

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I frequently bleed during sex. During my pap smears, my gynecologist always mentions that my cervix looks red, but is never concerned about it. For a while I would bleed every single time during sex. I was concerned and discussed it with my doctor. She had me do transvaginal and abdominal ultrasounds, but everything was normal. She said it was likely just hormone imbalance from my birth control. I’ve been on progestin only BC in one form or another for 7 years, but the bleeding has only been for the last year or two. She told me that it’s somewhat common to develop new side effects even years after using the same types of hormones. I honestly wouldn’t be too concerned, but you could request an ultrasound to put your mind at ease.

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Bumble Beekeeper

lbqueen15 :  cervixes can be irritated during sex and since that’s when you noticed the bleeding it’s mostly likely what happened (particularly if it was rough or deep). Menstrual products can also irritate it. Basically anything that goes in there has the potential to irritate it! Give it a chance to heal and if it happens again ask for an ultrasound to see if there is anything the regular exam missed. 

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lbqueen15 :  I would say get a second opinion if youre not comfortable with the diagnosis/lack of.

That said, about 2 years ago an arterial blood line in my face just randomly started shooting blood. No trauma/injury, totally random. After over an hour of compression and the bleeding continuing I went to the ER. I waited about 5 hours and it was still shooting blood out.

The doctor cauterized it and put in 2 tiny stitches. He said it was extremely unusual and rare. Its an issue they see in elderly people with very thin skin but I was 32 and healthy.

It was super weird and so far it has never happened again. Sometimes things just happen, bodies are weird.

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I would get a second opinion to ease your mind.

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I just wanted to pop in and say that your doctor is wrong about the endometriosis diagnosis.  She said that pain would be persistent or constant with endo.  This is absolutely incorrect.  I’ve got stage 4 endo, and I can tell you that the pain associated with it  is absolutely not persistent or constant.  I can be totally pain free, and then out of nowhere I can be in extreme pain.  Most OBs are very uneducated about endo.  Just a heads up.  I’ve seen multiple doctors for my endo, and so many have given me straight up wrong info on endo.  

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lbqueen15 :  I’m not a doctor but when I’ve had very intense pain after sex, it has been due to the rupture of an ovarian cyst.  It’s happened to me about 3 times in the last 6 years.  The pain is very intense, as you’ve described. 

You can have many cysts on your ovaries (poly-cystic ovaries) WITHOUT having PCOS/Polycystic ovary syndrome.  I used to have PCOS, now I just have poly-cystic ovaries.  Mines caused by a hormone inbalance and other than slightly less chance of conceiving, it’s benign. 

If you have a irritated cervix due to hormone issues, there is a greater chance of having poly-cystic ovaries.  I would ask for an ultrasound (they’d have to do trans-vaginal) and a hormone blood test.  If there is an inbalance, you may need to look at changing the type of pill you’re on. 

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I’ve also experienced cervical bleeding through intercourse, although I’m self diagnosed. 😉 It’s never been what I’d consider a lot, and when I would mention it to my doctor she was never that concerned or investigated. I didn’t even know cervical bleeding was a thing, and I was confused because it didn’t feel like I was tearing or anything, had no ongoing pain, etc. This doctor was NOT helpful, and I was younger and self-conscious… I don’t go to that doctor anymore!

But anyway, I just wanted to share one thing that has helped me, it seems. This is a bit graphic maybe? So fair warning! Just thought it might help you or others trying to deal with this.

One of my partners is well-endowed enough that I could FEEL him hitting my cervix, and bleeding during/after sex was common . What has helped me, in addition to being very turned on, is to sort of get him in and then get him slowly and gently ALL the way in while I’m squeezing tightly. In addition to feeling good (lol), this feels like it gently sort of pushes / extends me lengthwise to make room for him. A little bit of time doing this paves the way for more energetic activity sans cervix banging and a much lower chance of bleeding. Not something I’ve read or heard of anyone doing, and I wanted to share. 

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Helper bee

Doctors miss things and misdiagnose all the time.  Get the second opinion.  It doesn’t cost anything but money and will give you either the peace of mind that your doctor did everything right or you’ll get a diagnosis.  You complained about painful sex in the past and you are experiencing bleeding now – something is up.  

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